Global Campus for Future Leaders

Global Campus for Future Leaders

Malvern College gives Hong Kong pupils international learning opportunities within its global network of Malvern schools. Here, we find out about a brand new Malvern campus in Switzerland; we also hear from Malvern leaders in Hong Kong about the benefits of this global reach. 

Thinking outside the box

When you muse about entrepreneurs, you may be more likely to imagine a hoodie-wearing, tech-minded 20-something in Silicon Valley than a preschooler in Hong Kong. But, according to Jaqueline McNalty, Founding Principal of Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong (MCPS), entrepreneurial spirit can be fostered as early as pre-school. “We want our pupils to think outside the box, and to create new ideas and initiatives,” she says. 

In fact, these two-to five-year-olds at MCPS play in what’s known as a “Design Thinking” environment; it’s a professional setting those hoodie-wearing 20-something entrepreneurs would crave! Jacqueline says that, in applying these Design Thinking principles to the preschool classroom, the school encourages all its pupils not only to solve problems but to develop opportunities for themselves, for others and for the wider community. 

Malvern College international school network, Malvern College Hong Kong

Benefits of an international network

With an education journey that begins with a Design Thinking-inspired preschool experience, it’s no surprise to hear that some prominent world leaders have come out of Malvern’s international network of learning institutes. Current pupils follow in the footsteps of creative minds such as novelist CS Lewis, numerous Nobel Laureates, plus Olympians, prime ministers and international business leaders. 

The network of international schools was born in the UK in 1865. Today, it operates campuses at six global locations: the UK, Egypt, Qingdao, Chengdu, Hong Kong and now Switzerland. This internationality is key to developing the leaders of the future. Jacqueline So is Co-founder and Chief Executive of Malvern College International (Asia Pacific); she says, This multicultural capability with an international outlook is critical in supporting our pupils to become responsible leaders. They must be able to cope with the constantly evolving environment of their future and to see things from a different perspective, not just their own.

The school has just announced two new international offerings. One is a new campus in Switzerland; the other is a boarding opportunity for international pupils at the school’s prestigious founding campus, Malvern College UK.  

New school in Switzerland

Malvern College Switzerland opens in September 2021 in a picturesque location in Leysin at the east end of Lake Geneva. The alpine views from the campus are spectacular; it looks across the Rhône Valley towards the Dents du Midi. Mountain sports and recreational activities will be offered year-round.

Malvern College International Academy is a dedicated boarding house, planned to open its doors in the coming academic year. It will provide Malvernians all over the world – including those from Hong Kong – with the opportunity for a short-term, fully immersed boarding experience for up to one term in length. It will also be available for holiday camps in the summer. 

Malvern College global school network gives Hong Kong students international opportunities

We want to expand the students’ global base a little wider by giving pupils the opportunity to go over to the UK or to one of our schools in China, or even our brand-new school in Switzerland,” says Dr Robin Lister, Founding Headmaster of Malvern College Hong Kong. That’s really the basis of who we are. Whenever a child graduates from one of our Malvern family of schools, they are an Old Malvernian; and that group is terribly useful for a young person’s career development.”

He adds that the addition of these new ventures further strengthens this global Malvern family. “All Malvern schools share the same DNA, and they all have an ethos built around our ‘Five Centres of Excellence’: British-style pastoral care, enhanced learning, an entrepreneurial education, an outdoor and environmental education, and a global network.

If you’d like your child to be a part of this global network, contact the school today.

Malvern College Pre-School Hong Kong: 3898 4668 | 
Malvern College Hong Kong: 3898

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