7 Things To Do In Austin with The Fam on a Budget

7 Things To Do In Austin with The Fam on a Budget

Not only is it a beautiful and frequent destination for tourists traversing the US, but Austin is also one of the most popular places to live in the United States. Whether you’re just starting your life in adulthood, you are a family person in your middle age, or you are in your golden years, the Texas capital seems to have something for everyone. As a matter of fact, it is highly praised for being among the most budget-friendly cities to live in the US.

From nature trails to natural attractions, amusement parks, shopping destinations, and exquisite recreational facilities, Austin boasts a plethora of things to see and do while spending time with family. This knowledge, however, is not available to everyone, plus many people shy away from recreational activities. This is not to forget the ever-increasing costs of living, which more often force many households to make budget cuts and forgo most of their leisure activities.

Thankfully, you don’t have to spend a fortune to enjoy the best of Austin with your loved ones. From spending time in the movies to street music, museums, hiking, nature trails, biking, and parks, you will not run out of things to do while treating your family to a nice weekend vacation in Austin, TX. Brace yourself up as we cover these seven things to do in Austin with family without seriously denting your credit card, wallet, or bank account.

1. Take A Road Trip 

It’s fun, energetic, and relieving, especially since you get away from the usual pressures of life for some time. Nothing beats the joy of going on an adventurous road trip with the people who matter to you most. Once the adventure is over, you come back more energetic, relaxed, and with renewed zeal to tackle your week better. An Austin road trip will also help strengthen the bond between you and your loved ones while creating lasting memories of fun moments with each other.

To get the most out of your Austin road trip, however, you will want to be adequately prepared before the trip. Make sure you have enough supplies beforehand, considering your safety, comfort, and navigational convenience. In this respect, adequate travel and auto insurance are a must-have. According to The Patel Firm – a prolific car accident attorney, road accidents are dangerous and common, almost in the same measure. With adequate insurance and safety measures in place, it is easier to claim damages from a negligent driver in the event of an accident.

The best thing about Austin is that you’ll never run out of options of things to do when taking a road trip. You can explore the Texas capital from within and without the borders, from the likes of Wimberley, San Antonio, and South Padre Island, to the deepest parts of the Chihuahuan Desert. 

2. The Bob Bullock Texas State History Museum 

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If you are more of an explorer, a day at the Bullock Texas State History Museum will be worth your while with family. Enjoy plenty of fascinating exhibitions, not to mention IMAX films at the Bullock and Texas Spirit movie theatres. Stop at the Museum Store for a diverse collection of Texas-themed gifts you can take back home as souvenirs. You can also spend a day at the Blue Starlite Drive-In theatre and catch up with some super exciting classics and indie films.

3. Experience Austin, TX History First-Hand 

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As far as American history is concerned, the origin of Austin dates back to the 19th century. The 4th largest city in Texas was born from a riverside village called Waterloo, which was a famous buffalo-hunting zone then. Primarily occupied by the Comanches and Tonkawa people, the region was renamed in 1839 after Stephen F. Austin, its founding father. 

If you take a tour through Austin’s Capitol Building on Congress Avenue and other state buildings, you will learn this and much more. This is not to mention a bunch of iconic music venues alongside hard-to-miss afro-American historic sites.

4. Visit the Zilker Park 

Love the beauty of nature? If so, you and your family could appreciate visiting the 360-acre botanical garden in the heart of Austin. Here, you will have plenty of roses to smell and plants to learn about. Moreover, you and your folks can enjoy a good dose of exercise and sunbathe at the nearby Barton Springs Pool. There are lots of public pools and beaches in the vicinity as well.

Photo by Tomek Baginski on Unsplash

And that’s not all, thanks to the Zilker Summer Musical theatre. If you’re touring Austin between July and August, the Hill Country Galleria has lots to offer for you and your family. Enjoy performances in these beautiful outdoor surroundings and create unforgettable memories of having fun with those you love most.

5. Biking and Hiking 

As mentioned earlier, Austin, TX is full of surprises and prizes when it comes to things you can do. If you love cycling or hiking, and you feel like breaking a sweat for the fun of it, you are in luck. Just rent a bike and try the 10-mile-long Ann & Roy Butler H&B trail. While at it, treat your eyes to the sight of the Lady Bird Lake’s glittering waters. If you love photography, the Stevie Ray Vaughan statue can be a great place to pose and take a Selfie.

6. A Peacock Experience at the Mayfield Park 

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Not everyone gets a chance to view incredibly beautiful animals, let alone the kids. While some of us are lucky to have an encounter with them, some don’t get to view them in real life for an entire lifetime. Well, Mayfield Park is arguably the best place to treat your family to this spectacular experience. Named after renowned politician Allison Mayfield, this Austin Park features a green public space where people from all walks of life come to grace their eyes with the stunning beauty of peacocks.

7. Explore Much More 

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Especially if you are exploring Austin with the kids, there are plenty more budget-friendly things to do in the Lone Star State’s capital. For instance, you could check out the natural bridge caverns, a historical Austin attraction frequented by tourists from all over America and the globe each year. The Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum is also another great destination, especially if you or your fam are excited about learning American history.

If you are touring the Texas capital with kids, Austin’s Thinkery Museum is worth paying a visit to. The interactive museum features lots of fun activities for kids, including climbing, painting, and water splashing, just to name a few. The Mueller Lake Park also features an attractive playground for kids, alongside paved walking trails and a food truck park where you can enjoy the best tacos in the city.

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