Corn Cob Painting is a Simple Fun Art Activity for Toddlers

Corn Cob Painting is a Simple Fun Art Activity for Toddlers

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Get creative and messy with this simple corn painting art activity from Nicole at the bottom of this post! It combines art projects and sensory skills and you’re kids will love it.

Get creative and messy this fall with this simple and fun corn painting activity that combines art and sensory skills! You kids will love it.

Nicole Kirk is a stay home mom with 2 little kids. She has a 3 year old little boy and a 1 year old little girl.

Nicole was a classic first time mom, not knowing what to do with her kids other. She was stressed out all the time and had no feasibly good ideas for activities.

“Before The Activity Room, I was stressed all the time. I felt like I didn’t know how to be there for my kids. Logan was my first child. And I just felt like stressed out all the time. I didn’t know what to do with him besides play outside. I just didn’t know what to do with them. So it felt like we were kind of stuck in a limbo. And once I did find The Activity Room it felt like we were all happier and I actually got to know my kids. It was a blessing to find you guys.”

Nicole had 2 main struggles before The Activity Room. She felt overwhelmed with all the possibilities on Pinterest. And never had the right supplies on hand.

“I would find awesome activities online but I wouldn’t have the supplies to do them. Sometimes when I did go out and get the supplies for them, they were too advanced for my son. Then I would just feel kind of like let down. And I felt like I was letting my son down too because I wasn’t coming up with good things that he could do.”

Nicole was very discouraged as a mom. She felt like her kids were missing out but she didn’t know how she could improve things with her own knowhow.

But, these struggles are no longer a problem!

Nicole Found the Answer She Was Looking For

Nicole found out about a FREE 5 day challenge in The Activity Room through an online seminar she went to. She joined up and fell in love with activities!

“I had gone through those five days, and I was like, this is awesome, I kind of want to try it out. And see if I can actually do this with my kids for a longer term than just five days. So I started doing the month to month in the beginning. And then once I made it through a couple months, we signed up for the whole year.”

“I have a lot of favorite parts of my Room membership. I like that you have all the supplies spelled out for you at the beginning of each month, so you know exactly what to have on hand. And then you have all the details of how to do each activity. So it’s just kind of a no brainer. And my absolute favorite part is the support that I get from all the other moms and grandmas and the the women in my Accountability Group.”

Making Memories and Facilitating Learning Opportunities at the Same Time

Nicole has made friends in The Activity Room. She feels incredible support of other moms who are also trying to make the most of the time with their young kids.

“When I joined The Activity Room I wanted to have things to do with my kids. And, because we were in the start of the pandemic, it was really good to help teach them things because I couldn’t put them in school. So it was really good to be able to play with them and have fun things to do while learning at the same time.”

“I just really like to get to know my kids. It’s so much fun to spend time with them. And to see their smiles on their face when they do something fun or when they succeed at something. It makes me feel really good as a mom to see that. And before I couldn’t see that, I couldn’t get it together to do that for them. And when they clap for themselves, I love that!”

Join Nicole in the fun with a super simple sensory art activity of Corn Painting! She shares it with you at the end of this post!

Life has Changed

Joining The Activity Room hasn’t only changed play time for Nicole and her kids. It has changed their lives and who she feels she is as a mom.

“I would say that I’m less stressed. That’s how I would describe myself. I just feel happier all the time. I feel happier, so I guess I would say I’m more fun to be with and less stressed.”

“My biggest tip to all parents would be to be okay with the mess. Be okay with trying out new things, and just let your kids be kids. That’s all.”

“I just wanted to say that I’m really grateful to Jamie, and to everybody else, for all the love and support that you guys have given. That you guys share with everybody. It’s really amazing to know that I have friends out there that understand what I’m going through and are just very supportive.”

Let’s Meet Nicole

Nicole Kirk is in our Member Spotlight for September. She's a stay home mom with 2 little kids. She has a 3 year old boy and a 1 year old girl.
How many kids do you have and how old are they?

2 – my oldest is 3 and my youngest is 1

Why do you love doing activities with your kids?

I love feeling close to them. They are my world and I want them to see that everyday.

How long have you been in The Activity Room?

November 2020

What is your favorite activity you’ve done in The Activity Room?

There was one weekend that there was a dance party on the calendar. We loved it! Ever since then we try to dance a little each day, even if just for a few minutes. I find that everyone is usually happier throughout the day when we do.

(Nicole shares her very own corn painting art activity below too. You don’t want to miss it!)

What’s your favorite thing to do with your kids when you get a few moments?

Dance like nobody is watching

What’s your best tip for doing activities with your kids?

