Creative Thinking and Drawing

Creative Thinking and Drawing

Creative Drawing Printables

We have a printable pack in our store to help you encourage creative thinking within your students. We would love to help you understand the pack better here on the blog by showing it to you in more detail. From these ideas we show you here you may develop your own activities for your classroom or if you are looking for a fast-prep solution you can print out our pages!

This pack includes 20 'draw more' activity pages. Students will finish each drawing by using their imagination and ideas. We do hope your little learners love completing these art projects. Use them as an art warm-up or stimulus for writing. Ask your students to write a story following their creative thinking time!

Creative Drawing

Included are 20 projects:
  1. draw more leaves and bugs
  2. finish the snail trail
  3. draw more spiders
  4. turn the circles into anything
  5. draw what is in the jars
  6. draw more clouds in the sky
  7. draw yourself in the photo frame
  8. draw more birds in the tree
  9. turn the squares into anything
  10. add toppings to the pizza
  11. add spots on the bugs
  12. draw details on the house
  13. draw peoples' faces
  14. draw more sea creatures
  15. draw what else is on the hill
  16. draw more details on the robot
  17. draw the rest of the robot
  18. draw patterns on the leaves
  19. draw the rest of the garden
  20. draw squares in squares
As you implement these activities in your learning program:
  • show the students the page they will complete
  • talk about your expectations - how much time you are allowing, what materials the students cab use, how much detail you expect
  • model an example of your expectation by 'drawing more' yourself
  • talk as you complete the page, modelling for the students persistence, creative thinking, generating ideas through self-talk and creative risk-taking 
Here is a close up of some of the pages:

Turn these squares into anything you choose!

Add toppings to the pizza

Draw the details on the house

Draw some people

Draw what else is on the hill

Draw more detail on the robots

Draw patterns on the leaves

Draw the rest of the graden

Finish the snail trail 

If you would like to buy the printable pages, pop over to our TpT store HERE

Creative Thinking
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