Belgian brand Lilliputiens launches iconic toys in the UK

Belgian brand Lilliputiens launches iconic toys in the UK

Belgian toy brand Lilliputiens is bringing its much-loved range to the British market this spring.

Reimagining children’s favourite toys and games, the brand prides itself on its core beliefs that every toy should be “smart, sparkling, innovative and support bonding for every child”. New to John Lewis this spring are the engaging My First Farm, which aims to teach little ones all about farm life in a truly charming way, and Noah’s Ark, a collection of soft toys that tell the traditional story of Noah and his Ark full of animals.

Suitable from 18 months, My First Farm includes six classic farmyard animals: Ignace the donkey, Simon the pig, Rosalie the cow, Yvon the sheep, Paulette the chicken and Gaspard the duck. These four-legged creatures are well looked after by Farmer Fons, who drives around on his trusty tractor whilst caring for the lively livestock. Children will enjoy discovering the cheerful hustle and bustle of life on the farm, making up countless stories and learning as they go.

As children’s confidence and ability grows, they are also encouraged to think where in the farm each animal should live, as the pull-down farm wall features the different characters’ habitats, such as a pond for Gaspard the duck and a muddy zone for Simon the Pig. Further to this, the colourful farm is easy to transport anywhere, thanks to the handy closure clasp and handle.

Another hero product in the collection, Lilliputiens’ Noah’s Ark Soft Toy Set, comes jam-packed with 12 animals, Noah himself and his wife, and, of course, the Ark. Suitable for children of 18 months plus, the set includes exciting activities and compartments for little learners to explore. This adorable group of toys is perfect for endless creative play and of course, inspiring love of all furry friends – great and small.

Catherine Van Crombrugge from Lilliputiens says: “We are so proud to present our beloved toys to the UK, both My First Farm and Noah’s Ark will guide children through their very first animal adventures, giving them charming opportunities to get to grips with four legged (and winged!) friends. The bright colours and striking designs will delight both little and big kids for years to come. There is always something to discover with Lilliputiens!”

Lilliputiens was founded in Belgium in 1995 by two friends who embarked on a quest to create the very best soft toys. Today, the Lilliputiens family has grown and continues to delight with its colour palettes, range of materials and universe populated with fantastically endearing characters.

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