Gift Guide For Kids

Gift Guide For Kids

Solar System Science Kit / Crayola Ultimate Light Board Drawing Table / Fidget Toys Set / Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad / Crayola Model Magic Clay / Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter / Bracelet Making Kit / Textured Stretchy Strings Fidget Toy / Olaf Follow-Me Friend / Crayola Arctic Color Chemistry Kit / Pink Bike with Training Wheels / Walkie Talkies / Squishy Toy Set

I’m trying to get ahead on getting gifts for the girls. Since we’ll be traveling to New Orleans to spend Christmas with my family this year, everything needs to be shipped to my brother’s place. We learned the hard way a couple of years ago that the Larkins cannot fly with gifts. Huge disaster, haha! Kids’ toys can get expensive, and they start to add up pretty quickly, so I gathered our favorite affordable toys we either own and love or have heard great things about to give you a little inspiration for the kids in your family.

Solar System Science Kit: Emma loves these sets. This activity will provide HOURS of entertainment and learning.

Ultimate Light Board Drawing Table: This light-up drawing tablet comes with unique washable gel markers that glow, and the backing is removable, so you can also trace the designs.

Fidget Toys Set: Apparently, this is all the rage right now for elementary school kids. They’re super affordable too.

Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad: This tracing pad has over 100 traceable images from clothing to pets.

Crayola Model Magic Clay: If you’re DONE with playdough and kinetic sand like me, this is truly magic, and there’s no mess. Treat it like playdough and pack it away in the air-tight container so it doesn’t dry out. Or for a whole different activity in and of itself, you can let the clay air-dry and paint it afterward.

Wooden Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter: The best toys are play food toys. So much entertainment!

Bracelet Making Kit: This DIY charm bracelet kit has pom charms, neon beads, and gold chains for kids to create personalized bracelets. It’s geared towards kids a little older than Emma and Lucy, but it could be a fun family activity to do in the time between Christmas and New Year.

Textured Stretchy Strings Fidget Toy: These stretchy strings were a new addition to my restaurant bag this year and have been a lifesaver. I randomly stumbled upon them on Amazon, and although they seemed a little silly at first, they had so many rave reviews that I decided to add ’em to cart. Wow, what a hit. 

Olaf Follow-Me Friend: Lucy is OBSESSED with “Frozen” and adores her stuffed Elsa toy. This interactive Olaf toy comes with a snowflake controller that projects a snowflake he follows. He also sings, talks, and even raises his eyebrows—this toy is seriously no joke.

Arctic Color Chemistry Kit: This chemistry kit is another educational and fun family activity.

Pink Bike with Training Wheels: We got this for Emma’s 5th Birthday, and she was over the moon. It’s an absolute steal for $139 on Amazon.

Walkie Talkies: I feel like there will be hours of fun with these.

Squishy Toy Set: I don’t understand why kids love these so much, but they do. I will say that they only last for about six months before they get too dirty, but I feel like that’s okay for the price. I also really like that so many come in a set.

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