Best Subscription Boxes for Kids Deliver Games, Crafts and Educational Toys, Straight To Your Door

Best Subscription Boxes for Kids Deliver Games, Crafts and Educational Toys, Straight To Your Door

These days you can sign up for subscription boxes focused on all kinds of goodies. They’re a hassle-free way to treat yourself and others without needing to leave the house or remember to order. They also make great gifts, especially when you’re not able to see your friends or family face to face. Among making sure your pets’ treats and toys are in the mail and your favorite aftershave-of-the-month is on its way, you don’t want to forget about the little ones. Luckily, the best subscription boxes for kids are in abundance, with subjects and activities to suit all.

Perhaps you’re already counting down the days until your next selection of delicious wines, box of snacks or adventure gear is delivered to your doorstep. Or, maybe you’re new to the idea of subscription boxes. Either way, to be the best parents, you want to make sure your children are in line to receive one of the best subscription boxes for kids.

There is a huge range of subscription boxes for kids, so we’ve pulled together the following tips to help you choose the best based on age range: 

  • 0-2 years – The earliest years of life are best spent reaching, squeezing, looking and cuddling. If your child is under two years old, look for a subscription box that focuses on bright colors, multiple textures and extremely child-safe products. 
  • 2-4 years – As sentences begin to form and communication becomes a little more exciting, these years are a great time to encourage books with words, activities with photo instructions and games which require social play. 
  • 5-8 years – Exploring, talking, reading and coloring are all top of the list for five to eight-year-olds, which is why the Little Passports World Edition Subscription Box is a great choice for them. Also, consider the We Craft Box which provides multiple creative activities every month. 
  • 8+ years – Your kid’s personality will be more prominent by the time they hit eight years old, and no doubt they’ll be more independent than ever. It’s likely they’ll make it clear to you the types of games, clothes and hobbies they want to spend their time on and who they want to spend their time with. At this age and above is when detailed educational boxes, such as the Mel Science Kids Subscription Box and the Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box for Kids are best. 

You’ll find most subscription boxes for kids have a lower price tag when you sign up for more than one month. They’re usually available to order on a monthly, quarterly, half-year or full-year basis and can be canceled at any time, unless you have committed to longer at the point of purchase. 

Below, you’ll find 10 of the best subscription boxes for kids to help you cut out hours spent surfing when you could be playing hide and seek or reading bedtime stories instead. There are boxes to suit ages zero to eight-plus per the guidance above, all of which are bound to bring a smile with every monthly delivery date.


1. We Craft Box


The We Craft Box is a great subscription box for kids aged three to nine years old. Every box contains at least three prepared craft packs, which include all the materials (except scissors) needed for two people to make the chosen piece of art. Each month features an exciting new theme and photographic instructions are included to guide you through every step. If you see your kid spending too much time looking at screens, sign them up to We Craft Box.

subscription boxes for kids we craft box


2. Which Way USA Subscription Box


Travel across America from the comfort of your home with the Which Way USA Subscription Box. Although your kid won’t physically be in the different states, they’ll learn about them and their landmarks. Box one includes a 64-page journal and a key chain for collecting monthly license plate tags. After this, state-based activities and games will be delivered straight to your door each month along with two tags to attach to the collector keychain. This subscription box is a great way to travel and learn without spending money on tickets and accommodation.

subscription boxes for kids which way usa subscription box

Buy: Which Way USA Subscription Box $14.99


3. Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box


Start your little chef young with the Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box. Inspired by cuisines and cultures from around the world, each month is paired with a tasty theme, such as Cocina Latina, Harvest Party and Snowed Inn. Inside each box, you’ll find three illustrated recipe cards, at least one brand new kitchen tool as well as a grocery list with modifications to suit different dietary requirements.

subscription boxes for kids raddish kids cooking subscription box

Buy: Raddish Kids Cooking Subscription Box $24.00


4. Kiwi Co


With options to suit all ages, Kiwi Co Subscription Boxes can be customized to suit your kid. At the point of purchase, you input your child’s name and age prior to selecting the box which is best suited for them. Geography and culture, playing and learning, science and engineering are just a few of the many subjects on which Kiwi Co have based their boxes in order to provide educational, problem-solving activities for your kids to thrive on each month.

subscription boxes for kids kiwi co subscription box


5. Bookroo Subscription Box


Books are a brilliant source of learning for all ages, which is why the Bookroo Subscription Box offers products to suit age groups from both zero to three and two to six years old. When you confirm your subscription, you can decide whether you’d like to sign up for picture books suited to the younger age bracket or board books for slightly older kids. Alternatively, you can choose alternate months of each, which is great if you have multiple pairs of eyes that are ready to read.

bookroo subscription box


6. Little Passports World Edition Subscription Box


Travel far and wide without actually leaving the house with the Little Passports World Edition Subscription Box. Each monthly delivery will bring a box of country-themed games, squishies and activities straight to your door. This subscription box for kids is a fantastic introduction to geography and is sure to have your kid dreaming of a future traveling to the places they learn about. The first box includes the iconic Little Passports blue suitcase, a passport to track their travels as well as a world map for marking where the subscription boxes adventure to month by month.

little paspports world edition

Buy: Little Passports World Edition Subscription Box $27.95


7. Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box


Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box for Kids is designed for children aged six to 12 years old and is an excellent welcome to the world of coding. It starts with the very basics and includes guidance for parents to follow as their kids learn the knowledge required to invent their own app. Monthly projects include video games, greeting cards, simulations and more. Founded by two former Google employees as well as a team of creatives dedicated to tech-based education for kids, this subscription box is a great way to encourage a love for coding from a young age.

bitsbox coding subscription box

Buy: Bitsbox Coding Subscription Box $29.95


8. Mel Science Kids Subscription Box


Gaining access to weekly, online science classes with experienced science professionals is one of the best features of the Mel Science Kids Subscription Box. Every month your kid will have a new, science-related model to build from scratch. Comic-book-style instructions are included as well as a booklet filled with coloring pages and games which encourage creativity and logical thinking.

mel science kids subscription box


9. Think Outside Boxes


Encourage outdoor play with Think Outside Boxes. Three to five pieces of exciting outdoor equipment are included with every order as well as water resistance activity cards, an educational booklet and creative challenges to get the whole family involved. Each month features a unique, nature-inspired theme, such as navigation, shelter building and stargazing for up to 12 months, after which the subscription will automatically cancel. However, if you need to call it quits earlier, then you can do so at any time. 

think outside boxes subscription


10. The Sensory Theraplay Box


The Sensory Theraplay Box was designed by a mother and occupational therapist who experienced the struggle of seeing her own children suffer development delays firsthand. She began to research toys and games which would support her children’s sensory development and build their confidence. Through this, The Sensory Theraplay Box was born, and you can now order a monthly supply of toys, gadgets and games which have been thoroughly vetted by parents to properly promote sensory learning.

sensory theraplay box monthly


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