10 Awesome Kids Magazines you can grab for FREE or Cheap!!

10 Awesome Kids Magazines you can grab for FREE or Cheap!!

Do you need some fun reading and learning material for your kids? Then you will want to check out these Kids Magazines that we have for you! We have some great offers on some of my favorites!  You may want to check out all of the Kids Books on Sale we have found for you lately as well.

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10 Awesome Kids Magazines you can grab for FREE or Cheap

Do your kids love to get things in the mail? I have a son that is so excited anytime he gets something in the mail. That’s one of the reasons that I take advantage of these free magazine offers! They get something in the mail and the magazines are something the enjoy reading. So let me share with 10 Kids Magazines you can get for Free or Cheap!

LEGO has a Free Magazine

If your kids love Legos, they’re going to want to get a subscription to Lego Life Magazine! We got this magazine for the kids, and they love it! They look forward to getting it each time a new issue comes out. What’s really cool about this is that kids can take pictures of their Lego creations and send them in to possibly be printed in a future issue! The best part? You can sign them up for a FREE subscription! Click here for your free Lego Life Magazine Subscription!

National Geographic Kids Magazine

Try Kids National Geographic for Free

We all remember reading National Geographic! This super fun magazine is full of learning and fun for preschoolers. It has lively photographs, engaging stories and interactive picture games that kids will love. I am all about anything and everything educational for my kids, especially when they have fun while learning. You can get 3 months of free digital access that will give you access to over 40 issues! Click here to get your free for 3 months!

Kids Magazines Ranger Rick

Free Ranger Rick Digital Download

If you’re looking for fun yet educational things for them to do, you’re going to want to grab this FREE Digital Subscription to Ranger Rick Magazine! You can get complimentary Ranger Rick’s magazine subscriptions that you can access on your computer, smartphone or tablet! Here are all the magazines available – Ranger Rick, Ranger Rick Jr., Ranger Rick Cub, Ranger Rick Zoobooks, Ranger Rick Zoodinos, Ranger Rick Zootles and Ranger Rick Zoobies. Click here to get your free Ranger Rick Subscription!

Kids Magazines - Zoobooks Magazines

Save on Zoobooks Magazines

Have you heard about Zoobooks? These are great for all animal lovers. They are an educational magazine for kids ages 6 to 12 that love all things outdoors and wildlife! Magazines can make a great gift too! You can get a free digital subscription! Plus, we found this offer. Get Zoobooks and save 40% when you purchase a 1-year subscription! Click here to learn more about Zoobooks!

Kids Magazines - Zootles

Free Digital Zootles Kid’s Magazine

Here’s another fun magazine for kids that love animals! The Zootles Kids Magazine is a great choice for any kiddo that wants to learn more about their favorite zoo animal! You can get a free Digital Zootles Kids Magazine today! Click here to get your Digital Copy!

Kids Magazines Zoodinos

Zoodinos Digital Kid’s Magazine

Zoodinos is one of my favorites I am seeing on sale today! Mainly because I know how obsessed my son would be with this Magazine. And this is just another fun way to get him to read a little bit more. Grab this Magazine for someone who loves dinosaurs and learning new facts about them. There are a lot of pictures and even a cute comic on the back of each one specific to the type of dinosaur. You can also get a Free Zoodinos Digital Magazine!

Kids Magazine - Highlights Books on Sale - Hidden Picture 2020 4-Book Set


Save on Highlight Magazines + Free Gift

If you are looking for any good activity books for your kids you definitely need to check out these Highlights Books! I remember loving these as a child and now my kids love them too! Just great thinking and concentrating tool for kids. They do not have a free subscription but they have up to 60% off + Free gift offer! Click here to get Highlights Magazine!




Sports Illustrated Kids

Sports Illustrated Kids edition is really popular with so many kids! They do a great job of telling stories that kids can relate to and I love the inspirational stories! This is one that my boys look forward to each month! Did you know that you can get a magazine subscription on sale at Amazon? Click here to get Sports Illustrated Kids on sale!

Kids Magazine Discount Magazine


Great Deals on Magazine Subscriptions for Kids

One of the my favorite places to find magazines for my kids is at DiscountMags.com! They have the best prices on Kid’s Magazines and a huge selection! If you have a horse lover then get them Young Rider Magazine! You can get a 1 Year Subscription for $14.50 and you save $9.44! Click here to see the selection at DiscountMag.com!

Kids Magazines - Chirp

Kids can follow the adventures of Chirp who encourages kids to use their imagination while turning the pages! The perfect magazine for children ages 3-6! Get a one-year subscription for $29.97! Click here to get yours!

Grab one of the free Kid’s Magazine offers that we found! There are also some really fun magazines that are on sale! What’s your child’s favorite magazine? Let us know in the comments!

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