A Gracious Space

This book should be required reading for every new homeschooling parent. I own all three volumes and have purchased the Fall volume for at least 3 of my friends when they either began homeschooling or were going through a challenging time. Presented as a series of daily reflections, this book reminds parents why they began homeschooling in the first place and helps them focus on what matters most.

A Gracious Space by Julie Bogart

Title: A Gracious Space: Fall Edition
Author: Julie Bogart
Publication Year: 2015
Website: bravewriter.com
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We all want to enjoy our children and our homeschool. Julie Bogart gives us permission to do that. She takes the pressure off when we feel like we are not doing enough. She reminds us to slow down and appreciate our children as they are, not as we want them to be. Most of all, she let’s us know that everything is going to be okay.

I seriously need to read these books on a loop schedule just to keep my sanity sometimes. Time slips by and our kids grow, but above all, the relationship between parent and child is what is most important. This book provides ideas for fostering that connection while reassuring us that time is not being wasted.

The daily readings are short. They never take more than 10 minutes to read, frequently much less. This book is not a time commitment. It is not another checklist of things to do to provide your kids with the ultimate homeschool experience. It is the sort of book that you read in your pajamas with a cup of tea before your kids wake up. Then afterwards, you hang on to that unhurried, present, calm state of mind for as long as possible.

I highly recommend these books to any homeschool mom, regardless of the state of homeschooling she is in.

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