10 Interesting Facts About Pregnancy That Will Intrigue Not Only Pregnant Ladies

10 Interesting Facts About Pregnancy That Will Intrigue Not Only Pregnant Ladies

According to statistics, most babies are born in July, August and September. This has to do with the fact that in the long, dark winter weeks we need more intimacy and are more likely to drag our partner to bed. 😉 Pregnancy is a special time for every woman. Here are a handful of interesting facts that will intrigue not only ladies who are expecting a baby.


#1 The Baby Peeing in the Mother’s Belly

Around the 11th week of pregnancy, the baby begins to swallow amniotic fluid and later pees (this is related to kidney development). This activity occurs several times a day. You could say that the baby is dribbling in swallowed, processed, and excreted amniotic fluid.

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#2 From Peach to Watermelon

During pregnancy, the uterus changes its size significantly. It grows from the size of a peach (through the size of a papaya) to the size of a watermelon.

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#3 Being Afraid of Childbirth

Theophobia is the panic fear of pregnancy and childbirth. It is manifested mainly by nightmares, headaches, irritability or problems with concentration. If the woman is afraid of pain and the fact that both she and the child may not survive the birth, or that the baby may be born with a disability. Women suffering from tokophobia are relieved by the fact that they will give birth by caesarean section.

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#4 Stressed Men Have Daughters

Men exposed to chronic stress are more likely to give birth to daughters. This is related to the imbalance of sex hormones in the future dad.

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#5 Automatic Lactation

It happens that from the breasts of pregnant women and young mothers involuntary milk flows, whenever they hear the cry of a baby (it does not have to be their baby). This is when oxytocin is released, which is responsible for normal lactation. This hormone is also released when looking at a picture of your baby or thinking about your baby.


#6 Learning to Grasp the Umbilical Cord

In fetal life, the sense of touch is the first to develop. This occurs at 10 weeks of a toddler’s life. At this time he begins to play with the umbilical cord and learns how to grasp it. In comparison, the sense of hearing develops at 16 weeks and the sense of taste at 19 weeks.


#7 A Toddler Chooses a Dominant Hand

Once a toddler’s sense of touch has developed, one hand is more dominant than the other. This means that he chooses which hand is dominant. In monozygotic twins, it happens that one is right-handed and the other is left-handed. This is related to the position occupied in the mother’s abdomen.


#8 Into the World with a Tooth

Once in 2000-4000 births it happens that a baby is born with one or even two teeth. They are referred to as pre-tooths. Doctors do not know why this happens.


#9 You Can Give Birth to a Giant Baby

It is possible to give birth to a baby that weighs more than 13 lb. An Australian woman ( Natashia Corrigan), who after a seven-hour labor gave birth to her son Brian, found out.


#10 Change in Foot Size

During pregnancy, some women’s feet change. It turned out that as many as 60-70% of ladies had to replace their shoes after giving birth. Their feet lengthened by 2-10 mm, and the height of the vault decreased. Scientists assume that this is related to the pressure exerted by the additional weight on the feet.



When an Australian man’s (Maitland Hanley) wife got pregnant, he decided to try for himself how to handle a tummy as big as hers 😉

Which interesting fact surprised you the most?

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