Does My Husband Love Me (18 Signs To Confirm)

Does My Husband Love Me (18 Signs To Confirm)

Do you feel like your husband doesn’t love you as he used to? Do you ask yourself if the man of your dreams is loving you or has moved on? Are there moments when you doubt if he is still in love with you or if he secretly seeks a divorce? You may have All these questions right now, especially if you have been married for a few years. However, this may not be true.

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According to relationship experts, a healthy relationship starts with excitement from the newfound love. As a result, the body produces dopamine, the neurotransmitter responsible for pleasure. However, the excitement fades with time and could result in quiet love. If your relationship has reached this stage, you may have this question, “Does my husband love me?”

If you are not sure if your husband is still in love with you, keep reading the article for 18 signs that he loves you ;

💖 18 Signs to confirm- “Does My Husband Love Me” 💖

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All women dream of having a loving husband. But sometimes, married couples experience doubts and uncertainties regarding their relationship status. If you are unsure if your husband loves you or not, look out for the following signs that he loves you;

1. He Displays Little Signs Of Affection

It may be hard to notice, but the little signs matter significantly in a relationship. Whether it’s just a little “I love you” or hugs and kisses on your forehead, the little signs indicate that your husband cares about you even though he isn’t verbal about it.

If he can’t help but take your hand when watching TV on a couch or having a conversation, it’s a good sign that your husband loves you. Subtle signs of affection strengthen love bonds and make relationships more emotionally stable.

2. He Cheers You Up When You Are Sad

If your husband tries to cheer you up when you are down, it’s an obvious sign that he is still in love. According to research, the high testosterone levels in men trigger them to protect the women they love.

Whether it’s through words of reassurance or listening to your concerns, a  husband who loves you will not want to see you hurt. Instead, he will do anything to see your mood brighten up again.

3. He Is protective

Men have a natural protective instinct over their women. If your husband is always willing to protect you, it’s a sign that he loves you. A man who truly loves you will protect you from his family, friends, or even bad bosses. According to relationship psychologists, men want to be heroes to the women they love. As a result, your husband will do anything to protect you from physical or emotional harm if he loves you.

4. He Has Unwavering Support For You

Your husband will always support you if he loves you. If your husband is always willing to support you physically, financially, or emotionally, it means that he cares about you. He cares about your dreams and aspirations, and he is always willing to cheer you on to achieve greater heights.

If he supports your decisions, it means that your happiness is essential to him. He would not think twice about helping you with grocery shopping or taking care of kids so that you can spare some time for yourself.

5. He Seeks Your Advice

Does your husband ask for your advice before making important decisions in his life? If he does, there is no doubt that he loves you. It means he values your contribution in his life, and he trusts you. In addition, he values you as a long-term partner and knows how some decisions can affect your lives. When a man loves you, he is willing to share his innermost thoughts, fears, and secrets because he knows that you will support him.

6. You Are A Part Of His Future

If your partner talks or plans about the future for both of you, then it’s a sign that he is still in love. It means that he looks forward to spending his future years with you. If he constantly uses “us” instead of “I,” it means that he values your marriage and is committed to a long-term relationship with you. But if your husband plans about his future without you in the picture, it’s a bad sign that he has lost interest in the marriage and maybe falling out of love with you.

7. He Compliments You

If your husband notices a new dress or a new hairdo and compliments you for it, it’s a sign that he loves you. When you have been married for a long period, your partner may no longer notice some things. But if he notices every detail and compliments you for it, it means he pays close attention. Small efforts to compliment you indicate that your husband loves and appreciates your efforts.

8. You Are His First Priority

Does your husband put your needs before his? If he does, it means he loves you. If he is willing to skip a boys’ night out to spend quality time with you, it means that you are his priority. When a man loves you, he will do anything to spend time with you, even if it means skipping his favorite football match. A husband who loves you will prioritize strengthening your physical and emotional connection and spice up your marriage.

9. He Is Always Looks Forward To Planning A Date Night

For any marriage to work, both partners must be willing to spend their time and effort. If your husband always plans date nights, it means he is willing to make your marriage work. To him, spending time with you matters. He is always looking forward to having quality time around you because you are the only person that matters to his life.

10. He Is Interested In Your Life

If your husband is always interested in everything that happens in your life, it’s a sign that he loves you. If he is always looking forward to knowing how your day was either through phone calls or evening chats, it shows that he is interested in you as his marriage partner.

In the early days of your marriage, your husband’s interest in your life demonstrates that he wants to know you better. He wants to know and remember every detail in your life because he looks forward to spending the rest of his life with you.

