A Line of Lemons with Legs

A Line of Lemons with Legs

Over in the free Coloring Club library today I added a one page craft -Lemon Cutie! It's summer here in Australia and I've been enjoying lots of summer fruit smoothies and salads. 

I also recently updated the fruit classroom label collection to include cherries, lemons and peaches! Now 10 fruits altogether to organize and brighten your learning space!

lemon craft
Your children can make their lemon cutie just for fun by:
  • cutting the big clear solid lines
  • zig-zag folding the legs
  • gluing the legs to the lemon
Why not paint instead of color!

craft cuties

lemon craft

Create a line of lemons once the whole class has completed them!
  • talk about other words that start with the letter l
  • count the lemons in the line
  • talk about lemons - describe them and make a list of adjectives
  • practice writing the letter l in light yellow pencil or crayon (lemon)

If you are a Premium Coloring Club member you can also find this 'find the l's' coloring page. Students find the lemons who have a L leg and color them in. A fun letter identification activity. 
find the l letters

If you are not yet in the Coloring Club I would love to have you! Find out all about it here!
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