13 Awesome (& Free!) Things Kids Can Get in the Mail

13 Awesome (& Free!) Things Kids Can Get in the Mail

Looking for fun and free ways to bring excitement to your child’s day? Have some joy delivered straight to your mailbox! Kids will love seeing their local postal carrier arrive with free samples by mail, and there’s good news for parents: our list is full of items that encourage kids to learn about themselves and the world around them. From books to free stickers by mail, scroll down to see how to request them today.


The Wildlife Conservation Society has been preserving wildlife and their natural habitats since 1985 through education, conservation and encouraging people to join in their cause. Recognizing the importance of inspiring children from a young age to be a part of these efforts, the WCS offers of range of learning resources, as well as free stickers by mail, featuring amazing animals that kids will love.

Chances are your little ones love to play in the dirt, dig for worms, and make mud pies. A group of some big kids (ahem, adults) that love dirt as much as yours got together to start the Soil Science Society of America so that they could study and support this super important part of our natural ecosystem. The SSSA wants everybody to learn and get excited about soil so much that they mail free I LOVE SOIL stickers straight to your home.

Do you have a little animal lover in your house? If you do, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) will send free stickers by mail so your child can show off their love of animals while inspiring others to show kindness to all of our furry (or furless) friends!

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Books & Magazines

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) might be a go-to for COVID-19 facts and updates, but did you know that they're always looking for ways to help teach children about the health of themselves and their communities? Since books are always a hit, the CDC will mail free ones to kids when their adults request them here. Our favorite one, Amazing Me: It's Busy Being 3, that the CDC is currently offering follows Joey the kangaroo and friends along a developmental milestone journey.

Dolly Parton founded Imagination Library in 1995 to encourage the love of reading and literacy among children. Today the organization mails free books to kids from birth to the time they begin school. Check here to see if your child is eligible to receive free high-quality books from Imagination Library.

PETA is on our list again, this time with their Kids’ Guide to Helping Animals’ Magazine. The magazine includes puzzles, stickers and quizzes that aim to help kids learn about animals and how they can protect them. Want a free magazine mailed to your child today? It’s as simple as filling out this quick online request form.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) wants to get kids excited about protecting their environment. That’s why they offer free activity books by mail such as Planet Protectors Club: Follow That Trail, which takes kids through a fun-filled mission to protect their environment. You can request one here.

LEGO bricks are the ultimate imagination building toys around, so it’s no wonder that kids around the globe are passionate about their colorful creations. But sometimes, children need a little bit of inspiration to help kickstart their LEGO builds. Your kids will never run out of ideas with the free LEGO Life Magazine mailed to them four times per year.

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If your child dreams of getting mail from their favorite Disney character, encourage them to write to them. Follow this guide for tips on where to mail your child’s letter and which characters are most likely to respond.

NASA astronauts love getting letters from kids. So, if you have a space-loving, aspiring astronaut in your home, have them write to NASA today. In a few weeks, they’ll be surprised to see a (free) autographed photo of an astronaut arrive in the mail just for them. We think that’s pretty far out—and your kids will, too!

The White House receives all kinds of mail, and you guessed it, a lot of that mail comes from children eager to share their thoughts on everything from the environment to White House pets! Does your child have something important to share? While they may not receive a personalized response, The White House secretary diligently attempts to mail a reply on official White House letterhead when you follow these instructions.

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The Live Monarch Educational Foundation needs your kids' help supporting monarch butterfly populations by planting milkweed. And while they do encourage small donations to help keep their foundation going, they are happy to send free seeds by mail when you send them a self-addressed stamped envelope.

The Rob Greenfield Free Seed project strives to help people learn to grow and share food within their communities. We think this is a fun (and delicious) way to teach children about where their food comes from and get them excited about preparing and sharing healthy meals! Check out the requirements and join their 2022 waitlist, so they know you want free seeds mailed to your child.

—Candace Nagy

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