How to Teach Your Two Year Old How to Read (And get a free trial!)

How to Teach Your Two Year Old How to Read (And get a free trial!)

When a child loves reading, their imagination can take them anywhere.

I remember being lost in the world of Enid Blyton and The Magic Faraway Tree. I was right there, exploring their adventures, page by page. Or I was Trixie Beldon (this is showing my age!) – solving mysteries and always finding out who the bad guy was. Or I was singing the horrific song from Fungus the Bogeyman at the top of my voice, to the horror of my parents:

Scab and matter custard, snot and bogey pie

Dead dog’s giblets, green cat’s eye.

Spread it on bread, spread it on thick,

Wash it all down with a cup of cold sick.”

Song from Fungus the Bogeyman (Raymond Briggs 1977)
The Magic Faraway Tree : The Magic Faraway Tree : Book 2 - Enid Blyton
The Secret of the Mansion (Trixie Belden, #1) by Julie Campbell
Fungus the Bogeyman - Wikipedia

My two boys are now in high school – and they sure aren’t the sharpest crayons in the box, but they certainly have inherited my love to read. I started reading to them when they were just babies (it was the only way they would stop crying). And it is right there, that kids learn to love books, love stories, and eventually, want to learn how to read!

When you make learning fun, kids don’t even realise they are learning!

Here are the few books that my boys absolutely adored:

There's a Yeti in My Shed! by Daniel Postgate
The 13-Storey Treehouse, Treehouse Series : Book 1 by Andy Griffiths |  9780330404365 | Booktopia
Zac Power #1: Poison Island, 24 Hours to Save the World ... and Walk the  Dog by H I Larry | 9780312346591 | Booktopia

How to Start Teaching Children Early to Read and Write

Reading to your kids every night is the very best start you can give them. But once they turn two, you can actually start an online reading program them – yes, two years old! And because it is fun, they are far more likely to stick with it.

It’s called ABC Reading Eggs – and for my boys, it was life-changing. It gave them a solid foundation in reading, writing and maths before they hit school. And that solid grounding has stead them well throughout their whole schooling career.

Is it ever too early to start teaching your kids the basics? Hell no!

What is ABC Reading Eggs?

ABC Reading Eggs is an uber-popular online program that has won a multitude of awards. It is suitable for kids aged 2 right through to 13 years – and it really makes learning reading fun! My boys absolutely loved it – and it really gave them a great foundation for school.

ABC Reading Eggs is a great option for positive screen time. Yes – there is such thing as positive screen time! Rather than watching Youtube videos or kids tv shows that won’t teach your kids anything useful for school, ABC Reading Eggs is the perfect tool to get your child reading-ready for school.

ABC Reading Eggs uses a sequence of instructional activities including:

  • Rhymes
  • Alliteration
  • Breaking words down into syllables
  • Phonemic segmentation and manipulation tasks

Then incorporating all these into a fun ‘game like’ learning that builds on repetition (to ensure those new skills really stick) and re-reading of texts to build fluency.

Each of the ABC Reading Eggs lessons ends with an online book that matches to your child’s current reading ability, providing them with confidence that they are reading on their own!

ABC Reading Eggs Focuses on Phonics

There are multiple techniques used to teach kids how to read, but by far, phonics has been proven as the most effective way to help kids learn. If you are wondering what phonics is, it is the concept that words are made up of letters, and letters represent different sounds.

So phonics teaches kids to make the connection between sounds and words.

A good example of phonics is a’phoneme’ which is represented by one, two, three or four letters. Such as ‘ough’ in ‘Dough’.

Words that cannot be learned by breaking them into smaller parts are words that must be learned by sight – hence the term ‘Sight Words’ (all primary school parents will know all about sight words!).

How ABC Reading Eggs Works:

ABC Reading Eggs uses a progressive sequence of highly interactive lessons, games, activities
and contains over 3,000 e-books. The comprehensive program is designed by expert Australian
educators and has been used by over 20 million children worldwide. ABC Reading Eggs is based on scientific research and the most up-to-date learning principles, it uses a highly motivational reward system, which keeps children engaged while they learn to read.

ABC Reading Eggs includes hundreds of one-on-one reading lessons that teach children
essential early literacy skills, including phonics and sight word recognition. Parents can access
detailed assessment reports to track their child’s progress and print out certificates and
worksheets, which supplement the program.

Why ABC Reading Eggs is So Good for Your Child:

ABC Reading Eggs is aligned to the Australian School Curriculum, so it will directly prepare your child for school success. The lessons on ABC Reading Eggs match your child’s ability and are never too easy or too hard. Your child progresses through the programs as they learn.

Get a FREE 30-Day Trial

We are really confident you are going to love ABC Reading Eggs, so confident we want you to try it yourself. We have a FREE 30-day trial so you try it at home.

Your free 30-day trial will include access to ABC Reading Eggs Junior, the most comprehensive learning program for toddlers aged 2–4, ABC Reading Eggs for ages 3–7, Fast Phonics for ages 5-10, and ABC Reading Eggspress for ages 7–13. They also have a maths program, ABC Mathseeds, which makes maths fun for ages 3–9.

“The thing I love about ABC Reading Eggs is that it’s fun and they think they’re playing a game, but they’re learning at the same time. So it’s a win-win for everyone.”

Candice Warner, TV Personality and former Ironwoman
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