Easter Egg Ideas Perfect for Preschoolers

Easter Egg Ideas Perfect for Preschoolers

If you haven’t ventured beyond the packaged dyes, check out these Easter egg ideas for a fresh take on the tradition. And be sure to bookmark my collection of Easter activities for toddlers and preschoolers so you have plenty of Easter ideas at your fingertips!

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Easter might just be the most creative holiday for kids, with Easter egg decorating topping the list of fun activities. So if you’re looking for some new Easter egg ideas, you’ve come to the right place! I’ve gathered some of the most creative ways you and the kids can decorate your eggs.

Easter Egg Ideas

Break out the eggs and get creative with your kids! These Easter egg decorating ideas range from neat to messy, simple to wildly colorful, but they all allow for hands-on arty fun.

Wondering what your kids will be learning? A whole lot of hand eye coordination, manual dexterity, creative thinking, and problem solving to name a few things. But really, we just enjoy the fact that we get to spend time together and have fun with these Easter egg ideas!

Easter Egg Painting

Easter eggs make the perfect canvas for these sweet egg painting ideas. Grab your paints and have some colorful fun with the kids!

collage of 3 easter egg decorating ideas for preschool children - painted and markers

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This egg painting project is a perfect way to combine process art with Easter eggs. If you use the suggested craft eggs, they will last for years.

Jazz up some brown eggs with this simple egg craft idea that can be adapted to any type of egg.

Learn how to paint wooden eggs with this 2-part egg painting idea using Sharpies and watercolors.

collage of 4 easter egg decorating ideas for preschoolers - glow in the dark, painted, tie dyed

Why not make some tie dyed eggs!? Your kids will love the process, and the end results look beautiful.

Paint Easter eggs in a bag with this fantastic mess-free egg painting project! This is a great way to practice color mixing as well.

Liquid watercolors look good on pretty much any surface, and they are colorful and vibrant on these liquid watercolor decorated eggs. We’ve used this method for many years. The kids love it each time!

For a super exciting Easter egg painting idea, try using glow paint! Find the tutorial and ideas for glowing Easter eggs here.

collage of 3 easter egg decorating ideas for kids - galaxy painted, drip painted, and paint markers

These galaxy Easter eggs are out of this world! (I couldn’t resist.) But really, I’m sure your kids will have a blast painting beautiful galaxies on their eggs.

Drip dyed eggs use the regular old dyes or food coloring you’d usually, but in a totally different way. Also be sure to notice the clever little set up for resting the eggs on while they dry!

Paint pens are a low-mess way to get the paint look with the ease of a marker. So why not give paint pen Easter egg decorating a go this spring?

Easter Egg Decorating

Egg decorating doesn’t stop with paints and dyes. Better grab an extra dozen eggs while you’re at the store, as these Easter egg ideas will keep the kids going back for more.

collage of 3 easter egg decorating ideas for preschoolers - chalkboard paint, letters, and crayons

If you’ve tried crayon resist on Easter eggs, these melted crayon Easter eggs takes the ideas to a new level! This is another idea we’ve loved over the years.

Learn how to create egg chalkboards with your kids using this cool Easter egg idea. They can draw and re-draw to their heart’s content.

Not only are these alphabet eggs simple to make, preschoolers will get to work with letters.

collage of 3 easter egg decorating ideas for preschoolers - sticker resist, marbleizing, and temporary tattoos

Kids will jump at any chance to use stickers, so these sticker resist Easter eggs are an egg-cellent opportunity for them to learn a new decorating technique.

If you’ve never tried to marbleize Easter eggs, I highly recommend it. Kids are mesmerized by the process, and the eggs turn out gorgeous!

Cute, and mess-free, these tattoo Easter eggs are a fantastic idea.

collage of 4 easter egg decorating ideas for kids - dots, washi tape, confetti

Part science, part craft, these volcano dyed Easter eggs give you the most vibrant and colorful results. This is another of our most favorite Easter egg ideas. I cannot even tell you how many eggs we made this way. I highly recommend it!

Washi tape is the hero craft supply here. Your kids will love making washi tape Easter eggs, and there are lots of washi-egg ideas here.

Confetti Easter eggs are everything you’d expect them to be: colorful, festive, with lots of little bright bits of confetti all over them! It’s a great 2-step Easter egg activity for the wee ones.

These easy spotty eggs are quick to make, yet still fun for preschoolers. And the kids will still get bright, beautiful eggs.

What to Put in Easter Eggs Besides Candy?

Since we’re chatting Easter egg ideas, I thought I’d share some egg filler suggestions with you. These are great if you’re charged with running an egg hunt or have been tasked with filling up plastic Easter eggs for the kids.

While I love chocolate, I’m sharing some Easter egg fillers that aren’t candy. Of course you can definitely add candy to your plastic Easter eggs! But sometimes we want some other ideas, right? Especially for younger kids or when handling a variety of allergy concerns.

Here are some non-candy food ideas:

  • Raisins
  • Pretzels
  • Animal crackers
  • Dry cereal
  • Snack crackers
  • Gum

And here are some ideas that aren’t food-related at all:

Of course, what you end up putting in the eggs is dependent on the children’s ages, as well as your own preferences. You’ll also want to take into account the size of the eggs you’re using. And be sure to check if there are any rules about what to put in Easter eggs if it’s a school or community event.

Done-For-You Preschool Resources

Below you’ll find two ready-to-go lesson plan sets, as well as one roll and count math pack. All would be perfect to use at Easter time with the preschoolers, right alongside all of the Easter egg ideas shared above!

The lesson plan packs come with completed, printable lesson plans full of hands-on learning activities for preschool children. They both include book suggestions, whole group activities, small group activities, center ideas, and coordinating printables to use with your kids.

The Easter roll and count math pack has 16 differentiated game mats and 9 print-and-assemble math cubes. These games are great for preschool through early elementary.

Click on the photos for more information:

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Easter lesson plans
Easter Lesson Plans
Easter roll and color math
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