141 People Who Took Woodworking To Another Level And Shared The Results In This Online Group (New Pics)

141 People Who Took Woodworking To Another Level And Shared The Results In This Online Group (New Pics)

When I see an ornate cabinet or a beautifully sculpted chair, I often forget how much design and hard work must have gone into creating it. Every detail required precision and care. It can be easy to take for granted how accessible wooden goods are, but behind every elaborately crafted piece is an enthusiast who devoted time, energy and passion into it. To recognize some of these artists, we at Bored Panda have compiled this list of some of the most unique and impressive woodworking projects proud craftsmen have shared on the subreddit r/Woodworking. From cutting boards to cabinets to nightlights, we hope you will enjoy appreciating these designer pieces as much as we did.

Let us know which creations are your favorites by upvoting and commenting on the images, and if you're looking for even more woodworking inspiration after reading this piece, check out some of our previous publications here and here.

#1 Hello From Ukraine. My City Is Occupied By Russian Troops. So I Hurried To Finish Machete Pipe. Don't Know What Will Happen Next, But Think When The War Is Over I Will Send It To Danny Trejo

Image credits: RadonLab

Woodworking can be anything from a hobby enjoyed in one's spare time to a full-fledged career path. For those that practice recreationally, many find the process to be relaxing and rewarding. Creating something with your hands that you then get to use and enjoy for years to come is an amazing feeling. Kevin Hays, founder of Woodworker Lodge, explains the satisfaction that can come from woodworking on his blog. A self-described "ex-submariner turned woodworking hobbyist", Hays shares that, "When a project goes smoothly, there's no better feeling in the world." He encourages anyone with interest in woodworking to give it a try. It can be a valuable skill, a creative outlet and even a profitable hobby. 

#2 Oak Crib I Built For Our Daughters Nursery. Finished With Rubio Monocoat. I Finally Feel Like I Am Ready For Her Arrival

Image credits: squirrely_dan1988

Hays explains that many imagine woodworking to simply be carpentry, such as building furniture and appliances. While carpentry does fall under woodworking, the umbrella of woodworking is even broader. It encompasses anything built or created using wood. Even engraving text counts, notes Hays. This also gives woodworkers infinite freedom in terms of what to create. Want to create a designer paperweight or an elaborate tree house for your kids? The possibilities are endless.

#3 My New Work, Turtle Nightlight! A Combination Of Resin And Wood!

Image credits: AmoyCK

#4 Couple Of High Chairs For My Grandson

Image credits: Apprehensive_Buy_804

You may be interested in taking up woodworking on your own time, but it can be intimidating to see all of these incredible pieces. Where does one even begin? Do not be discouraged, ambitious future woodworker. The internet is an amazing place, and it contains more than enough resources to start you on your wood crafting journey. Blogs such as Woodworker Lodge, The House of Wood, Woodworker's Journal and countless others make beginning a project seem much less daunting. What tools do you need to start? How expensive will the materials be? What type of wood is best for the project you've envisioned? The answers are certainly out there; don't let fear hold you back!

#5 Desk Dog Lamp

Image credits: rhoffart

#6 I Built This Mechanical Iris Cabinet Using Wood, Brass, And 3D Prints. There Are Over 100 Parts, 30 Bearings, And 16 Axes Of Rotation In This Design

Image credits: locomotion_creations

There is a common misconception that woodworking must be an incredibly costly activity. Though many skilled workers agree that crafting a custom piece is likely to be more expensive than purchasing a mass manufactured one, not everything you create needs to cost you a pretty penny. Brian Forbes, author and woodworking expert, shares tips on his blog to make starting your woodworking journey more cost effective. He recommends searching for second hand tools online first before investing in more expensive tools later down the line. "Start out small," he writes. "You only need the basic tools at first." The startup cost is much lower than many expect, when purchasing is strategic and only used on what is necessary in the beginning.

