3 Best Places to Fly a Kite in the East Bay

3 Best Places to Fly a Kite in the East Bay

Let's go fly a kite! Flying kites is a good, old fashioned outdoor activity that kids of all ages enjoy. We've rounded up the top three places in the East Bay where the wind is reliable and the space is ample. Be sure to check the wind forecast before heading out!

A beautiful day at Cesar Chavez Park in Berkeley | Photo: Julie Herson

Cesar Chavez Park, Berkeley for kite flying

This is the best-known place to fly a kite in the East Bay. The wind is plentiful, the space is expansive, and the views are incredible. The much beloved Berkeley Kite Festival is held here every year with good reason: it is nearly always windy!

Things to know when you go to Cesar Chavez Park: 

  • Don't leave any valuables in your car and lock your doors! I always see broken glass in the parking area.
  • Bring a blanket and snacks or lunch to make an afternoon out of it (2020 Update: Picnic tables are cordoned off).
  • Wear windbreaker type jackets and hats that'll stay on your head. The wind here is no joke.
  • There are several portable potties and a hand-washing station available.
Have an older child or other adult help launch the kite | Photo: Julie Herson

Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline, Richmond for kite flying

Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline is another great option where the wind is abundant, though not always as strong as Cesar Chavez Park. We always find plenty of open space to unfurl our favorite kite.
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Things to know when you go to Miller/Knox Regional Shoreline with your kites and kids:

  • Bring bikes and soccer balls to make a day of it.
  • The bathrooms may or may not be open, so plan accordingly.
  • Make sure to check out Keller Beach and the Little Point Richmond while you're nearby.
Kite Flying Berkeley
More than one kid? More than one kite | Photo: Julie Herson

Crown Memorial Beach, Alameda for kite flying

Crown Memorial Beach is an incredible beach for little kids with dependable wind making it easily a top three destination for kite-flying families. The big grassy fields near Crab Cove are also pretty good places to try flying a kite, though the wind isn't as strong as at Crown Beach. Flying a kite on a beach is awesome, but remember that if the kite crashes in the water it can be messy and there may be tears (trust me!).

Things to know when you go Alameda for kite flying:

  • Check the water quality if you plan to splash around in the water or swim.
  • Bring your usual beach necessities (don't forget the baby powder!)
  • Street parking is super convenient when available. The parking lot is $5 if the gate is attended.

More windy places to try your kite around the East Bay:

Plenty of wind at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park in Oakland | Photo: Julia Gidwani

Kid-friendly Kites We've Tried and Love

There is not much more frustrating than a kite-flying day when the kite won't get in the air. We've enjoyed the following kites for bringing squeals of delight rather than the groans of disappointment:

Local Shopping Options here and here and here. (2020 Covid-19 Info: Call and pick up or delivery options available).

Bonus: For overachieving parents, or those of us looking to add in some sneaky learning: This is a great resource from PBSKids all about wind.

2020 Covid-19 Info:

According to the East Bay Regional Park Department: ALL Visitor Centers, water fountains, picnic areas, swim facilities/areas, boat ramps, playgrounds, sports fields, campgrounds, group campsites, backcountry campsites, kiosks, and reservable facilities are CLOSED AT PARKS during the pandemic. Many public restrooms are closed.

The great thing about kite flying is that it's outside and social distancing is built-into the activity. So when your stir-crazy kids tell you for the 947 millionth time that they're bored, you can tell them to go fly a kite! 

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