Fun At Home  Activities For Your Kids

Fun At Home Activities For Your Kids

While camp is likely not an option for your child this summer, there are many ways to bring that camp like fun to your home. We have found some great activity kits that allow your child to learn and have the best camp like experience all form the comfort of your home! Keep reading to find out more!


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Little Passports

Little Passports is great for kids aged 3 to 12 and has coined itself camp in a box! Broken up based on age, the kits will keep your child busy with fun activities for 3-4 hours learning about the world, STEM, and/or science! The material that comes along in the kit along with an online computer program will transport your child to a world of learning and fun for a morning or afternoon! You can purchase Little Passports with your child’s friends and make a great virtual or socially distant camp group!


We Craft

A craft box that is mountain themed with all the parts that come in the kit

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If your child loves crafts, check out the We Craft Craft Box that can keep your child happily occupied for multiple days! You can order a single box or sign up for the subscription (which is great for a busy parent trying to manage many different hats right now during this period of social distancing!) Each craft box has a different theme and allows you to have fun right alongside your child!


Bits Box

Bits Box kit that shows what is inside

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The Bits Box will actually teach your child how to code! A kit alongside with a computer program will allows your little one to not only learn how to code but essentially be able to make a simple app! Check out Bits Box to learn more!


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Kiwi Co

Kiwi Co crates for kids are incredible projects for kids to work on and learn from! Do you think you child would like to learn about circuitry, check out the slime circuit kit! What about hydraulics, check out the hydraulic claw kit! Is your son or daughter dreaming of becoming an astronaut after watching the SpaceX launch? If so, they would like the stars kit! Separated by age and category, there really is a kit for anyone (even adults) to enjoy!

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