11. He Compromises

Have you ever argued with your husband and let you win even though you were wrong? If your husband loves you, he will let you win an argument because he doesn’t want to see you hurt.  Your husband will try to fix any misunderstandings between you because he wants to spend time loving you, not arguing with you.

He will let you choose your favorite restaurant for dinner because he wants to see you smile all the time. So if you notice this sign in your husband, you should also be willing to compromise to have a happy marriage.

12. He Gets Jealous (Sometimes)

If your husband gets jealous when he sees you with another man, it’s a sign that he is still head over heels in love with you.No one wants to lose the people they love. He cannot stand the thought that another man may be falling in love with you.

13. You Get All His Attention

When out on a date, your husband will not allow anything to distract him if he loves you. He will keep his phone away so that he can talk to you. If a man gives you all his attention, it means that you are essential to him. He will make time out of his busy schedule just to be with you. He will not pay attention to other women because he loves and respects you.

14. He Gives You Thoughtful Gifts

Giving and receiving gifts may seem normal in any relationship, but it makes a significant difference. If your husband gifts you with something that you love, it means he has taken time to know you. For example, if he gifts you a massage and spa treatment after a long day at work, it means he truly loves you.  It is not about receiving gifts with a high monetary value but thoughtfully picked gifts that demonstrate true love.

15. He Spices Things Up In The Bedroom

Physical intimacy is crucial in any marriage. It promotes the emotional connection between two partners and strengthens their bond. If your husband spices up things in the bedroom by suggesting different sex styles, it is a sign that he is still in love. He wants to make your sex life enjoyable because he is looking forward to a happy life together.

16. He Is Proud Of You

If your husband constantly reminds you of how proud he is of you, it is a subtle sign that he loves you. Even if he doesn’t say it, you will see it through his actions. If he can’t let go of your hand in public, it means he is proud of you as his wife. A husband who loves you will not shy from showing you off to his friends and family and celebrating your small wins.

17. He Misses You When You Are Not Around

Does your husband miss you when you are away, or he sees it as an opportunity to hang out with his friends? If your husband loves you, he will always miss you. He will keep you on long phone calls just to hear your voice. He will look forward to waking up next to you each day of his life. Your husband will want to come home early because he wants to spend quality time with you.

18. Everything He Does Suggest That He Loves You

If everything your husband does suggests that he loves you, then you need not worry. He may not be verbal about it, but you can always tell that he is in love. If he holds you or looks at you in a way that suggests he loves you, then you have found your answer. We are unique in our ways, and we express love differently. Your husband may not tell you, but it does mean that he doesn’t love you. You should know your man’s true feelings by paying attention to his body language and the little things he does.

💔 Signs your husband isn’t in love with you 💔

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If you are in love with your husband but you are not sure if he loves you back lookout for the following signs that he is not in love with you anymore;

∎ He Is No longer Affectionate

If you notice a change in your husband’s affection towards you, it may be a bad sign that he falls out of love. You will know if he stops being physically or verbally affectionate to you like he used to. If he has stopped saying “I love you” or says it without meaning it, it’s a sign that he has lost interest in you.

Maybe you used to have frequent sex, but your husband shows complete disinterest. In this case, he may have fallen out of love with you. Also, if having sex with him feels different, it may be a sign that all is not well.

∎ He Wants to Spend Time Away From You

If your husband suddenly likes spending all his time alone at home or away, it may be a sign that he is not in love with you anymore. We naturally like spending time near the people we love. If your husband no longer wants to spend time with you, he may find pleasure elsewhere.

He suddenly wants to spend his free time doing his new hobby or with his best friend because he doesn’t enjoy being around you anymore. Also, you may notice that he excludes you from his plans because he wants an excuse to stay away from you.

Do you sometimes feel like he’s ignoring you? Just make this simple adjustment and notice how often he starts texting you just to see how you’re doing. He’ll start to obsessively check his phone no matter how “busy” he is. Because those little moments will be the most exciting part of his day. Learn more and CHECK THIS OUT!

∎ He Has Stopped Communicating

Communication is essential in any healthy relationship. If your husband longer wants to have a direct conversation with you, it means he is drifting away from you.

Maybe you used to have lengthy conversations about your marriage, but he seems not interested anymore. In this case, he may be avoiding you.

Although it’s normal to feel less verbal when passing through rough patches in life, it’s not normal for your husband to be uninterested in every conversation.

∎ He Becomes Secretive

If your husband suddenly becomes more private, it may mean he is no longer in love. Healthy relationships thrive when both partners are open to each other. If he no longer shares his opinions and fears with you, he may have stopped trusting you.

Married couples should be able to count on each other for support. But if you lack this in your marriage, it could mean that he has fallen out of love with you.

