6 ways to kick start this week through learning experiences

This week’s already promising to be artfully informative over at the Louvre, Abu Dhabi where you and the kids can fill your heads with some fascinating facts. 

Louvre Abu Dhabi

words Shruthi Vijayan

Art from home

Ever wondered how the sky was navigated and what kind of intruments were used in the time of yore. Well, read and hear all about the astrolabe, the instrument that helps astronomers determine where the stars were located and understand what time it was during the night and day. Reading the stars is undoubtedly a sharp skill to have up your sleeve.


How to be a Knight?

Knights of the Middle East, Abu Dhabi

Chivalry will never go out of fashion. This e-catologue on Furusiyya: The Art of Chivalry between East and West examines the origin of chivalry at a time where knights prevailed. Through more than 130 rare artworks, manuscripts and historic tradtions, you’ll get a real glimpse into what being knightly finally means. To all of you who thought Prince Charming was a thing of fairly tales, the idea is very much set in stone.

A 360 virtual tour

Now that you know it’s no easy task being a knight, this virtual tour will give you a more visual insight to that period. The exhibition has a variety of international pieces that highlight the fights between knights, the kind of armour they adorned, the functionality of the pieces they chose and lots more. While you may not be able to pick up any fashion tips, boys this is your chance to brush up on those courtship skills and gentlemanly demeanour.

Art books to indulge at home

Where to read in Abu Dhabi

It’s been more than a month since most of us have been self isolating and maybe you’ve finished books by the dozen or have still not made up your mind on which one to pick yet. Either way, the Louvre  Abu Dhabi  team have the perfect title for you to get started . Every week, they will shortlist their favourite pick of an adult and children’s book for us to enjoy. This week’s adult reading is The Artist in the Machine by Arthur I. Miller and children’s reading is Drawing from the City by Tejubehan.

Make and Play

The best remedy for idle hands is to get creative and let the imagination fly. Also, can we ever have enough ways to up cycle the scraps lying around? There are simple videos that you can follow to make your own bag, a shadow puppet horse, a seal stamp or recreate a contemporary scene using your smart phone. Also with Ramadan, these art pieces could easily be your DIY decorations to make Iftaar more special.

E-learning resources to educate

Louvre Abu Dhabi has set-up e-learning resources and material that you can browse to understand better the nuances of the exhibits they have on display. They’re also offering activities that can be implemented in classroom and home projects for a more hands-on application to grasp the concepts. Yes, we can all be self-taught connoisseurs of art if we pay enough attention!

The museum may be closed till further notice but it’s still open to minds looking to explore and learn. Enjoy your time here and tell us how it went!

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