#7 A Side Table I Made To Look Like A Sitting Table Guy

Image credits: liamoco123

#8 Made A Bunch Of Cutting Boards For Everyone At Work

Image credits: crm115

#9 I Posted My Daughter’s Bed Earlier, Here Is The One I Did For My Son. Roofed With Galvanized From Our Old Turn Of The Century Barn, And Wired With Switches For Light/Fan And An Outlet To Plug In His Echo. Also Leaving This One Behind For The New Owners, Hope They Love Them!

Image credits: Mysterious_Bake4568

If your passion and skill transcend the amateur arena, perhaps you are interested in pursuing a full-time career in woodworking. This can be an appealing choice for those who want to express their creative side through their work and those who are very patient with excellent attention to detail. To work professionally as a woodworker, you may require fulfilling an apprenticeship or enrolling in trade school, depending on where you live and the path you want to take. However, many skilled woodworkers are self-taught, with the internet being their primary guides, so there is no need to follow one specific path in advancing your career.

#10 Made My Son His First Computer. Walnut Case

Image credits: mw33212

#11 It’s Done!!! Now Should It Hang Like A Diamond Or Square? 2 Tone Stains On Birch

Image credits: Portland20911

#12 Little Cedar Cabin I Built Solo

Image credits: Jchap73

Being a woodworker is certainly a viable career option for those dedicated to the art. In 2017, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the average salary for a woodworker in the US was $34,000 per year. The range of income varied greatly by state, however, with Hawaii, Alaska and Illinois reporting average salaries much higher than the rest of the nation. As of now, there are approximately 290,000 people employed as woodworkers in the United States, with about 40% of them specializing in furniture making.

#13 The Wood Brick Bowl! I Cast These Oak "Bricks" In Blue Resin And Turned Them Down To A Bowl

Image credits: FormanWoodworking

#14 Roll-Up Tool Box I Made... I Ended Up Making A Lid For The Last Compartment So My Stuff Didn't Spill Out

Image credits: JoshSWright

#15 First Day Cottage 99% Complete

Image credits: Effective_Plastic832

Another concern that sometimes discourages people from taking up woodworking is the belief that it must be extremely dangerous. Using power tools with sharp blades to manipulate wood certainly does pose risks, but countless enthusiasts dive into woodworking safely (and without ever losing a finger!). Certain tools, such as the table saw, are much more likely to be responsible for accidents. According to a study conducted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, table saws were the culprit for around 64,000 injuries in 2017. Unsurprisingly, the most at-risk body parts for woodworkers are their fingers, hands, and eyes.

#16 Coffee Table I Made For A Customer Featuring Landmarks From Her Home Town Of Edinburgh Scotland. Walnut With Wood-Stain Artwork

Image credits: Woodworks-of-art

#17 I Made A Pet Gate That Keeps The Dogs Out While Allowing The Cats To Pass

Image credits: therookiewoodworker

#18 I Made A Cryptex Portable Vault

Image credits: JoshSWright

There are always methods to mitigate risk and ensure safe practicing when using woodworking tools. Scott Curry, writer of the blog Make From Wood, shared some of his top tips on staying safe: know your machine, use the correct tool for the job and don't skimp on safety equipment. He reminds readers that wearing protective gear is always worth the hassle. "Working on saw blades that are spinning at thousands of RPM’s per minute means accidents happen in a split second. Never skip on the basics for safety."

#19 Went A Little Bit Extra With This Kids Kitchen

Image credits: Stellar306

#20 17-Year Celtic Knot Table Project Involving 2 Generations. Dedicated To My Wife Susan Who Died Of Cancer And Never Got To Meet Her 30 Grandchildren. Western Red Cedar. Arm-R-Seal Satin. Base Pedestal Made Of Reclaimed Timber From A Western Sizzler Fire

Image credits: The King's Carpenter

#21 She Said Yes! Pop Up Engagement Ring Box

Image credits: Innercirclecollectiv

When calculating risks associated with woodworking, don't forget to be aware of the hidden risks. Curry reminds readers of his blog to always protect their ears and lungs as well. Power tools such as the chop saw can reach 110 decibels, which can cause hearing damage to unprotected ears, especially if exposure is frequent or for long periods of time.

