Free I Like Winter Printable Book

Free I Like Winter Printable Book

Use this winter printable book to start a conversation with your students about their favorite parts of the season. It’s a great addition to your winter activities for preschoolers.

Grab your own copy of the free winter printable book at the very bottom of this post.

Winter emergent reader open to show illustrations of children doing winter activities. Copy reads: Winter printable book

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Kids get a thrill out of making their own books, especially when they begin to tackle letters and words. Creating their very own books is pretty cool! In fact, they will probably enjoy keeping their own printable books together in a little personal library. So feel free to print out more free printable books to use with your students.

With this book, you get 2 versions: one has the words all typed out, and the other has spaces for kids to write in the word “like”.

covers of 2 copies of a free printable winter book with the title

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Winter Printable Book

This is a simple reader, but you can use it in so many ways! Besides practicing the word, “like”, kids can:

  • Color in the illustrations
  • Point out letters they see and count them
  • Search for the word “winter”
  • Look for other words they recognize
  • Discuss which winter activities from the book they like or dislike
  • Act out winter activities together (how about a pretend hot cocoa tea party, or a pompom snowball fight!)

What else can you come up with? Let me know how you use printable books with your students.

2 versions of a winter emergent reader for preschoolers - one with blanks for practicing writing, and the other printed

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Materials For the Winter Book

The beauty of printable emergent readers is that you don’t need many supplies to get them ready. All the work has been done for you, so you just have to print them out, staple them, and jump into exploring the book with your students.

Here are some of the supplies you can gather:

  • Winter printable books – (download your copy at the end of this post)
  • Printer
  • Stapler
  • Crayons (or colored pencils or markers)
  • Laminator (optional)

Assembling the Winter Emergent Reader

You have options here! If you want to make everything super simple, just print out your winter books, then fold and staple:

  • First, print the pages out.
  • Next, fold each page in half with the printed sides facing out. I tend to do all of the pages in the reader at once.
  • Then arrange the pages in the right order and staple along the left-hand side.

Check out this short video to see how I fold these readers:

Assemble one for each child and one for yourself, and then you can get right into the activity.

Sometimes with printable books, I will use a single hole punch down the left side and use small binder clips or cute ribbon to keep the pages together. Whatever works for you!

Preschooler's hand with black marker writing the word

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Using the Printable Winter Book With Kids

Now that you have all your books ready to go, the fun begins. There are different ways to use these printable books. First, you can have the children color the illustrations, and then you can model how to read the book. After that, encourage the children to point and read the book with you.

It’s fun to shake things up a bit with emergent readers, though! Here are some more ideas for using the winter book with your kids:

  • Ask them to point out words they know, or want to try on their own.
  • Discuss each winter activity with the kids, and give them a chance to say what they like or don’t like about each thing. Or let them tell a story about a winter experience they remember.
  • Read through the winter book a few times, and then see if the kids can read the book back to you. This is easiest done in small groups after a few read-throughs.
  • If you print out the book with blanks, kids can practice filling these in with the word, “like”. I suppose if they don’t like one of the options, you can show them how to also write “don’t”!
  • Some kids will respond better to tracing over the letters of the pre-written word. You can try writing it once in yellow marker so they can writing over the letters in pencil.
preschooler's hand practicing writing the word

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What Do Children Learn with Emergent Readers?

This winter printable book covers quite a bit of early literacy practice. Here are some of the things the kids can learn, practice, and explore. Keep in mind, it’s not an exhaustive list:

  • Left-to-right directionality
  • Printed words can be spoken out loud
  • Concept of word
  • Sight words
  • Letter-sound correspondence
  • Punctuation
  • Sequencing

Don’t you love simple activities that kids enjoy and get so much learning out of?!

Colored cover of a printable book about winter with 2 hands holding it

More Winter Activities

If your students enjoyed the winter printable book, here are a few more things they might enjoy. There are so many wonderful winter activities out there, so I just had to include a selection to try with your preschoolers.

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Winter Preschool Lesson Plans

Do you feel like you are doing the same predictable thing week after week with your preschool class? I have certainly fallen into a lesson-planning rut in the past. If you’ve ever felt the same, let Preschool Teacher 101 help you change things up! We have full and comprehensive lesson plans, activity packs, and our very own song series to help save you time this school year.

Most of our products have a particular theme in mind. If you like the winter printable book, you will absolutely love our winter lesson plans! Click on the captions below to learn more about each product.

Free Winter Printable Book

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I hope you and your students enjoy using the printable book!

2 images from a printable book about winter showing illustrations of children doing winter activities. Child's hand is coloring in one illustration. Copy reads: Winter Emergent Reader

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