Free Thanksgiving Charades

Free Thanksgiving Charades

Looking for a fun game for the whole family to make Thanksgiving Day even more memorable? These free Thanksgiving charades cards are available as instant downloads and are the perfect addition to your favorite Thanksgiving party games collection.

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Thanksgiving dinner is a big part of the Thanksgiving tradition, but spending quality time with family members is just as important. A fun Thanksgiving playing an interactive game is a wonderful way to create treasured family memories.

How do you play Thanksgiving Charades?

Playing charades is a great way to keep everyone busy and interacting on Thanksgiving.

  • Divide players up to form teams. You can decide how many teams you want to make depending on how many players you have.
  • Print out the game cards for this printable Thanksgiving charade game below. Place the cards face down.
  • To choose the first team, roll a dice or the team with the oldest or youngest team member goes first.
  • The first person from the starting group chooses a game card. They have 10 seconds to review and prepare.
  • A team member from the other team starts the timer. The first team member stands in the front of the room and has a 3 minute time limit to act out the phrase on the card without speaking. The rest of the team members keep guessing the phrase until they get it correct or time runs out.
  • If the first team does not correctly guess the phrase, the other team(s) has one chance to guess the phrase.
  • The winning team earns 1 point.
  • The next team takes a turn.
  • The team with the most points wins.

Additional ideas for Thanksgiving Charades play

  • Clearly set your rules for what happens if the person acting out the phrases does speak.
  • You can also use the words on my free Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt and Fall Scavenger Hunt printable board games. Print out the game boards and cut each word out for additional charades ideas.
  • If you’d like to play charades longer, you can have each team write additional words or simple phrases on blank cards or slips of paper for the other team to act out. You can choose to use Thanksgiving words or any theme you’d like in choosing the charade words. Tip – you’ll want to set a limit on the number of words so the idea isn’t too complex to act out or guess.

Thanksgiving Charades

autumn colored multiple charades game cards with pictures and words

This classic game can be played before or after Thanksgiving dinner. You can also choose to play in shifts, so you play a few rounds before dinner, a few rounds after dinner and then after you enjoy your pumpkin and apple pie.

What you need to play Thanksgiving Charades

  • These free Thanksgiving charade cards.
    • A printer.
    • Printer paper or card stock paper. I recommend card stock paper because it’s thicker and holds up better to enthusiastic game play.
    • Scissors to cut out the individual cards.
  • Or blank cards and pencils to write out your own charades ideas.
  • A timer.
  • A piece of paper and pen to keep track of the points each team wins.

Get the free Thanksgiving charades pdf files below here.

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autumn colored multiple charades game cards

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Be sure to pin this Thanksgiving Charades printable so you can easily find it year after year.

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