∎ He Is No Longer Interested In Sustaining A Healthy Relationship

Two partners must be committed to maintaining a healthy relationship by putting in time and effort. So, if your husband no longer shows interest in salvaging your relationship, he may have had enough. If he avoids talking about your marital status and doesn’t care to know how you feel about it, it’s a sign that he is not willing to fight for your marriage.

✦ Signs you’re in an unhappy marriage ✦

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Are you in an unhappy marriage? It may be hard to tell at the beginning. But it may also start to make itself evident over time. Things can change drastically if you are in an unhappy marriage. You want to end it, but how do you know if you are in an unhappy marriage? The Following are five obvious signs that you are in an unhappy marriage;

❣ You No Longer Have Sex

Physical and emotional intimacy keeps any marriage healthy and romantic. You may not have sex all the time, but if your sex life changes from frequent to once every few months, you are bound to feel emotionally distracted from each other. On the other hand, having sex creates an emotional connection between partners leading to happy marriages.

❣ You Think About Divorce

If you constantly think about a life without your partner or with a different partner, it’s a sign that you are not happy in your marriage. It means that you no longer fancy the things you liked in your partner. Thinking about getting a divorce means you are okay about living without them.

❣  You Lead Separate Lives

If you are stuck in a marriage where you can’t leave, it’s an indication that you are unhappy. If you live in the same house but lead separate lives, it may be time to seek professional advice from a marriage counselor.

A happy marriage should be based on open communication between partners. If you no longer have anything in common, you no longer enjoy each other’s company, which is necessary for a happy marriage.

❣ You Are Insecure

Being uncertain about the status of your union is an indication of an unhappy marriage. If you feel uncomfortable and anxious about your marriage, it indicates that everything is not correct. Insecurities and doubts in marriages steal joy and cause unhappiness.

❣ There Is No Tolerance In Your Marriage

Lack of tolerance is an indication of an unhappy marriage. If you get irritated by everything your partner does, there is a high chance that your emotions are beginning to drift apart. If your relationship has reached this stage, you need to reevaluate yourself and identify the problem’s root cause.

🤔 Questions to Ask Your Husband About Your Marriage 🤔

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Remember the days when you were dating. You probably used to talk for extended periods because you couldn’t get enough of each other. Then, when you finally got married, responsibilities kicked in, and before you knew it, you had two kids in tow. So now, you only talk about general stuff like work and kids.

If you want to reminiscence your love story by getting to know each other again, asking questions could be a great way to get started. If you have already set the date, here are five top questions to ask your husband about your marriage;

☑  What Do You Like About Our Marriage?

This is a great question to start your date night. But, first, let your husband tell you specific things he likes about being married to you. You could also take a moment to talk about things you like about your marriage.

☑ What Was Your Perception About Marriage When You Were Young?

We all have different views about marriage, depending on our backgrounds and upbringing. Some people were raised to think that marriage is a bed of roses, while others were raised to think of marriage as a bed of thorns. Let your husband talk about his expectations and make it fun by talking about yours.

☑ What Is Your Worst Fear In life

Our expectations and fears change as we progress in life. You may not know some of your husband’s fears as he may not know yours. Use the moment to know each other by stating your fears and helping each other to overcome them.

☑ What Do You Like About Me And Why?

Let your husband describe the things he likes about you. He may talk about physical traits like a big bum or sexy eyes but let him state the personal traits he likes about you. Then, use the moment to state the things you like about him too.

☑ What Do You Find So Annoying About Me?

Everyone has their positive and negative sides. So, take it easy on this one, and don’t spoil the fun. Instead, let your husband tell you about your most annoying habits, and don’t take it the wrong way. Be open-minded about this question because you need to change.

💞 How to Reconnect With Your Spouse 💞

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Because of the fast pace of everyday life and the work we put into our careers, we might find ourselves neglecting our families and marriages. When you feel like your relationship and marriage have hit a dead end, don’t give up. There are ways to easily change your situation so that you can make your connection strong;

✅ Take Classes Together

Learning something together is an excellent way of reconnecting with your spouse. For example, if you lose connection due to constant fighting, you can direct the energy to learn new and fun activities together. In addition, physical activities cause the body to release endorphins, the feel-good hormones that could promote emotional reconnection with your spouse.

✅ Appreciate Each Other

If your resentment caused the emotional drift in your relationship, appreciating each other might do the trick. You can start by writing each other weekly “thank you” notes to show how much you appreciate each other. Put the notes in strategic places like the fridge door or your partner’s pillow or lunch bag. Next, write all the positive things your partner has done in the past week and tell them that you look forward to a new week of appreciation.

