10 Ways To Be Irresistible To Women

10 Ways To Be Irresistible To Women

You're a red-blooded male – there's nothing you find more attractive than the smoking hot looks of a sexy woman.

But hold up a second. Don't be fooled into thinking women want that too. I know a lot of guys who look like Brad Pitt and still don't know how to attract women.

It probably won't come as a surprise that women can be really picky when it comes to romance. They know what they want in a man and if you drop the ball on ANY of these personality traits, you could be in for a world of hurt.

To help you out, I’ve devised a list of 10 things the ladies look for in a man. Follow this guide, and you’ll instantly be more attractive to women.

You'll learn that woman:

  1. Want You To Be A Great Leader
  2. Desire A Man That Listens
  3. Want You To Be Thoughtful
  4. Love A Man With Manners
  5. Love A Guy Who's Family Oriented
  6. Like A Man To Show Vulnerability
  7. Are Attracted To An Informed, Educated Man
  8. Want You To Make Them Laugh
  9. Love Adventure
  10. Want A Resouceful Man
  11. Bonus Tip Women Love A Stylish Man

#1 Women Want You To Be A Great Leader

being a leader is attractive to women

Women want to feel like they are with a leader (but not a dictator!) In relationships, women want to be able to trust the man they share their life with.

It’s good to express where you want the relationship to go and the goals you have for it. To show you are a true leader, demonstrate that you:

  • Always consider the impact your decisions will have on her – your personal feelings are important, but so are hers.
  • Keep her needs at the forefront of the relationship – selflessness shows you are willing to sacrifice things for her.
  • Initiate and engage in activities that will help the relationship grow – showing commitment to the well-being of your relationship will help solidify the bond and attraction between you and your girl.
  • Finish what you start – be mindful of the small things and be reliability.

Being comfortable doing these may also show that you are excited about the relationship. You are making an effort that demonstrates you want to be there.

#2 Women Desire A Man That Listens

women love men who listen to them

Without getting too academic, communication is simply exchanging ideas, needs, and desires. This concept is straightforward, but knowing how to attract women by listening is far from it.

It’s no secret that women talk more than men. A concept known as gender jabber highlights the number of words that men and women speak.

Louanne Brizendine, MD (Professor at the University of California –San Francisco) has found that women speak 20000 words per day and guys use about 7000 words per day.

This means that women talk almost 3 times as much as men.

How Does This Affect Men?

There’s a lesson on how to attract women here, and it’s twofold:

  1. We need to listen more than we speak. If we try to overtalk the ladies, it will become competitive. They are hard-wired to emote verbally and share their thoughts – which means they want you to listen.
  2. What you say should be valuable. Make sure that what you are saying has purpose. You don’t need to be a philosopher, but you do need to ensure that you’re choosing your words wisely.

Mastering the art of communication is challenging and different for each relationship. The best way to find out her needs is to COMMUNICATE. Talk about:

  • Goals and ambitions
  • Fears and pains
  • Beliefs and values
  • Relationship with family and friends
  • Expectation and guidelines for the relationship

It’s important to note that a relationship’s needs will change depending on the season of life, and you have to learn how to communicate those adjustments.

#3 Women Want You To Be Thoughtful

When being thoughtful, you show that what she values is just as important (and at times more important) than what you need.

Thoughtfulness is the cousin of being selfless and allows you to run the gambit of emotional maturity. Unfortunately, it’s highly under-regarded by many men even though they’re confused about how to attract women!

How can I be a thoughtful man?

  • Selflessness – be willing to sacrifice
  • Attentiveness – listen to her needs
  • Compassion – display kindness towards your wife or girlfriend
  • Honesty and integrity – show that truth is non-negotiable

#4 Women Love A Man With Manners

guy with manners

What’s worse than being out with a person who doesn’t have a good temperament? A person who doesn’t have good manners.

It doesn’t matter if you were raised in a majority male home or played all male-dominated sports. A “please” and a “thank you” can go a long way when learning how to attract women.

Men can display manners in different ways:

  • Chivalry – Researching the article, I was surprised at the number of women who are not used to a door being opened for them.
  • Being polite – Using harsh words with an abrasive tone will shut her down. When speaking to a woman – whether it’s your first conversation or your 500th – being polite will always work in your favor.
  • Dating Etiquette – Guys, pull her chair out. Don’t eat until her plate arrives. Pay attention to her face and not her chest/butt/legs.

