Circle Time ABC Song

Circle Time ABC Song

Circle time is a great time to work on alphabet recognition and letter sounds.  And, this circle time ABC song does both.  Let’s get singing and learning.

alphabet song for circle time

Circle Time Alphabet Song

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Our song today is to the tune, “Where is Thumbkin?”

All you will need is a copy of the song and the letter cards.  See below for the free download.

Cut the ABC cards apart and laminate for durability if you choose.

ABC song

Have the students sit in a circle and give each student a letter card.

Introduce the song. While singing it each time, have the child holding the called letter, stand, run around the circle chanting the letter sound and then sit back in their spot.

ABC Books

Cirlce time is also a great time for a read aloud.  Try some of these alphabet books.

Backseat A-B-See  by Maria van LieshoutChildren will have kids be more observant on car trips and walks searching for letters and signs after getting hooked on this book.⁣ The black road background makes the signs and letters pop and the durability of the board book makes it good for lots of outings.⁣ And that tricky X is a breeze in this book. X is X-ing.⁣ (board book)

ABC Cats by Lesléa Newman covers cat antics and features from curious cats to worried cats. (board book)

The Olphabet by Jess Brallier is the story of the letter O. ⁣
O is tired of being in the middle of the alphabet and dreams about a different position. ⁣ Will O make a permanent move?⁣ (picture book)

You know it’s going to be silly just by the title- C Jumped Over Three Pots and a Pan and landed Smack in the Garbage Can! by Pamela Jane. Can the alphabet save C from the dump? (picture book)

books for children about the alphabet

Here are 26 more alphabet books on different themes/topics.—>26 ABC Books

Get the Printable ABC Song

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More Circle Time Resources

And, for more amazing circle time songs and chants, check out our 35 Circle Time Songs and Chants to Build Literacy Skills Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.

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Click here to grab Circle Time Songs/Chants Vol. 1 and Circle Time Songs/Chants Vol. 2.

Enjoy using this alphabet resource with your students.

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