✅ Ask Insightful Questions

Asking your partner insightful questions about your marriage is an excellent way of reestablishing emotional reconnection. It helps bring back memories of your dating days, and it’s a way of getting to know each other again.

Questions like “What things do I do that you like?” or “How do you express your love for me?” will help you know each other and avoid things that could cause an emotional disconnect.

✅ Have More Sex

Lack of sex can cause partners to drift emotionally apart. If sex is the cause of your disconnect, increase the number of times you have sex. Trying to spice things up by playing bedroom games to turn each other on and have lots of foreplay to prepare each other for great sex. Try to be creative in your sex life by surprising each other and trying sex in different environments.

✅ Get Away

Sometimes we get carried away by our busy work schedules and taking care of kids that we hardly get time to show more affection to our partners. You can reconnect with your spouse by taking time off to spend quality time with your partner.

Get someone to take care of your kids for a few days, get away on vacation, and try to mend things up. Take your spouse on a night out or romantic dinner and get them to reconnect with you.

😔 Signs He’s Unhappy in Your Marriage 😔

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There are various ways to know if your husband is unhappy in your marriage. You can listen to his words or read between the lines. But there are clear signs too. If you can pick them early, you can save the situation and avoid separation and divorce.

If you suspect that your husband is unhappy but you arent sure, look for the following signs that your husband isn’t happy in your marriage;

➢ He Becomes Emotionally Unavailable

If your husband suddenly becomes emotionally withdrawn, it could be a red flag that he is unhappy in your marriage. Likewise, sudden changes in your husband’s emotional patterns could be an indication that he is unhappy. For example, if he no longer shares anything with you or cares about your feelings, it means he’s sharing with another person.

➢ He Is Not Interested In Sex

If your husband avoids touching or kissing you, it could mean he is not interested in sex. Although stress can cause a lack of interest in sex, you will know if he suddenly starts avoiding hugs and cuddles and rejects your sexual advances.

➢ He Doesn’t Care About His Looks

When he doesn’t care about his physical appearance, especially when going out, it indicates that he’s unhappy. If he avoids obvious things like brushing his teeth or combing his hair, he could be doing it to avoid getting intimate with you.

➢ He Gets Uncomfortable around Happy Couples

If he can’t stand seeing a happy couple, it’s clear that he is unhappy in the marriage. The sight of a happy couple could be piling pressure on him to step up, yet he is not ready to do it with you.

➢ He Is No Longer Present

If he prefers spending all his free time away from you, it means he’s no longer happy around you. He could hide behind his hobbies to get away from you or use family time to do other things.

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💕 Can my husband fall in love with me again? 💕

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You can’t force your husband to fall in love with you, but you can draw his attention back to you. Many people think about changing their physical appearance, but what is important is improving your physical well-being, self-confidence, and self-esteem. You can draw your husband’s attention to you by giving him space and seeing a counselor for a professional opinion regarding your relationship.

Evaluate your behavior and deal with past issues that could have caused your husband to drift away, such as a nagging wife. After evaluating your behavior, strive to change the areas you need to get your husband to fall in love again.

⚱ When should you walk away from your marriage? ⚱

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When you pass through challenges in your marriage, you may want to hold on, hoping that things will work. But how long is too long? When is the right time to wall away? For example, if your partner has cheated on you or is abusive, it’s time to walk away.

Also, if you have nothing in common or your partner is battling severe drug addiction, it is okay to walk away for the sake of your sanity. However, if all you do is fight with your partner, it might bring bitterness and resentment that is not good for any marriage.

🧐 Conclusions 🧐

Men are naturally less verbal than women. As a result, your husband may not tell you that he loves you, but you can know it if he shows any of the 18 signs. He may not show all of them, but your instincts will tell if your husband loves you or not. We all have different ways of showing love, and therefore, you should not judge your partner based on your assumptions. If you genuinely feel that he doesn’t love you anymore, ask him to reveal his true feelings.

🤔 FAQs 🤔

➮ Why do husbands leave sick wives?

Unlike women, men are not natural caregivers. As a result, when their wives get sick, they cannot handle the burden of taking care of their sick wives, opting to leave them.

➮ How can you make your husband miss you?

If you are currently separated or feel like your husband no longer misses you, you can start by giving him space to figure things out. In the meantime, get something to do like going out with friends and limit contacts with him. Also, don’t be too available for him. Instead, make him wait before answering his calls and replying to his texts.

➮ Why are wives unhappy in marriage?

Wives get unhappy in marriage if there is no communication and intimacy from their partners. Also, if their partners neglect their physical and emotional needs or lack financial support from their partners.

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