130 Unnerving Photos To Make You Realize You’re Afraid Of Heights

130 Unnerving Photos To Make You Realize You’re Afraid Of Heights

As you may suspect, fear of heights is one of the most common phobias (followed by public speaking) with an estimated 3 percent to 5 percent of the population suffering so-called acrophobia. It's considered to be a type of anxiety disorder when a person experiences intense fear and anxiety when they think of tall heights or are positioned at a significant height. Acrophobia often manifests as an irrational fear and it happens when a person is not particularly high up.

So let me just tell you this post is an informal test to see if your gut is capable of handling extreme ledges and intense highs. Think of climbers, adventurers and thrill seekers who live for the feeling of getting above the clouds. Maybe you’re one of them? Let us know in the comments!

#1 Ledge Photo

Image credits: MyOhLongJohnson

#2 Standing On The Edge Of The World - Mt. Huashan, China

Image credits: ctzitzis

#3 Learning To Fly....

Image credits: touchfeel

#4 40 Story Spiral Staircase

Image credits: FoxxWorldProductions

#5 Painters On The Then Tallest Building In The World, Woolworth Building, New York, 1926

Image credits: notbob1959

#6 Shasta Dam

Image credits: Tracer_Bullet1010

#7 Hell No

Image credits: RicePaddyFarmer69

#8 The Ledge In Chicago

Image credits: Notorious_ike

#9 [oc] Bigwall Climbing & Extreme Aerials

Image credits: ryansheridan

#10 Anyone Afraid Of Heights?

Image credits: plateaudrifting

#11 Thanks God Ledge - Yosemite

Image credits: EB-Escalade

#12 Not The Highest Tower I’ve Climbed But Thought This Was A Cool Picture

Image credits: flannelbeer

#13 I Climbed The Oklahoma City Silos This Week

Image credits: lifeofarticsound

#14 Climbers Resting On Mountainside In Yosemite

Image credits: CryptoExodus

#15 Approaching An Iceberg In The Arctic - Sailing

Image credits: zurnford

#16 One False Move... The Eiger Summit Ridge, Switzerland

Image credits: another-thing

#17 Edge Of Angel’s Landing

Image credits: MyOhLongJohnson

#18 A Moist, Steep Staircase In India

Image credits: Joey_Valentine

#19 Matt Bush Hanging Five On The First Freesolo Ascent Of 'Heaven On Earth'. Photo By Micky Wiswedel

Image credits: Mapes

#20 Yukon Striker - Hell Yeah!

Image credits: AkaGurGor

#21 I Have Free Climbed Trees Since 2015. Photo: Mavic Pro. Height: 18 Meters

Image credits: oyvindshansen

#22 /U/Intertim's GF Doing A Handstand On The Side Of Mt Huashan, China

Image credits: BruceWillisWasAGhost

#23 Highline Above Yosemite Valley

Image credits: vaporeon46

#24 At The Top Of A Tower Somewhere In Russia

Image credits: Mapes

#25 Ukrainian Skywalkers - 116 Meters Up

Image credits: louderspace

#26 Looking Down At Rio De Janeiro

Image credits: CryptoExodus

#27 On The Ridge Of Großglockner, Austria

Image credits: matyasURBAN

#28 Jumping Rope Over The City

Image credits: rurity

#29 Mountain Overlook

Image credits: MECHASCHMECK

#30 The View Of The Tacoma Narrows Bridge Collapse From Atop The Suspension Cabling, 1940

Image credits: reddit.com

#31 Working Above The Clouds

Image credits: deleted

#32 Taken From My iPhone Over The Edge Of A Cruise Ship

Image credits: NITROM3

#33 I Know They Have Nine Lives But This Is Stretching It

Image credits: ImmunosuppressivePip

#34 Us Highline Record Broken At 1km — Moab, Ut

Image credits: leu-mas

#35 Friend Posted This To Facebook With The Caption, "Craziest Place I've Hung My Hammock"

Image credits: TheMeridianVase

#36 Doing A Backflip At Trolltunga, Norway

Image credits: PartyAtGunpoint

#37 Oh You Know, Just Holding Another Plane. In Mid-Air

Image credits: sberder

#38 Got On The Roof Of A 60 Story Building In Miami Just So We Can Take A Few Interesting Pictures

Image credits: valupu

#39 X-Post From Pics. Tallest Building In The World

Image credits: cstock19

#40 Extreme Unicycling

Image credits: reddit.com

#41 My Buddy Snapped A Few While We Rigged A Show At The Tacoma Dome In Tacoma, Wa