#22 I Built My Baby A Bed

Image credits: waveheadstudio

#23 Made A Spartan Knife Holder And Custom Knife Scales. Babinga For The Handles With Brass Pins. Spartan Is Maple, Padauk, And Walnut

Image credits: LedZeppelinRiff

#24 Last Cutting Board, I Promise

Image credits: Group_Poop

As for the lungs of woodworkers, it is important that they are protected from inhaling too much saw dust. A high quality mask, a good air filtration system and a dust collector can all work together to protect the lungs of everyone in the vicinity of saw dust.

#25 A Toolbox I Made For My Dad. African Mahogany, Maple, Baltic Birch. Based On An Izzy Swan Plan

Image credits: cuttingwoodisfun

#26 My First Try Making A Plaid Fabric Looking Cutting Board

Image credits: KC-Moe

#27 Shipping Delays Are Insane, So I Built My Own Couch

Image credits: zynzynzynzyn

As with any hobby or passion project, woodworking provides an opportunity to bond with a community of like-minded individuals. Enthusiasts frequent blogs, Facebook groups and the r/Woodworking subreddit to share their beautiful creations, seek advice and find inspiration for their next projects. Woodworking is a well respected art form that anyone can appreciate, even if you do not find yourself picking up some wood and a saw. Enjoy these impressive wooden feats, and feel free to show your admiration to the artists by commenting and upvoting!

#28 Was A Little Hesitant To Post, But Here's My First Piece Of Furniture

Image credits: flybylee

#29 Tried My Hand At Chainsaw Carving Yesterday. Pretty Happy With How It Turned Out

Image credits: AndTheeeen

#30 Told My Wife There Was No Way She Was Going To Pay $150 For A Shelf I Can Build Myself For $300. Showed Her

Image credits: Deads21

#31 Charcuterie Board Set I Call "Better Together". These Were A Wedding Gift For A Good Friend. I Took The Nesting Concept From Pictures But Added The Heart. I Think The Heart Makes It Much More Complete

Image credits: Tbinski

#32 We Replaced The Butcher Block Top Of Our Island With Granite, So I Cut Out The Sections Where Each Of The Kids Ate Growing Up And Made Cutting Boards For Them

Image credits: newportl2

#33 Scroll Sawn Project Of The Sheriff Of Nottingham, All Natural Wood. No Stains Or Dyes. Oodalally

Image credits: woodland_porpoise

#34 Most Expensive Desk Ever :) - But Think It Looks Pretty Cool

Image credits: reddit.com

#35 I Finished My Wood-Carved Relief Globe At Last!

Image credits: goodwoodglobes

#36 A Coffee Table I Mad. Plus Dog Tax

Image credits: Bucky_G0ldstein

#37 To Commemorate A Family Member Receiving A Heart Transplant. Walnut Heart, Maple Stand

Image credits: Fortheloveofacorns

#38 Finished!!!

Image credits: DaToda91

#39 Chessboard And Pieces Build

Image credits: mgervasi293

#40 Mom Wanted A Serving Board Shaped Like Washington State. Walnut Body With Resin To Square It Up. First Time Using Resin Artistically And Trying The Whole Wave Thing. Pretty Pleased

Image credits: pofigster

#41 Some James Webb Wall Art I Made. Cut The Back Board And Hexagonal Recesses Out Of Mdf With A Cnc, Painted Black And Added Gold-Tinted Mirror Segments

Image credits: ryankrameretc

#42 Wife Wanted Built In Shelves And Cabinets

Image credits: Remrac

#43 Walnut Koozie, First Attempt At Segmented Turning

Image credits: CaptainBoatHands

#44 Woven Stool In Cherry. Could Be Better But Lots Of Fun, Lots Of Learning..milled And Joined By Hand

