Gifts for Littles

Gifts for Littles

Gifts for Littles

Everyone likes buying gifts for kids because of the joy on their faces when they open something they love. This year’s list is for smaller kids (3-7ish) and based on toys and games that Amalia has and loves and the things on her personal wish list. Plus a few other things that I’ve found on other lists and around the internet this holiday season.

A lot of these are already on sale for Black Friday and those that aren’t yet, will be in the next few days I bet!

Switcheroo Markers, $9.99: A great stocking-stuffer, these markers change color when you use the white mystery side over what you’ve already colored. A fun and different way to color.

The Nugget Play Couch, $229: Anel bought Amalia the Nugget play couch in the height of COVID when we couldn’t go anywhere or see anyone. To date, it is one of our most used kid items in the house. She pulls it out for every playdate. If it looks like a bunch of pillows to you, you’re not wrong. But they stack and come together to make forts, couches, and obstacle courses.

Toniebox, $99: 100% my top pick for kid gifts this year. Amalia takes hers everywhere and asks for it over her iPad which has been amazing for cutting down on screen time. The Toniebox comes with a “Tonie” that kids can put on top to play music and stories. You can buy different themed Tonies (like Frozen, Peppa Pig, Paw Patrol, etc) that have different themed content.

Our Favorite Pajamas, $46 $25: Hanna Andersson pajamas are made from organic cotton that is equal parts thick and soft. My family swears by their pj sets that are well made enough to pass down through the generations. And they’re on super sale right now too!.

Dragons Love Tacos (Book), $9: A current favorite in our house.

Lalo Table and Chairs, $299: Amalia uses this table and chair set daily for coloring, playing tea parties, and eating her snacks. It’s cute enough to go in a “grown-up” room and comfy for the kids.

Kids Coloring Rolls, $20: This is going in Amalia’s stocking for sure. She loves to color and I love the idea of a roll of paper instead of a coloring book.

Light-up Bath Toys, $31: We got these last year and still use them in the bath every night. They light up when they hit the water and turn off as soon as they’re out. Both of my kids love them.

Micro Mini Deluxe Scooter, $89: We gave this to Amalia for her second birthday and she still uses it when the weather permits. She scoots around our driveway all summer long and uses it when we take Boots on walks. All the little kids on our street have them and they look like a cute little scooter gang.

Mini Kitchen Tool Set, $39: Olive Lane sent us this set for a campaign and Amalia has asked to bake every day since.  She uses it for make-believe and when we actually bake. You guys know how I feel about getting her in the kitchen so this makes me quite happy!

Sticker Dolly Dressing Books, $11: Always a hit in our house when we want 30+ minutes of quiet.

Magnatiles, $129: Always a classic. Every kid I’ve ever met loves a Magnatile playtime.

Garden Wheelbarrow Set, $84: How could I not include this? We love ours!

Osmo Creative Starter Kit, $69 $48: Anel has been wanting to get this for Amalia since it came out and it is our gift to her this Christmas. It turns your tablet into a learning device with games and activities. Another similar option is the Homer app which we’ve been using for the last year. It has taught Amalia all of her letters (upper and lowercase!)

Bath Bombs, $20: We are big bath bomb fans over here and they make a great stocking stuffer. These are organic and only lightly scented. Some of the bath bombs out there are a bit over the top for me!

Glitter Slippers, $17: Enough said?

Climbing Triangle, $335: If you’re looking for a bigger gift, this climbing triangle looks so cute. It would be great in a basement playroom.

Perler Beads Set, $27: A Perler beads set is the only thing Amalia is asking Santa for this year. She uses them at school and to say she’s obsessed feels like an understatement. I’m hoping this keeps her occupied for hours over the holiday break 🙂

Weefarers Sunglasses, $35 $24: I mean… they’re just too cute and come in all colors.

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