34 Best Baby Christmas Gifts in 2021: What Babies Really Want

34 Best Baby Christmas Gifts in 2021: What Babies Really Want

The holiday season is upon us, and finding the perfect gift for a new baby is tricky. You want to make sure what you buy them is useful and won’t sit unused on a shelf. So, I put together this gift guide of the best baby Christmas gifts to help you.

I’m a bit picky when it comes to what I select for baby Christmas gifts. Typically, I want something that will last for a long time like developmental baby toys.

Take a look at these adorable Christmas gift ideas for new babies. New moms and experienced parents alike will all love these – I promise!

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34 Amazing Baby Christmas Gifts

Recommended Age: 0+ Months

1. Lovevery Play Gym

The Lovevery Play Gym is one of the best play mats for infants. It features five different learning stations that give your baby a new experience, like black and white cards to captivate his attention. The wooden arches ensure this play mat will last for years to come; activity gyms are a great gift for Christmas!

2. Uanlavo Foam Floor Mat

A foam mat is a comfortable place for babies to lay down on the floor and play. The Uanlavo foam mat is foldable and easy to clean. Spread some toys out or use the mat for tummy time.

3. Nuby Teething Blankie

A Nuby teething blankie is soft and easy to hold for infants. Babies chew on the fabric or one of the four silicone grips with textures.

4. Hudson Baby Plush Blanket

Babies love plush blankets; these are perfect for car seats or strollers. Hudson Baby creates a two-sided blanket with soft fabric on both sides. There are more than a dozen of different fabric choices; many are adorable prints.

5. Beiens Soft Books for Babies

It’s never too early to give books, and these soft books are the perfect gift to start the love of reading. It’s small enough for little fingers to grasp and feature different colors, textures, and pictures.

6. Manhattan Toy Wooden Grasping Toy

This wooden grasping toy is one of the best baby gifts to develop hand-eye coordination. Babies have to use their new skills to learn how to grab and hold their toy, and it will last for several babies.

7. Sassy Baby Floor Mirror

Here is another one of the best baby Christmas gifts – a Sassy Baby floor mirror. Babies use this toy during tummy time. Looking at a mirror and themselves is a developmental activity for infants in the first few months of life.

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8. Hudson Baby Hooded Towels

Here is another perfect gift for a baby’s first Christmas. Hudson Baby offers this hooded towel in several different animals. They’re super soft and useful for parents.

9. Sauder Bookcase and Toy Combo

New parents will love this baby Christmas gift! It’s a combination of a bookcase and a toy chest combination. It will look great in the baby’s nursery

10. Handprint Ornament Kit

This is one of the best thoughtful gifts for a baby’s first Christmas – it’s a handprint ornament kit. The kit includes everything parents need to create an ornament of the baby’s handprint that will last for years to come.

Recommended Age: 3+ Months

11. Hudson Baby Mini Robe

A mini robe is definitely one of the best baby Christmas gifts for an infant who is at least three months old. Hudson Baby creates these robes, and they come in different animals and colors. Some mothers put this on their baby registry, but if the baby doesn’t have one, the new babe totally needs a comfy robe.

12. Skip Hop Baby Play Center

The Skip Hop Baby Play Center is one of the favorite toys for an infant. It’s a great way for a baby to learn and play. Skip Hop adds educational toys that engage your child’s sensory needs. Plus, it helps your baby learn how to sit up and use their core muscles.

13. Infantino Textured Sensory Balls

These sensory balls fit well in stockings as an infant stocking stuffer, but they also are one of my baby’s favorite toys. Each ball has different textures for your infant to explore and feel. They’re best sellers for a reason!

14. Skip Hop Bandana Buddies Activity Toy

Here is another sensory toy that makes the perfect gift for a baby. It has different textures and bright colors, and the size is perfect for little fingers. Babies explore the crinkle texture and the grip on the bib; it will keep them busy for hours.

15. Sophie the Giraffe

Sophie the Giraffe is one of the longest-standing baby Christmas gifts; it’s been one of the best gifts for infants for nearly ten years. Sophie is a teething toy for infants that is easy to hold for little hands, and the texture is a soft silicone, perfect for soothe gums.

16. Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle and Sensory Teether Toy

A winkel rattle is an educational toy for infants. My babies love this, and it’s one of the toys they use the most as they develop hand-eye coordination. We take it everywhere with us.

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17. Infantino Squeeze & Stack Blocks

Another option for baby Christmas gifts between three and six months is these Infantino blocks. They come in different colors, and this toy helps your baby learn how to grab the items they see. Eventually, he will start stacking the blocks.