Image credits: has_no_legs

#42 Russian Daredevil Kirill Oreshkin

Image credits: msadvn

#43 On The Shanghai Tower

Image credits: AayKay

#44 Lonnie Bissonnette Jumping Off The New River Gorge Bridge

Image credits: Mapes

#45 I’ve Been Told By Employers That My Current Linkedin Photo Makes Them Nervous

Image credits: BigHeart_BiggerDick

#46 Getting Up On The Wrong Side Of The Bed Is Not An Option

Image credits: K1nsey6

#47 When Your Realtor May Have Overstated The "Minimalist Balcony" Feature

Image credits: TheAdAgency

#48 No

Image credits: BirchTainer

#49 Back In My Day.... Wait, What's A Harness?

Image credits: ImpossibleWeirdo

#50 My Brother Climbing In Rio De Janeiro

Image credits: Amster2

#51 Jumping Off A Cliff In Crater Lake Np

Image credits: heyitsjules

#52 Skydiving Into 'Burning Man'. Black Rock Desert, Nevada

Image credits: Darnobar

#53 Alain Robert Rock Climbing

Image credits: devasohouse

#54 Rappelling A 400’ (120m) Waterfall In The Grand Canyon

Image credits: danielelson

#55 Bear Grylls Enjoying A Nice Meal At 25,000 Feet

Image credits: Mapes

#56 The International Highline Meeting In Monte Piana, In The Northern Italian Alps By Balazs Mohai

Image credits: reddit.com

#57 Zhangjiajie Platform In China

Image credits: twixonurface

#58 Mustang Wanted Hangs From A Moscow Skyscraper

Image credits: lntrinsic

#59 Cleaning The Antenna Of The Empire State Building - Vincent Laforet

Image credits: jokes_on_you

#60 Five Men On The Wilshire Grand Center Tower, Los Angeles

Image credits: yannireddit123

#61 Wolfgang Güllich Free Climbing In Yosemite

Image credits: Mapes

#62 Alain Robert Climbing Burj Khalifa (Tallest Building In The World)

Image credits: Mapes

#63 Close To The Edge. "Thank God Ledge", Half Dome

Image credits: TurtleRushh

#64 Photographing My Friend In An Abandoned Theme Park

Image credits: Driftershoots

#65 A Filming Jib

Image credits: tacitonic

#66 Returning From The Top Of Machu Picchu

Image credits: getdemsnacks

#67 Imagine Standing Up After Taking This Picture...

Image credits: cosmicmailman

#68 Welcome To How Did We Get Here?

Image credits: IwannabeaCOWBOI

#69 Don't Slip

Image credits: reddit.com

#70 Seriously? What A Place For A Photo Shoot!

Image credits: 2L8Smart

#71 Why? Why Would Anyone Do This?

Image credits: Mekkalekkahineyho

#72 A Picture Of Me And My Best Friend Jumping From The Tigne Point Bridge In Malta

Image credits: nicflip04

#73 Snapped A Pic Of My Kid Doing His First Climb At The Toren Here In Groningen

Image credits: WhiteWolfNL

#74 Seattle From An Airplane. (Me, January 2022)

Image credits: drowsey57

#75 Just Before The Leap. It Was Creepy How Completely Silent It Was

Image credits: Herpes_hurricane

#76 Rappelling In Arches National Park

Image credits: infocus5280

#77 Started Free Climbing 2 Years Ago Now! Photo From My Most Recent Tower Crane Climb. So Peaceful Watching The City Sleep

Image credits: Tyler_Groves

#78 Cliff-Hanging Is A Regular Activity Around Here - Oc

Image credits: Joshuagrapher

#79 247 Foot Free Fall In A Massive Underground Waterfall!

