35 Transportation Activities for Preschoolers! Things that GO!

35 Transportation Activities for Preschoolers! Things that GO!

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Transportation activities for preschoolers, plus transportation crafts to make and even our favorite books for kids that love things that go!

I don’t know about you, but all my boys can play with are things that go… you know… things with wheels! Part of the activities planner I do each week, is writing down what the kids are currently interested in. It always has some sort of transportation listed.

I’m not saying its “a boy thing” because I know girls like their fair share of ‘things that go’ too. But check out the Pinterest boards that I found that have everything for boys!

It seems that if I add a vehicle of some sort to an activity, the boys are much more interested and excited to take part of the activity, whether it’s a craft, art or learning activity. They’re much more into it.

So, I’ve found a few ideas to add transportation to our activities.

35 transportation activities for preschoolers that love ‘Things that Go!’

35 vehicle transportation activities for kids that like things with wheels

Quite a few that use the vehicles that you already got. And even some that create the vehicles for an activity.

And I also couldn’t leave you without adding in quite a few of our favorite transportation books. They all happen to have vehicles in them (of course!).

So, for the avid vehicle lovers, here are some activities to get them interested. And maybe give their motors a break (and your ears a relief) for a while.

Our favorite and fun transportation activities for preschoolers!

Including crafts and books for the vehicle loving kid!

Several activities to use the vehicles you already have at home. A list of many transportation activities for preschoolers that love things that go.

Using vehicles that you already have for transportation activities for preschoolers:

  1. Haul corn. Corn kernels and vehicles. Let the hauling begin.
  2. Tape a maze on your floor and add some numbers. Have your child drive and count their way through the maze.
  3. Draw out a big maze on the driveway and drive through it!
  4. Set out some flour to explore and play with. Before long the vehicles will be added in for some hauling and track making, too!
  5. Build a city of blocks and drive through it.
  6. Stack block towers, but all the blocks with a dump truck or semi. Count the towers as you’re building them!
  7. Paint with Vehicles! Add some trucks, tractors, cars, whatever vehicles you have to some paint and paper and compare the tracks that they make! (Make it bigger and take it outside!)
  8. Make a learning activity for counting with grain bins and tractors. Use marshmallows to haul and count!
  9. Simply add a few vehicles to some play dough and make a construction site.  Here is my favorite way of how to make homemade play dough!
  10. Be inspired by a favorite book about vehicles and act it out! (such as The Little Blue Truck book. See more vehicle books that we love below!)
  11. Reuse bubble wrap for a road. Drive some big vehicles on it to hear the Pop!
  12. Make and indoor activity course and use a big vehicle to take through the course as they do their activities.
  13. Put together an ice investigation to see if salt or sand makes the ice less slippery for vehicles driving on it.
  14. Make a ramp from a cardboard box and test out how the cars and trucks make it down.
  15. Use wagons, or semi trailers, or even dump trucks and experiment to see how much water each vehicle holds.
  16. Convince your child to clean up! Have a car wash for the toy vehicles – with a learning twist!
  17. Tape out a road on the floor and drive, drive, drive!
  18. Use printables to sort your own emergency vehicles! – Taming the Goblin
  19. color coded parking lot to match your own toy vehicles to. – A Happy Wanderer
  20. A very fun sensory activity, a shaving cream car wash. – Lessons Learnt Journal
  21. Construction sensory activity with construction vehicles and rocks. – Pink and Green Mama
  22. Use a box to extend train play, make The Sports Enough Tunnel. – Celebrate Every Day With Me
  23. Another sensory activity that might be better than the sandbox, cloud dough with vehicles. – In Lieu of Preschool
  24. Counting with trucks! Use dump trucks to see how many dominoes it can hold then count them! – Inspiration Laboratories
  25. Monster Smash! Add crayons and monster trucks to a cardboard box and create your own Monster rally arena! – Small Potatoes

Make your own transportation for activities. A list of many transportation activities for preschoolers that love things that go.

Making your own vehicles for transportation activities for preschoolers:

  1. Create a train with a recycled egg carton and a pipe cleaner.
  2. Hand over a cardboard box to the kids and see what kind of vehicle they can make with it.
  3. Dive into your child’s interests and make a book. Head to the local dealerships and get their catalogs!
  4. Count semis! Or dump trucks, or other vehicles while on a road trip.
  5. Create a busy town, complete with vehicle ‘puppets’ to drive along the road. – The Art Annex
  6. Put the kids to ‘work’ with a pretend car wash using washable markers and craft foam. – Inner Child Fun
  7. Create a dump truck out of egg cartons. – DLTK’s Kids
  8. Make a picture of a truck out of drinking straws. – No Time for Flash Cards
  9. Put together a train with your chairs and invite your stuffed animals to ride in the train cars! – Family Fun Notebook
  10. Sort toys in homemade train cars of shoe boxes, by letter sounds! – Think Magnet

Our Favorite Transportation Books for Preschoolers:

Almost every book that we read very regularly has to do with vehicles too. Mostly tractors and trucks, but a few trains in there too.

First of all, I ran across this list of books from Slimy Bookworm that is geared towards boys, but almost every one on there is about a vehicle.

Here’s our 10 favorite transportation books:

*The following links are affiliate links, which means a small percentage of any purchase you make after clicking through will help support hands on : as we grow, at absolutely no additional cost to you.

  1. Flip Flap Farm (Usborne Flip Flap Board Books), by Katie Daynes
  2. Thomas the the Magic Railroad : Little Engines Can Do Big Things, by Britt Allcroft
  3. The Little Book of Farmyard Tales (Farmyard Tales Readers), by Heather Amery
  4. Building Opposites (Sparkle Fun!)
  5. Richard Scarry’s Cars and Trucks and Things That Go
  6. Little Blue Truck Board Book, by Alice Schlerte
  7. Big Board First 100 Machines (Bright Baby), by Roger Priddy
  8. I Drive a Snowplow (Working Wheels), by Sarah Bridges
  9. That’s Not My Train (Usborne Touchy-Feely Books), by Fiona Watt
  10. A Year at a Construction Site (Time Goes By), by Nicholas Harris (not one we own, but a favorite from the library.)

Are your kids stuck on things that go?

Please tell me my kids aren’t the only ones…

35 vehicle transportation activities for kids that like things with wheels

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