Keep learning at home over summer with Atom Learning #AD

How did learning in lockdown go for you? My 13 year old did brilliantly as he had his usual school day but from home. My 11 and 9 year old did all the work they were set but with a 3 year at home as well I just didn’t have enough time to spend with either of them. I feel like they haven’t learned anything new since March which is probably not too much of a problem for my Y5, but I am a little concerned about my daughter going into Y7.

We’ve been looking for ways to ease Sydney back into school work so that the transition from Year 6 to 7 won’t be so daunting in September. This is why I was excited when Atom Learning got in touch – now I can stop looking for maths and English support!

Who are Atom Learning?

Atom Learning is a fantastic Key Stage 2 adaptive online learning platform for students, covering English, maths, verbal and non-verbal reasoning. 

The platform, Atom Nucleus, combines high-quality, teacher-made content with sophisticated technology to keep students on their individual, optimal learning paths. But what does that actually mean? The algorithm that underpins the platform will assess how your child is performing and will adjust the questions they are shown accordingly. This is the best way to ensure they’re always working at the optimal difficulty. Nothing is too hard or too easy, which helps to improve engagement! 

The platform is designed to consolidate the Key Stage 2 national curriculum (much needed in our household!) and help those preparing for secondary school entrance assessments.

5-day free trial and 10% discount

Atom Learning offers a 5-day free trial to test out the platform before you continue with your monthly subscription. Readers of the blog have been offered a 10% off your first month if you sign up through my link! Remember to use my discount code (MaCFMgXl) when you sign up!

click here to start a 5-day free trial

Sydney is at the age where I can let her log on and get on with practising without any supervision. She finds the platform super intuitive to use and LOVES collecting badges! Alongside the questions, there are videos, help sheets, and an entire library of their pre-recorded lockdown lessons. 

Free Summer Holiday Courses

Since March, Atom has been offering free, online lessons to all Key Stage 2 students to ensure that children weren’t left behind due to the disruption caused by the pandemic. After the success of these lessons, Atom is continuing to support families throughout the July and August with their free week-long, online summer courses!

The core classes are in Maths and English, and there are additional courses in reasoning, creative writing and exam interview skills. This is a great way for your child to catch up on key skills before returning to school in September (and you have an activity to occupy them  for an hour). Sydney is really excited about the creative writing course with author Gareth P Jones. You can sign up to the summer holiday course below!

Sign up for the free summer holiday courses

How can Atom Learning help your child?

As a parent I’ve found the supervisor dashboard incredibly helpful. It allows me to track what Sydney is doing, without me having to pester her. The dashboard breaks down how long she’s spent on each topic, how many questions she answered and tracks her weekly targets along with a whole bunch of other features. 

This will be a great way for me to assess how Sydney is doing in relation to her peers and pinpoint any topics she might be struggling with. I can either relay this information to her teachers in September or set her a custom practice (like homework) to work on during the summer.

Each time your child practices on Atom Learning their progress is recorded in their mastery of each subject. This is a really neat way to see, at a glance, the progress that your child is making.

We’re really enjoying using Atom Learning and I hope you will too. I’ve been told that they’ll be introducing a science course soon and I’m excited to try it out! Let me know in the comments below if you sign up for any of their summer courses.

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