First, be open to trying new activities that may be out of your comfort zone. Secondly, be flexible with your activities. My kids are not always into doing a planned activity so I sometimes have to get creative on a whim.

If you were to tell a friend about The Activity Room, what would you say to them?

The activity room has been a life saver for my family and I.

Before the activity room I felt lost as to what to do with my kids. I had always searched online for things to do with them and found some great ideas but I wouldn’t follow through with them. That’s mostly because I didn’t have the supplies on hand and by the time I could make it to the store I would have long forgotten about that activity. If I actually did get around to do the activity I would soon find out that it was too advanced for them and that would frustrate me to the core. It might sound crazy but it seemed like I kept failing them which made me feel like a failure as a mother. It was just an endless cycle of failed attempts and frustrations.

With the activity room I feel more organized, happy, and just a better mom for my two kids. Now that I have the supplies, resources, support and activity experience, I feel that I can be more creative.

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Corn Cob Painting Art Activity for Kids:

I like to let my kids get a little messy with art so we did a corn painting activity.

What You Need for Corn Painting Art Activity:

  • Uncooked corn on the cob
  • Paper or styrofoam plates
  • Large piece of butcher paper or paper roll
  • Fall colored paints
  • Painters tape
Get creative and messy this fall with this simple and fun corn painting activity that combines art and sensory skills! You kids will love it.

Setting up A Corn Painting Art Activity for Kids

First I peeled the husks off of the corn.

Next, I covered our kitchen table with a large piece of paper roll.

Finally I poured different fall colored paints into paper plates.

This way the paint could spread out enough for the corn cobs surfaces to get covered.

I just let them roll the corn in some paint and then roll it on a sheet of butcher paper.

We chose fall colors for the fall season but any colors would work wonderfully.

I really like using washable paint too.

It makes clean up a breeze and takes the stress out of the mess!

Make Fall Art with Corn Painting Activity for Kids

Get creative and messy this fall with this simple and fun corn painting activity that combines art and sensory skills! You kids will love it.

I thought that this was a great sensory art activity for them!

Because they could practice rolling and really get the feel of the bumps on the corn and feel the squish of the paint between their fingers.

Parent Tip: For those of you that have littles that prefer not to get dirty, you could attach corn holders to keep from getting too much paint on their hands. Or even skewers would work for sensory averted kids.

My kids absolutely loved this corn painting activity!

This simple fall corn painting activity combines art projects and sensory skills and you’re kids will love it. Plus you can use it to decorate for thanksgiving!

My daughter tried to eat the corn.

This simple fall corn painting activity combines art projects and sensory skills and you’re kids will love it. Plus you can use it to decorate for thanksgiving!

Of course, that would be expected.

Logan just had so much fun rolling it around.

The results of this fall art activity are perfect for thanksgiving decorating!

Why not use this as a backdrop for other thanksgiving crafts!

Or even use this as a tablecloth for your own thanksgiving dinner.

Even my husband got in on it. Which was really surprising. Just because it’s kind of a messy one.

This simple fall art activity is perfect for the whole family to do together this thanksgiving season!

He’s been getting a lot better (with messy activities) since we have been a part of the activity room for a while now.

He’s kind of gotten used to the messes now. I keep explaining to him. It’s okay, we can clean it up. It’s not a huge deal if they make a mess.

Sometimes he still freaks out a little bit. I try to involve him as much as possible on these activities.

And, when we were doing the corn painting, he was like, “I want to try. I haven’t painted with corn before.”

The corn art was just fun. The process was messy. Everybody was laughing and, it was just a good time.

Craft Idea for the Left Over Corn Husks after Painting

Now we couldn’t let the corn husks go unused so we made a pinecone corn craft next.

We had pinecones left over from last Christmas so we brought those out.

With a little color sorting we were able to find all the fall colored pompoms.

We used those pompoms to fill the gaps of the pinecone to resemble corn.

Once they finished filling all the gaps I had to help with attaching the husks to the top of the pine cone.

I used a hot glue gun to attach them to resemble peeled corn.

If you don’t have husks because you just want to try this activity and skipped the corn painting art, don’t fret!

You could get a little creative by using raffia, shredded paper, or really anything that has a husk like look.

Final thoughts from Nicole:

My daughter was born 4 weeks early. Due to complications in the delivery room she was experiencing some developmental delays from a head trauma that occurred during delivery.

We started seeing a physical therapist from Early Intervention. We told her about The Activity Room and about some of the activities that we had been doing with her.

Her physical therapist was so pleased with the work that we had been doing with her.

She really only needed to see her to make sure that she was progressing because we were already doing everything that she would have wanted us to do.

Now my daughter is a year old and they just gave us the good news that she is hitting all her marks and no longer requires physical therapy.

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