4 Awesome Benefits of Strewing in Your Homeschool

4 Awesome Benefits of Strewing in Your Homeschool

Strewing in Your Homeschool

4 Awesome Benefits of Strewing in Your Homeschool ~
Written by Jessica Waldock of The Waldock Way

Have you tried strewing in your homeschool? Strewing is a method I’m passionate about. It’s all about choosing items that your homeschoolers can explore and learn from independently. 

Strewing is perfect for interest-led homeschoolers because it gives us the opportunity to let our kids take the lead while discovering their passions. There are tons of great reasons to practice strewing this school year.

Do you want to learn more about how to start strewing? Keep reading to discover four awesome benefits of strewing in your homeschool and get some great tips to explore it with your kids.

What is Strewing?

Strewing is a method of providing your children with opportunities to discover and explore items you have chosen to place in their path. There are no invitations, no set instructions, and no expected outcomes.

You just leave the items out, whatever they may be, and wait for your children to interact with them. To practice strewing in your homeschool, you’ll first need to choose items to use.

Loose parts, craft supplies, and building materials are perfect for strewing. Other items you can use include activities, games, and science experiments you might not normally reach for in your homeschool. Choose things that relate to your lessons, your child’s interests, or items you really hope your kids will explore and interact with.

Place the chosen items in your child’s path. Don’t worry, strewing isn’t about covering your living room in toys and craft supplies or recreating a toy store in your home. You can choose a designated space or contain items in inviting bins for your homeschoolers to peruse. 

Let your kids discover and explore the strewing opportunities without much direction or input. If they seem uninterested, don’t take it personally.

If your homeschoolers aren’t using the items “properly,” resist the urge to correct them or give instructions. There is so much value in letting them explore and get creative, even if it doesn’t look the way you thought it would.

Strewing in Your Homeschool

4 Awesome Benefits Of Strewing In Your Homeschool

1. Insight into your child’s passions and interests

Strewing is a great way to gain insight into your child’s interests and passions. This is critical for interest-led or delight-directed homeschoolers. You can discover what your kids are passionate about and what makes them curious by watching carefully as they interact with different items used in strewing.

Do your kids gravitate towards craft supplies? Are they always building and inventing new things? Did they find the globe and maps completely fascinating? Answering these questions can help you discover what direction to take with your upcoming homeschool lessons and activities.

2. Encourages Independence 

Strewing is a good way to encourage independent learning. Teaching our children to become independent learners is an important step in creating lifelong learners.

Since kids interact with the items used in strewing independently, without adult instruction or encouragement, it’s perfect for encouraging curiosity and independent learning through exploration.

3. Sets The Tone For Your Day

Using strewing in your homeschool is an easy way for parents to set the tone of the day right from the start. When your children wake up to items and activities they can explore and interact with, the day begins with learning.

Since they are interacting with items on their own terms, it’s a no-pressure way to encourage learning right from the start.

4. Gives Mom A Break

Strewing gives Mom a break too! I love strewing because it gives me a chance to wake up in the mornings and take some time to meditate and prepare for the day.

Sounds like a win-win right?

I’m not initially bombarded with requests by my child. Instead, she’s busy exploring and learning while I get to have a cup of coffee.

Strewing is helpful later in the day too. Homeschoolers can explore and get creative with items while moms take time for themselves or complete household chores. 

Want To Learn More About Strewing?

Would you like to learn more about how to successfully practice strewing in your homeschool? Are you interested in learning more about the awesome benefits of strewing too?

Do you need a helpful list of items and ideas to get you started on your strewing journey? 

Strewing in Your Homeschool


If so, you’ll definitely want to check out my new FREE guide to strewing in your homeschool. It’s filled with helpful tips, detailed information about the strewing process, and real-life examples from our own homeschool experience to help you along the way. 


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