Gifts for Kids, Him, & Family Pajamas | All on Amazon

Gifts for Kids, Him, & Family Pajamas | All on Amazon

Hi friend!  I hope your week is off to a great start!  As promised, we’re continuing with gift ideas to help knock out your Christmas shopping with time to spare!

It’s no fun to head into the holidays worried about presents, so I hope that shopping early alleviates some of that stress and leaves you with time to thoughtfully and intentionally enjoy the holidays.

Today’s gift ideas are all on Amazon.  I think one stop shopping is incredibly helpful so you aren’t having to check out at different places.  And, if you have a Prime account, you get to enjoy free 2-day shipping on available items!  I’m curious, do you have a Prime account?  I imagine if you’re reading my blog, you probably do!

Gifts for him under $50

Shopping for men can be challenging, am I right?! I mean, I could find 50 things I KNOW my friends would like in the time it takes me to find one thing for him.  That having been said, these gifts below were vetted by Brian and my brothers, so I have a good feeling about them!


1Neck & Shoulder Massager  • Both of my brothers said this would be a great gift to receive and I’m kinda wishing I had it right now for the crick I have in my neck for sleeping wrong.  It massages your neck and shoulders with heat and 8 different settings.   9,000 positive reviews 

2Leather Winter Gloves • Brain said these are gloves that looked good and that he would wear and he especially liked that they are phone friendly, meaning you can use the fingertips to operate your phone without having to take them off.  I thought the cashmere and fleece lining would be soft and cozy.  5,480 positive reviews 

3Poker Set • My brother Chaz is particularly into poker and used to host tournaments at bars, so he was a big fan of this set.  The aluminum case is sturdy and cool looking and the chips constructed with composite resin and have a nice weight to them. Nearly 5,000 positive reviews 

4Wooden Brain Teaser  • Man puzzles that look cool and keep his mind sharp!  They’re beautifully made of different colored wood and durable construction. They’d be great for the guy that’s always on the phone for work (my boyfriend) and likes to fidget with something. Also a cool decor piece on a desk or bookshelf.

5“Dopp Kit” / Men’s Toiletry Bag • Even though he has his own bathroom drawer at my house, Brian still brings this leather bag with him when he stays over.  It’s durable, manly, and has a waterproof lining.

6Aluminum Wallet • If your guy is more of a minimalist, this sleek aluminum wallet might be something he’d really like.  It’s durable and non-bulky, holding up to 12 cards and 9 bills. Over 5,000 positive reviews 

7Rocketbook Digital Notebook • Everyone agreed this was super cool!  It’s a reusable notebook with a sturdy, durable cover!  You can write, scan and erase on the space aged paper!  No more wasting tons of paper! I’m getting one for my son too. ♥ Over 16,000 positive reviews 

8Flavored Popcorn Set • All of my guys like to relax by watching movies on the couch.  This set makes movie night a little more tasty with 5 gourmet popcorn seasonings: White Cheddar, Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn, Chili Lime, Buttery Caramel and Sizzling Sriracha.

9Funny Boxers • Okay, I didn’t run this one by the guys, but I thought it made a funny stocking stuffer! ;). The reviews say they’re also comfortable, but run large, so size down.

10Whiskey Stones Gift Set • If your guy enjoys whisky like mine do, this whiskey stones set makes a beautiful and useful gift.  It comes with the beautifully packaged wooden box, two bourbon glasses and whiskey stones.  Nearly 4,000 positive reviews 

11Grilling Seasoning Set • My brother Austin is the grill master of the bunch and every cookout at his house is so fun and delicious.    This ultimate spice set includes 20 different spices and rubs to take his BBQ up a notch.


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Kids stocking stuffers

I love filling up the kids stockings and mine just might find all of these in theirs this year!


1MudPuppy Coloring Roll • One thing Jordan and I do daily is “special Mama Jordan time”.  It’s 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with her where she gets to pick the activity.  Often, she chooses coloring and this continuous coloring roll (5.5 feet x 30 inches) would be something that’s fun for us to do together.

2Slipper Socks • These socks aren’t just cute, they’re fuzzy slipper socks to keep their feet toasty warm.

3Joke Book • My mom always texts the kids jokes and we like to have funny jokes to text back, so this is perfect!

4Dip Sticks Game • This is a fun game of charades for the whole family.  You can use it at dinner, in the car, or on vacation.

5Blue Light Blocking Glasses– I was intrigued to see blue light eye protective glasses for kids.  My son is on screens a lot for school and play, so they’d be great for them.  I think my daughter would just like wearing them. Over 8,000 positive reviews 

6 •  Animal Stress Balls • My daughter LOVES playing with those squishy balls, and these are similar, but in a cute animal set.  They’re supposed to help reduce anxiety and I think it works.  I remember when I was studying for the bar exam, we would bring silly putty to the bar daily review classes.

7Mark My Time Bookmark • During the school week, my son is allowed on electronics from 7-9 pm, if all his homework and next-day things are done.  If he says he’s not tired after 9 p.m. I tell him he can read in bed.  This LED book light will be perfect for those nights and has an adjustable arm that clips to a book.  It also has a timer to track reading time.

8Slinky • I can’t believe how much fun kids still have with a slinky!  Especially if there are stairs in your house.  Similarly, my son got a yo yo last year and spent hours learning different tricks to do with it.

9Popits • These popits are all the rage this year!  I guess it brings that same satisfaction that popping bubble wrap brings!

10Left Right Center Game • We played this game at Marianna’s house and with the kids and it was soooo fun!  Even little kids like Jordan joined in with help and they loved it too.

11 • Wiki Sticks • These bendable wax sticks are great for something to do at restaurants or on long car rides.  Kids get really creative with them.


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Family pajamas

I can’t end this post without sharing some fun family pajamas with you.  It’s a family tradition to get a set of matching pajamas each year and wear them in the car when we go driving around to look at Christmas lights.


1Red & White Striped Pajamas • We’ve worn this classic set and it reminds me of candy canes!

2Blue Plaid Pajamas • Love these for not overly Christmassy feel that you can start wearing now.

3Believe Pajamas • This pair also comes in Team Santa.

4Christmas Light Pajamas– My kids have had this pair before and Jordan is still wearing hers. How cute are the lights?!

5Snoopy Pajamas– Snoopy for the win! And even for the pup!

6Grinch Pajamas– One of my favorite Christmas Stories comes to life in pjs.

7 • Flapjacks Pajamas– Flapjack pjs for the family with all the humor. Bear cheeks anyone?!

8Green with Plaid Bottoms– Classic tartan plaid and green tops are traditional goodness.

9Pickup Truck Flannel– Love a good buffalo check print and the truck is so cute with the tree!

Bear Pajamas– Oh my goodness! How sweet are these. Baby bear ♥

Do you get Christmas pajamas at your house?  We’re all big pajama lovers here, so it’s no surprise we get special pairs at Christmas time.  Also, if you have any great stocking stuffer ideas, I’d love to hear in the comments.  Your ideas are always so helpful!


if you’re reading via email, click here to see the shoppable images

Have a fantastic day friend!

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