Image credits: TheArtofWakingUp

#45 Epoxy Table With Light Shinning Through

Image credits: JarrodTocci

#46 My Sisters Car Had A Busted Center Console Lid, So For Christmas, I Took The Measurements From The Old Lid, Saved As Much Of The Hardware As I Could And Made A New One Out Of Walnut

Image credits: Archimedes3471

#47 A Chair I Made For A School Project

Image credits: nannosky

#48 Record Player Stand I Made Over The Weekend

Image credits: ranoutofusernames__

#49 Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Electrical Panel Covers I Made

Image credits: Kretrn

#50 New Roommate Needed A Bed. So I Made Him One

Image credits: j_howeller

#51 She Loved Her Christmas Gift, Despite Me Pointing Out The Flaws I See And Mistakes I Done

Image credits: Astjaeger

#52 First Post! I Am Building A Restaurant And The Millwork Is Coming Out Beautifully. All Red Oak

Image credits: buzzmeg

#53 Wanted To Go With The Rock-On Hand Symbol But The “I Love You” Asl Sign Looked Better

Image credits: thompsonwoodworks

#54 Just Finished Up My "Valentine's Gift" To My GF This Week

Image credits: tomatosoup3

#55 I Made A Vibrating Candy Dispenser

Image credits: thoughtfulocean

#56 This One Took A While But Loved The Way It Turned Out. Used Bent Lamination For The Legs And Clear Resin/Manitoba Maple Live Edge For The Top

Image credits: KurvyWoodworking

#57 Finally Finished My TV Tray

Image credits: Bubingusdingus

#58 My Wooden PC Case Y'all Roasted The Living S*** Out Of. Seems To Be Working Just Fine. No Overheating So Far

Image credits: mrbinelol

#59 My Cousin Asked If I Would Help Him Build A Casket For His Dad,my Uncle. He Was A Woodworker His Whole Life. Rush Job So It Never Did Get A Finish On It. Cherry On Walnut With Walnut Live Edge Top

Image credits: RemoteConflict3

#60 Some Of My Lamps That I Have Made By Myself. 100% Handwork. 200% From My Heart

Image credits: mezzoo2

#61 My Wooden Leg Is Nearly Done

Image credits: grahamkrenz

#62 Finished Our New Dining Room Table

Image credits: dexarios

#63 Quit My Corporate Job In Digital Mapmaking/Map Data A Few Years Ago To Make Them On Wood Instead

Image credits: Inzitarie

#64 This Isn’t Worthy To Be Here With Your Guys Creations, But Here It Is….

Image credits: danyz93411

#65 My Latest Wooden Dome After A Snowstorm

Image credits: johnnybagels

#66 My Newly Designed Custom Moveable Shop Cabinet

Image credits: locomotion_creations

#67 A Small Cabinet For Bread And Pastry That I Made As A Gift For My Flatmate’s Birthday

Image credits: Gvavnek

#68 I Built A Built-In Bookcase In Our Crooked Home

Image credits: A_Blue_Hedgehog

#69 I Made This Wood Vase Display Cupboard

Image credits: BentRivers

#70 Star Wars Landspeeder Inspired Desk For My Son. Walnut And Ebonized Red Oak. Why Build A Desk When You Can Build A Spaceship?

Image credits: redtray

#71 "Taijitu" 2021 - Designed And Crafted By Me

Image credits: mohamad-aaqib

#72 My First Real Woodworking Project. It’s A Dna Trellis For My Girlfriend Who Is Working On A Phd In Genetics And Loves Plants

Image credits: Daveflave

#73 The Ribs Of A Skateboard Park I Helped Build

Image credits: mikey_bigz

#74 Scroll Sawed The Cover For The Gunslinger

Image credits: NinjaTurtleNerd

#75 Built From Scratch, Finally Finished Up My Sauna Today, Time To Relax!!!

