Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead with Just Add Craft Kits

Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead with Just Add Craft Kits

Summer break is here and with the break away from school I still want my kids to be learning. These great kits by Griddly Games will keep them learning all summer long. We tried out the Just Add Milk kit, and it was a ton of fun! My favorite part was when we added soap to the colors and it made them swirl around like a cyclone. My kids were fascinated also with it. We also did the art design and can’t wait to see their work after it dries. These kits will make a great gift for the child or adult who loves science. 

Combine Science & Art in One Afternoon

Create a wonderful display of exploding color and save your tie-dye designs on the sheets of heavy absorbency paper included in the kit (measuring 5″ x 7″). After completing the many other included experiments, create more colorful designs and turn them into mouse pads and window sun-catchers (instructions included).

About Griddly Games:

We are the creators, manufacturers and marketers of original games and activity kits that are designed for the entire “grid” of people. Our mission is to inspire creativity, imagination, out-of-the-box learning, healthy living and lively interaction through the fun of games and activities. Our multi-award-winning line of STEAM (Science. Technology. Engineering. Art. Math) activity kits and STEM games continues to “Just Add” more and more new “ingredients” that cultivate natural curiosities and memorable experiences. All of our products inspire and engage people in a lifetime of play and learning about themselves and their limitless capabilities. The company, based in Richmond, near Vancouver, British Columbia, was founded in 2007 by Reisa Schwartzman, a mother of three boys, who took it upon herself to deliver wholesome family fun that multiple ages could enjoy at once. Griddly Games’ instills a strict company philosophy to encourage social interaction, learning, strategy and challenges that anyone (from across the grid) can enjoy.

Introduce natural scientific reactions in a curious and colorful way. Included in this science and art kit for 1 or more players (ages 5+) are the materials needed to create your own natural science experiments at home. Learn a brief introduction to surface tension and experiment with at-home ingredients such as food coloring, soda pop and vinegar to watch what happens when you just add milk!

The kids loved adding the colors to the milk and watching them spread! 

According to the Education Commission of the States, STEM jobs are expected to grow 13% between 2017 and 2027! Statistics Canada also found that STEM graduates not only are likelier to find employment than their BAHSE (Business, Arts, Humanities, Social science, and Education) counterparts, but they earned more on average. These are just two sources that point towards the same thing- STEM & STEAM education is very important! This is why encouraging an interest in STEAM subjects from a young age can set up children for success. What better way to do it than by turning into a game? Check out our STEM games and STEAM kits and get ready to make learning fun.

Just Add Glue (Blue Glue)

My boys loved making different kinds of slime using the Just Add Glue Kit. Different colors, glittery. You can make all kinds of different ones. You just add glue. 

An exciting Science + Art kit that is sure to stretch your imagination!
Create different forms of super stretchy polymers and make them bounce! Create putties that can be picked up, stretched, and even rolled into a ball that bounces. Using the same ingredients create an array of creative crafts that you can keep, like crystals and window clings!
Learn about states of matter including liquids and polymers. This STEAM kit is a basic introduction to chemistry and material engineering for ages 6 and up with adult supervision.

You can purchase Just Add Milk kit on Griddly Games Website or Amazon. You can also purchase Just Add Glue on their Website or Amazon

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