Are you looking to dive deeper into manners and etiquette? Read my article – discover how to be a modern gentleman.

#5 Women Love A Guy Who's Family Oriented

family oriented guys

Not all women desire marriage and a family, but the overwhelming majority have this need. Being a guy that wants a family (or already has children and is a good dad) increases your attractiveness.

Nowadays, kids aren’t as big of a deal-breaker as they once were. So your chances aren’t necessarily shot if you already have kids.

With that, being a great father and provider to your children shows her:

  • You want children
  • You will be present if you have children together, regardless of the outcome of the relationship.
  • You’re not a jerk who would leave children fatherless.

Another way to show that you are a family man is to allow her to see the interaction between you and your family. Let her know that you want to be close to your children.

#6 Women Like A Man To Show Vulnerability

This is often difficult for guys to do. We pride ourselves on our masculinity, but the truth is that we have feelings just like women.

They need to see and experience that you are comfortable being open with them. Showing her your vulnerable side will increase trust.

It shows that you trust her with the deep and dark places in your life.

Don’t do this in the beginning stages of getting to know someone. Many times that can be too much too soon. You will see when the time is right. Remember, there is fearlessness in being vulnerable.

#7 Women Are Attracted To An Informed, Educated Man


Knowing what’s happening around the globe shows that you are a part of the world. You don’t have to be a political analyst or a philanthropist to know how to attract women.

However, you must show that you care enough to learn and understand other cultures and ways of life.

A gentleman connected to the world around him proves that he understands he’s part of something bigger than himself. It displays that you know that the world doesn’t revolve around you and your experience. This is a critical component of being compassionate.

It takes a lot of motivation and hard work to become an educated, informed man. Check out my 10 Tips To Increase Productivity And Avoid Distraction to get a head start on your learning.

#8 Women Want You To Make Them Laugh

man and women laughing together

A great sense of humor is an excellent quality when it comes to knowing how to attract women.

A man who appreciates a good chuckle and who can balance the weight of serious matters with the gift of laughter is a rare find.

Having a great sense of humor communicates to her that you will be able to smile through tough times. In addition, it will help anchor her trust in you as a confidante.

An often forgotten part of humor is wit.

Wit can be defined as the creative expression of comical thoughts on life’s events. Ladies like a guy who’s quick on his feet and can have clever, playful banter. A witty guy has life and vitality; he loves fun. She’ll love it too.

If you’re unsure where to start, discover how to start a fun conversation with her.

#9 Women Love Adventure

beach date talking to women

Women like a guy who isn’t afraid to try new things. Men have been categorized as creatures of habit who like a routine. Disprove that perception, and your attractiveness will shoot through the roof.

A sense of adventure can be shown by:

  • Trying new foods
  • Going to new places
  • Picking up a new hobby

The overall gist is that no one wants to be committed to falling into a rut, so being adventurous or trying new things from time to time can help a man catch the eye of a lady.

#10 Women Want A Resourceful Man

The key to being resourceful is not that you necessarily know how to do everything but that you know how to get things done.

It’s essential that you can leverage your:

  • Education
  • Network
  • Relationships
  • Skills

Don’t be afraid to ask others for help. Seeking assistance is still a sign that you’re a resourceful man. If you are too proud to acknowledge that you need help, your relationship could be in turmoil.

Prove your resourcefulness early on. Life will always allow you to do so.

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Bonus Tip #11 Women Love A Stylish Man

women love stylish men

I couldn’t leave this one off the list!

You don’t have to be the best-dressed man in the room – even taking the time to learn how to buy a suit shows you pay attention to your appearance and take pride in the fact that you will represent your wife or girlfriend even when she is not around.

Knowing how to attract women with style goes beyond clothes and can be seen in elements such as:

  • Hygiene
  • Fragrance
  • Grooming
  • Communication

It’s straightforward – the lady in your life wants you to smell nice, dress well and take a shower regularly. It isn’t that much to ask, gents.

Want to know how to attract women by upping your game even further? Click here for 10 men’s home essentials guaranteed to impress when she comes back to your place.

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