Image credits: dogfacepencilneck9

#76 Raspberry Pi Briefcase

Image credits: Derick19

#77 Scroll Saw Turtles!

Image credits: NinjaTurtleNerd

#78 Walnut And African Mahogany Corner Display Shelf I Designed And Built Yesterday

Image credits: stubbornmoose

#79 So This One Is Finished. Now I Need To Get It Into The House Without Any Damage... Made From Walnut. The Inside Drawers Are From Beech Multiplex

Image credits: sybarius

#80 I Built A $2300 Wayfair.ca Console Table For About $150 And It Felt Great

Image credits: cavanwoodworks

#81 This Is What I’ve Been Working On For Most Of The Last Two Months

Image credits: Dimsdale53

#82 A Resting Place For My Best Friend

Image credits: BKonthefly

#83 I Made This Comb Of Oak

Image credits: GingerbeardCrafter

#84 Built This Little Guy For My Wife, And Was Immediately Commissioned To Make 6 More. I Criminally Underpriced Them, And I Regret Everything

Image credits: Wi1dHare

#85 Dnd Dice Tower (D&d? I Don't Know Dungeons, Just Wood). Made For My Dungeon Master Son

Image credits: OldNickSt

#86 Cherry Wall Cabinet

Image credits: imgur.com

#87 An Mri Safe (Non Metallic) Cane For Patients In The Scan Room That My Wife Commissioned (Pro Bono) For The Hospital Where She Works

Image credits: Fortheloveofacorns

#88 My New Push Stick Design

Image credits: thompsonwoodworks

#89 Table For 2 From A 1939 Popular Mechanics

Image credits: OMGStudioB

#90 Second Prototype Turned Out Pretty Good. Love Walnut And Cord Together

Image credits: ben_wun

#91 3 Months Late On My Personal Timeline, I Finished My Wife’s She-Shed! Would Love Any Feedback / Questions On My Process. I’m *extremely* Amateur So Please Don’t Hurt Me Too Bad!

Image credits: theb8t

#92 Handcrafted From Some Really Really Nice Poplar. The Forgotten Hardwood

Image credits: _youngJake

#93 Hello Reddit. It's Been A While... Let Me Show You My Little Box. Yes Its Made Out Of Wood

Image credits: vaskosotirov

#94 Making It Yourself Always Feels Better Than Buying…especially When This Coat Hanger Was A Couple Grand!!

Image credits: Boho-cowboy

#95 She’s Been Asking For A Loft Bed All Year. Finally Had A Gap In Wife Projects

Image credits: The_Real_txjhar

#96 Matching Spoons I Painstakingly Carved From Ebony- No Stain

Image credits: hotchwork

#97 Wooden Car Build

Image credits: Chris-Powell

#98 I Added An Extension To My Backyard Bar

Image credits: thompsonwoodworks

#99 My 6th Intarsia Project "That Millisecond Right When Arthur Pulls Out". 70 Pcs And 11 Species. All Purist (No Dye Nor Paint)

Image credits: GobHobln

#100 In Need To Have A Sturdy Furniture For Larp, I Came Up With A Set That Converts In Its Own Transport Box For Travel An Storage. Style-Wise It Had To Fit In A Medieval/Fantasy Setup.

Image credits: mclien

#101 I’m 16 And I Built My First Coffee Table! Oak For The Top And Ash For The Legs

Image credits: T1MO_

#102 I Made An Axe. His Name Is Bogravn

Image credits: Tipsfortimetravelers

#103 Zebrawood Bar Mirror, As Requested By My Wife

Image credits: octopornopus

#104 Secret Storage On A Dresser I’m Building

Image credits: ClothesOk1743

#105 Now When My Friends Ask To Borrow My Chainsaw They Won’t Leave Empty Handed

Image credits: LedZeppelinRiff

#106 Meet Seth, The Stoner Sloth

Image credits: MannysCarpentry

#107 Made Some Patterned Plywood, And Carved A Neat Little Bird From It

Image credits: MY8tes

#108 Xmas Present For A Friend: Dice Tower Inside Walnut And White Oak Book

Image credits: PattenWoodworking

#109 Cherry Sofa Table I Just Finished. Constructive Criticism Welcome

Image credits: aunt_flo326

#110 Just Finished This Deceptively Complicated Coffin Bookshelf For A Client. Super Happy With The Final Product

