Best Staycation Ideas for Working Moms

Best Staycation Ideas for Working Moms

Juggling motherhood and a thriving career is no easy feat. Between seemingly endless lists of career to-dos and an abundance of household chores, it can be challenging for working moms to enjoy a moment to themselves. 

While taking time off is certainly an option, most working moms have no more than a weekend to unwind. Fortunately, even a mere 24 hours can do wonders for your physical and mental health. 

If you need a break from working motherhood, here are a few simple self-care ideas you can achieve on a budget. 

Best Staycation Ideas for Working Moms

Simple Self-Care Staycation Themes

Different working moms have varying definitions of self-care. Therefore, consider what will be most enriching for your physical and emotional health when planning your staycation. 

Spa Weekend

Because of the ongoing pandemic, trips to the spa are, in most cases, off the table. Fortunately, DIY spa weekends are easy to achieve, given that you don’t spend too much time turning your bedroom into a wellness retreat. 

If you’ve been dealing with stress breakouts, now is the best time to indulge in a facial peel or sheet mask. Couple this with a lip scrub and a much-needed eyebrow pluck, and you’ll be on the road to better skin in no time. 

Do you have a bathtub that has been neglected for too long? Throw in a calming bath bomb, light a candle, and wind down with your favorite book!

Culinary Respite

As a mother, you likely spend ample time hunched over the kitchen counter preparing packed lunches. But, if you can’t remember the last time you enjoyed a delicious meal just for yourself, a staycation is the perfect opportunity to brush up on your favorite recipes. 

Alternatively, you can give yourself a break from pots, pans, and hot oil to order in. Perhaps you’ve been craving a dish you can’t readily prepare at home or expose your palette to something a little more exotic. 

Whatever you please, Uber Eats can provide!

Backyard Makeover

Some working moms spend their free time, well, working. If your definition of unwinding is immersing yourself in a project, why not divvy up your garden? 

If your budget allows for it, refreshing patio furniture can give your home a visual boost and make for a cathartic experience. Do you love a vibrant outdoor living space? Try color blocking your patio cushions or rug. 

On the other hand, a staycation may be the most appropriate opportunity for mothers with a green thumb to start growing a DIY herb garden. 

Fitness Retreat

Trailing behind rowdy toddlers and ticking off a never-ending task list can be physically exhausting. Still, revamping your exercise regime makes for a welcome staycation activity. 

Activities like online Zumba or at-home yoga are an excellent way to get your blood pumping and energy replenished. The latter, in particular, helps clear the mind and reduce instances of stress. Throw in a few other daily stress-relievers, and you’ll feel more rejuvenated than ever.  

If you don’t have a home gym, you can dedicate a space in your garage for some standard equipment or put together a miniature golf course in your backyard. 

Arts & Crafts

If you haven’t stretched your creative muscles in some time, you may want to get your olf brushes and paints out of the pantry. You’ll find no shortage of follow-along classes online for every medium you prefer. 

In-person learning isn’t off the table, either. You can book a one-day at-home workshop for anything from painting to pottery. 

Film Festival 

Let’s face it—you’ve probably seen too much of Peppa Pig or reruns of the same Marvel movies a hundred times over. So with your children at camp or at their grandparents’, it’s time to binge your longtime favorites—or discover something new. 

Grab a throw blanket, stay in your PJs, and hop onto the couch with a bowl of delicious cheese popcorn—you deserve it!

Tips for Planning Your Mom-Centric Staycation

Mom-centric staycations are a joy to experience but require some planning. But, with these tips in your pocket, you can make the most of a single weekend. 

Set Your Budget

If you’ve got it, spend it—you deserve it. Self-care is an investment that demonstrates long-term results. Still, moms on tight budgets can brainstorm inexpensive ways to pamper themselves. 

If Mother’s Day is approaching, why not request a luxury staycation as a gift? Or else you and your loved ones can split the bill. 

If you’re treating yourself to material gifts, take advantage of sales or buy-one-get-one deals on deliveries. Otherwise, you can DIY self-care goodies like essential oil roll-ons, candles, and delicious meals.

Plan Your Itinerary

A little bit of planning can go a long way. While sleep and relaxation are an obvious priority when it comes to a staycation, you run the risk of becoming idle.

Your staycation should be as enriching as possible. Giving your day some structure can help keep your mind and body expectant and anticipating. Plus, you can always shift your priorities. After all, the day is about you. 

Get the House to Yourself

it can be challenging to feel like you’re on vacation with rambunctious kids in the house. If you’ve been deprived of quiet time, jump on the opportunity to park your kids with a family member or trusted friend—you never know when you’ll get another weekend to yourself!

Go on a Social Media Break 

As much as possible, limit your screen time. While it may be tempting to spend hours scrolling through Facebook or Twitter, you won’t really be doing anything to nurture your well-being. 

Overconsumption of media can make you feel aggravated or psychologically distressed—and it might keep you up at night. Instead, replace hours on social media with a book, crochet kit, or easel. Getting tactile can be more inspiring than you think!

The Bottom Line

Some working mothers don’t receive the appreciation they deserve. While it comes with its rewards, there are many things mothers don’t divulge for the sake of staying positive—so don’t hesitate to give yourself the break you deserve. 

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