Recommended Age: 6+ Months

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18. Silicone Placemat and Plate

When infants reach six months old, it’s time to introduce solid foods, so one of the best baby Christmas gifts is a silicone plate or bowl. They stick to hard and smooth surfaces, like a table top, and prevent the baby from tossing the bowl onto the floor.

19. Hape Xylophone

Hape is known for creating high quality toys, ideal for imaginative play. This xylophone is perfect for six month old infants and older. It’s time to make music and jam out while playing.

20. Dimpl Toy

You might have seen a Dimpl toy in a store near you; these are great things for infants. Technically, dimple toys are a sensory toy for kids who need to fidget, but they also captivate the attention of infants. The circles are made with soft silicone and pop back and forth.

21. Munchkin Hanging Bath Toy Holder

Once babies are between six and nine months old, they’re able to sit up independently in the bath tub. That means new parents will accumulate all sorts of bath toys, and they need a place to store them. A bath toy holder is a good idea; parents love all organization tools.

22. VTech Wiggle and Crawl Ball

Between six and nine months old, most babies start to crawl or consider crawling. This VTech ball rolls on its own, encouraging babies to crawl after it. Babies think this is so much fun, and it really is! Not only does the ball move, but it plays songs and has bright lights, all things babies love.

23. VTech Sort and Discover Activity Cube

This activity center by VTech has all sorts of fun for a baby. They’ll sort blocks, listen to different songs, check out new colors, and watch lights. Babies love this activity cube!

24. First Years Stacking Cups

Stacking cups are recommended by child development experts. It’s a toy that develops fine motor skills and encourages some serious brain work for babies. All my babies loved and used these stacking cups for months.

25. Fisher Price Rock a Stack

Rock-a-Stack is a classic gift for babies for good reasons. Not only does this gift give babies a new way to practice motor skills, but the rings are perfect teething toys. The top ring rattles; babies love to shake it and make music.

26. LeapFrog Learn and Groove Activity Table

By the time an infant is between six and nine months old, they’ll be close to pulling to stand. The LeapFrog activity table sits on the ground for infants who are learning how to sit independently. Then, it stands up for infants who are working on standing and cruising skills.

Recommended Age: 9+ Months

27. Soft Landing Animal Plush Rocker

A plush rocker is one of the best gifts for a baby’s first Christmas. Soft Landing creates rockers in a variety of animals, so pick one that your baby will love. Rockers offer sensory output for infants, and they will use plenty of energy rocking back and forth. Expect great naps after!

28. Pikler Triangle

A Pikler Triangle is the perfect gift for a baby who is nine months old or older. In fact, older babies and toddlers will love this gift. It gives kids a way to work on those gross motor skills, climbing up and down the rungs. You can even buy extensions like slides and bridges to go with the Pikler.

29. Melissa & Doug Turtle Ball Pit

I don’t know about you but the classic ball pit isn’t my cup of tea. Then, I saw this adorable turtle Melissa & Doug ball pit and knew my toddler needed it. It’s adorable and the perfect size to fit into a closet when you need it out of the way. Babies love to get into the pit, kicking and swimming in the plastic balls.

30. Fisher Price Baby’s First Blocks

If you’re looking for baby Christmas gifts for new parents, consider the classic block sorter. You might think this toy is outdated, but you’d be wrong. It helps babies and toddlers learn their shapes and colors while also fine tuning hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills. Watch a baby closely as they play with this; it takes A LOT of concentration!

31. VTech Sit to Stand Learning Walker

Between nine and one-year-old, many babies start learning how to work. This takes a lot of time, so gifting this walker will help him learn and practice this skill. The walker has different activities to keep your child entertained for hours.

32. VTech Sit to Stand Alphabet Train

You won’t find any older babies who don’t love the Sit to Stand Alphabet Train. This toy has so many different activities and songs. The best is when they stick the alphabet letter into the top of the train and it shoots out the back. They’ll do this for hours!

33. Melissa & Doug Play Tunnel

All babies love to crawl through a play tunnel, and the Melissa & Doug caterpillar tunnel is sure to be a huge hit with your baby. Play tunnels are always one of my kids’ favorite toys to enjoy, and it’s a great way to keep them entertained for hours.

34. Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy

Here’s another great gift for older babies – the Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Push Toy. This toy is for infants and toddlers who are learning how to walk. As they push the walker, the alligator clacks and chomps, delighting little kids.

Don’t fret about finding the perfect gift for a baby’s first Christmas; these baby Christmas gifts are sure to be a huge hit for both baby and parents. I hope this gift guide made shopping a little easier for you this year!

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