10 Fun And Creative Kids Storage Ideas

10 Fun And Creative Kids Storage Ideas

At the age of children playing and learning is indeed something fun. Especially if you have children at home who still need a lot of supervision, you have to be smart in organizing the room and organizing the things they need. Among all the items, toys may be the one that the child has the most. This play activity is indeed in accordance with the little one’s world but when the time comes to clean up, the children will tend to be lazy.

As parents, we must be smart to persuade children to make this activity fun. Try to get your little one to help out by providing storage ideas that are easy to reach and look attractive. Teach children to be disciplined from an early age but don’t be too hard on them.

In this post we’ve rounded up 10 creative and definitely fun kids storage ideas to get them to appreciate what they have. From practical wall bookshelves to stylish storage cabinets for your little one’s toy collection. Here are some inspirations for you!

1. DIY ladder storage


A storage ladder consisting of several storage units is not only able to accommodate more toys for your little one. The storage area is also equipped with a chest box with an adjustable size.

2. Wall bookcase


The crate-shaped bookshelf on the wall is very interesting to fill an empty area in a child’s room. Place it in the corner of the room to save space.

3. Kids desk organizer


Children’s desk equipped with space to organize their belongings will facilitate their daily activities.

4. Functional benches


Kids bench is not just a seat or reading area. Create a functional storage unit in this area that makes it easy for your little one to store their belongings.

5. Wooden toy storage


If your little one has lots of small toys, you can make a toy storage wall made of wood.

6. Corner bookcase


The corner of the room can be used optimally for children’s storage ideas. Create a bookshelf in the corner of the room and place a toy basket to give your little one a special area for storage.

7. Hexagonal wall storage


Give a unique look to the kids storage wall. Use an unusual shelf shape such as a hexagonal shape and then add some cheerful pastel paint.

8. IKEA storage collection


IKEA always comes with a collection of hackable storage for various needs, and kids storage is no exception. IKEA trofast storage collection is one product that you can consider.

9. Open Cabinet Storage


Open cabinets are practical storage areas that are easy for your little one to reach. You can complete it with a wicker basket for an aesthetic storage idea.

10. House for toys


A playhouse equipped with storage racks will make your little one even more enthusiastic about cleaning up when the game is over.

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