Image credits: chrishigginsphoto

#80 Me Slacklining Across The Birthday Gap In Arches National Park, Utah

Image credits: nubbled21

#81 A Man Walks On A Slackline During The 7th Edition Of The European “Marmotte Highline Project” (Mhp) Festival In Lans-En-Vercors, Near Grenoble, Eastern France

Image credits: Extreme_Truth_

#82 93ft Double Gainer Off Havasu Falls, Az

Image credits: philipchase

#83 Cape Town's Best "Hang Out" Spot

Image credits: Bo-nim_bob_

#84 Somewhere In Austria

Image credits: CryptoExodus

#85 Standing On The Summit Of The Pixie Stick In Canyonlands National Park, Utah

Image credits: madeit3486

#86 1488 Ft Drop...angel's Landing And A Daring Friend

Image credits: justintime516

#87 Russian Climbs A Tower Crane Near Russky Island

Image credits: Mapes

#88 "The Big Hang" On Poda Island, Krabi, Thailand

Image credits: Mind_Virus

#89 Maybe Not Be Much, But Gave Me A Bit Of A Kick

Image credits: Vvoa

#90 750 Feet Up The Four Seasons In Miami

Image credits: reddit.com

#91 Felix Baumgartner Preparing To Base Jump Off Christ The Redeemer In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Image credits: Mapes

#92 Tommy Caldwell Climbing Interlaken In The Clouds

Image credits: Mapes

#93 Times Square

Image credits: rephan

#94 Planking A Radio Tower

Image credits: reddit.com

#95 Very High Five

Image credits: RonaldMcD

#96 This Hurts To Look At

Image credits: ImTropixz

#97 A Brave New York City Ironworker, 1980

Image credits: Cosmicreature

#98 Norway I'd Do This Again

Image credits: charlton11

#99 1400 Ft Above New York City

Image credits: Driftershoots

#100 I Leaned Over The Roof Of A Skyscraper To Capture This Reflection Of NYC At Night

Image credits: navidj

#101 1,466 Ft From The Nevada Desert Ground On The Tallest Structure In The State

Image credits: GetsHighAtWork

#102 Worth It?

Image credits: fourtwentyone69

#103 I Think I'll Just Slide Out Onto The Shoulders...

Image credits: Mackheath1

#104 I'd Love To See Central Park One Day, Just From Ground Level Instead...

Image credits: WreathOfTheHeart

#105 Bathroom With Glass Floor Over Abandoned Elevator Shaft. Why????

Image credits: littlebunnyfoofoo11

#106 I Forgot My Skis

Image credits: ipilotete

#107 Absolutely Not!

Image credits: atridir

#108 Salina Turda Salt Mine In Romania

Image credits: Twenty-One-Goners

#109 Empire State Building Elevator Shaft Exhibit

Image credits: Icantthinkofaname678

#110 Really Tough To Look Down... (Tranda Dhank, Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh, India - Once Connected To Rampur Bushair, The Main Entry Point To Tibet)

Image credits: AkaGurGor

#111 Climbing At Night Is Peaceful, But The Abyss Is Always Waiting

Image credits: TheRichly

#112 Big Ben

Image credits: lainwla16

#113 This Made Me Extremely Nervous

Image credits: Sedones

#114 On The Edge 1400 Feet Above Central Park

Image credits: the_bridgeburner

#115 It's Not Thaaat High

Image credits: Moofy73

#116 Guoliang Tunnel Road - Never Gonna!...

Image credits: hestebid

#117 Is This To High For You?

Image credits: WayneMacMeaty

#118 Open Elevator Shaft, Only A Metal Grate Holding Him From Falling 32 Floors Down

Image credits: knib0o0

#119 These Stairs Are Bonkers. Island Of St. Helena

Image credits: unclefishbits

#120 Big Rap Off The Truck This Morning

Image credits: SolidGoldUnderwear

#121 Had Some Down Time At Work Today So I Decided To Take A Few Pictures

Image credits: DrBreveStule

#122 The Grand Canyon From My Airplane View

Image credits: senorvato

#123 Oscar Lozada Over The Dubai Coastline

Image credits: Mapes

#124 Ouray, Co Via Ferrata Sky Ladder

Image credits: infocus5280

#125 Working On Cellphone Towers, At About 300 Ft

Image credits: valupu

#126 It May Not Be Much But It's My Day Job Cleaning Windows (40 Foot Ladder Fully Extended)

Image credits: VdubKnelsen

#127 Doing Some Low-Voltage Install Work At A New Hotel

Image credits: PhaseFreq

#128 I Took This While At The Cliffs Of Moher

Image credits: stormgasm7

#129 I Looked Over The Edge Of A Building In NYC And Saw This Crazy Reflection

Image credits: navidj

#130 Split, Croatia. This Is Me. I Was Chilling On The Marine And Saw Some Kids Jumping From Here. Automatically I Approach Them, They Were 13 Years Old. Still, With No Knowledge Of English, We Understood Each Other And I Followed Them. Seemed Too High For Me But Sh*t, They Were 13, I Couldn't Step Down

Image credits: 2muchfunkseca

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