Image credits: shamgar_bn

#111 I Made This Trunk For My Mom For Christmas

Image credits: brain_fluid

#112 My Journeyman’s Piece I Did A Couple Years Ago

Image credits: Upstairs-Extension-9

#113 My Wife Wanted To Buy A $2000 Coffee Table And End Table Set…. Yeah Right

Image credits: SliverSchem

#114 Secret Doors To The Safe Room

Image credits: clansing192

#115 Hand Tool Cabinet- Beech And Walnut

Image credits: cbigbne

#116 First Thing I Made And I'm So Proud. I Hope You Like It Too

Image credits: ohwellpam

#117 Zigzag Chair (Design By Rietveld, 1934) I Made In Birch Ply

Image credits: CloggyAbroad

#118 My Favourite Thing I’ve Designed And Made At Work

Image credits: -Dream-Weaver-

#119 First Time Using Cane Webbing On A Bed I Built

Image credits: jracusin

#120 Urns I Made For My Mother Who Passed Away On Christmas Morning. She Loved Cardinals

Image credits: TRAUMAjunkie

#121 Got Funky While Building My First Staircase

Image credits: autoCADdicted

#122 My 6 Months Build Ultimate Workbench

Image credits: Rizal-Mohamad

#123 My Living Room Wall Design Out Of Plywood

Image credits: Phiro13

#124 Not As Impressive Or Intricate As Some Of The Amazing Pieces You All Are Making, But I Used A Lathe For The First Time Yesterday And Made A Baseball Bat!

Image credits: Koobruh

#125 My Wife Wanted A Bench For Our Bay Window So I Gave It A Go. Not Much Of A Woodworker But I Came Out Alright!

Image credits: Boromn

#126 Made A Cutting Board For Our Sink So We Can Dispose Right To The Sink Disposal

Image credits: RealSquare452

#127 Christmas Skid Steers For The Kids And Cousins

Image credits: bear_vs_anything

#128 Will They Float?

Image credits: overrat3ed

#129 My Daughters Room. Most Of It Is Selfmade

Image credits: Davidh1994

#130 From Firewood Worthy To Main Feature! Solid Victorian Door

Image credits: samualord

#131 White Oak Dining Table With Brass Accents

Image credits: LilSebasteion

#132 Had An Old Pecan Tree Dying In My Front Yard. So I Cut It Down And Made A Table And A Baby Cage

Image credits: Tvearl

#133 Cause My Stocks Are Down. Can’t Afford A Bose. Had To Make One Myself

Image credits: woodstock2602

#134 Front Entryway I Recently Completed!

Image credits: Andydrumman

#135 Wife Said Seller On Amazon Wanted $100 For This. I Was Able To Make It For Less Than 2x That!

Image credits: Archivist75

#136 I Got Commissioned By A Very Important Customer (My Mum) For A Sign, So Here It Is!

Image credits: FabienPohl

#137 First Time Making Endgrain Coasters

Image credits: Apprehensive_Ad8062

#138 Had Someone Ask If I Could Make A Cigar Ash Tray Out Of A Stump For Their Den. It Weighs About 100 Pounds, But Came Out Pretty Sweet

Image credits: ravenwolfwoodwork

#139 A Bunk Bed. Quick And Easy Job. 150$ With Screws

Image credits: komisarz_barszczyk

#140 Woodcarving I Made Of St. Patrick. Tried Posting On R/Woodcarving But Was Removed. Made From Limewood

Image credits: Clarkesculpts

#141 I Cut Down A Tree And Made A Swing Set

Image credits: FireMonkeysHead

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