Key Stage 2 Science Experiments

Key Stage 2 Science Experiments

These Key Stage 2 science experiments are great for school or home and perfect to sit alongside science in the classroom for Key Stage 2 in the UK or for children aged between around 7-11 who love science!

If a science challenge is more your thing, we’ve got easy STEM challenges using newspaper, FREE STEM Challenge cards and lots of easy ideas for science fun at home created in association with the Primary Science Teaching Trust.

If you like a good science book This IS Rocket Science has lots of easy ideas that cover forces including gravity, air resistance and friction as well as a science activity linked to each planet in the solar system.

Rocket Science Book

Plant Science Investigations for Key Stage 2

Dissect a flower to identify the different parts, learn about the transport of water in plants or grow new plants from tissue cuttings.

Make a flowering plant lifecycle spinner.

labelled flower diagram

Make colour changing flowers to learn about transpiration and transport of water in plants. This one always provides a bit of wow factor!

Animals including Humans

Diet and Exercise

Set up an experiment with eggs to discover how and why different foods and drinks stain teeth.

Find out how much sugar some common drinks contain and compare them.

how much sugar - Key Stage 2 Science Experiments

Discover how exercise affects heart rate with a simple investigation.

Human Body – Key Stage 2 Science Experiments

Find out how the lungs and heart work with a model lung and model heart.

Make a model brain using play dough!

Model Brain


Learn about Charles Darwin with a fun natural selection activity.

This sedimentary rocks and fossil activity from Teach Beside Me looks fantastic!

Habitats and changes to environments

Make shoebox habitats and model changes to polar ice caps with ice.

Make your own food chains and food webs with these easy ideas.

Fooc chain made with small toys

Light Experiments for Kids

Make a light maze to learn about light travelling in straight lines and reflection.

Learn about light and refraction with these direction swapping arrows.

Try one of our simple shadow investigations including drawing around 3D shapes, making a sundial and creating shadow puppets.

3D shadow shapes


Learn how to make a simple switch.

Design and build a torch using a simple circuit.

For a bigger project you could light up a street!

model street - electricity experiment for Key Stage 2 Science

Magnet Experiments

Defy gravity with this floating magnet trick!

Magnet and rocket experiment
Image taken from This IS Rocket Science

Forces and Motion


Learn about gravity with one of my easy gravity experiments including launching a film canister rocket, a bottle rocket or even a straw rocket!

Air Resistance

Find out about air resistance with a simple egg drop experiment or by making paper spinners.

Boiled eggs ready for a Humpty Dumpty Science Experiment


Learn about friction by making a friction ramp, a garden teddy bear zip line or slow down a marble run by adding something to increase the friction between the slope and marble.

homemade garden toy zip line

Materials – Key Stage 2 Science Experiments

Find out which solids dissolve in water with an easy investigation using water, salt, suagr and sand.

Clean up dirty water by filtering. This is a great way to discover how to separate insoluble materials.

Water Filtering - sand filter -

Make and separate mixtures using sweets or toys!

Changing States

Learn about changing states by making mint chocolate leaves.

If you fancy some science fun in the kitchen transform cream into butter or egg white into meringue!

Meringue and raspberries - the science behind meringue

Evaporation and Condensation

Learn about evaporation by leaving wet sand outside on a hot day.


Make a straw flute ( great for learning about pitch ), find out how to see sound with rice and a drum.

Earth, Moon and Space

Learn about space and the solar system with a week long DIY Space Camp.

Do you know of any great Key Stage 2 Science Experiments we’ve missed?

Easy science experiments for Key Stage 2! #KeyStage2Science #scienceforkids

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