Life’s A Beach With These Sand-Friendly Toys For Kids

Life’s A Beach With These Sand-Friendly Toys For Kids

Ah, the beach. In your younger years, it was a place to hang out with friends, work on your tan, and learn firsthand just how dehydrating alcohol can be. If you’re now a parent or in charge of taking kids to the beach, the sand may look the same, but that’s about it. The name of the game is keeping kids, safe, entertained, and always shielded from the sun, which means you need beach toys for kids. But also, the sun thing is major (check out our favorite beach umbrellas).

Unlike regular toys, beach toys are a great addition to a day outside because they typically don’t require batteries, assembly, or come with a big price tag. Age ranges on beach toys are much wider than typical toys because playing in the sand is fun at any age. We’ve included several toys on our list that will help babies, toddlers and big kids work together to build their own Taj Mahal in the sand while parents relax (jk – stay vigilant at the beach, people). We’ve also included toys that keep kids active, from footballs that float to kites that make lemonade out of windy days.

From chairs to sunglasses, coolers to beach blankets, there’s lots to remember for a day on the sand, but if you’re bringing kids, these beach toys should be at the top of your list. Well, right behind sunscreen.


1. Click N Play 18 Piece Beach Sand Toy Set


There are plenty of options when it comes to sand toys for kids, but we like the set from Click N Play for a variety of reasons. There are 18 pieces in total, which cuts down on kids fighting for who gets to use the blue bucket next. A large quantity of pieces also means it’s not the end of the world if one of the items doesn’t make it home from the beach. When it is time to pack up, the set fits inside a mesh backpack that is easy to carry and won’t hold sand. The colorful plastic items included in the set are BPA-free and will help kids unlock their imagination while playing in the sand, which means more time for parents to do…nothing. Ahhhh, bliss.

Click N Play 18 Piece Beach Sand Toy Set Buy: Click N Play 18 Piece Beach Sand Toy Set $18.99

2. Splash Bombs Pool Party Pack


For kids looking for ways to have fun at the beach, there’s the Splash Bombs Pool Party Pack. The pack includes several toys for older kids, making it a great option for big groups. There’s a football, throwing disc, a ball, and a bat to help kids stay active in the sun. All items are safe for use in the water thanks to their foam core, which also means the items can float and won’t leave a bruise if someone misses a catch. When it’s time to head home, all the items fit inside a convenient carrying bag.

Splash Bombs Pool Party Pack

3. SpikeBall Set


SpikeBall is one of our favorite outdoor games, and you may have seen other people playing this game at the beach. With the unique net and bright yellow balls, SpikeBall is a blast for players of all ages. Okay, most ages — toddlers probably won’t enjoy it, unless they try to use the net as a trampoline, which we do not recommend. This game can bring out the competitor in anyone, but it’s also fun for just messing around or inventing your own games. Bring your set to the beach and everyone will have a blast, we promise!

spikeball set, beach games for kids

4. SINGARE Large Octopus Kites


Windy days at the beach aren’t always ideal (sand + eyes = no thanks), but if you have a young kite flyer in your family, they’re going to love taking their new octopus kites for a spin. A great option for the beach, the park, the backyard, or anywhere that has a breeze, the set of two colorful kites come fully assembled with easy to hold handles. Designed with 200 feet of line, a soaring kite makes it easy to locate your little ones at the beach, and on days when the wind isn’t strong, running with a kite is a great way to get rid of energy. For your kids. You should relax.

SINGARE Large Octopus Kites Buy: SINGARE Large Octopus Kites $14.99

5. Everich Toy Paddle Toss and Catch Ball Set


For kids who like to be active at the beach, there’s the Everich Toy Paddle Toss and Catch Ball Set. Available in a variety of bright colors, the set includes two Velcro paddles with adjustable hand straps and two flexible balls. The paddles are designed to be indestructible, making them a great option for a toy that will last for several trips to the beach. Thanks to the high-quality nylon on the paddles that easily grab the matching balls, a game of catch is possible even with younger kids who are still learning to use a baseball mitt.

Everich Toy Paddle Toss and Catch Ball Set Buy: Everich Toy Paddle Toss and Catch Ball Set $15.99

6. Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings


The popularity of Ultimate Frisbee Leagues proves that frisbees are not only still a beloved warm-weather activity, but they can also be a serious workout. Of course, for those who don’t play three times a week, there’s a good chance they could end up getting hit by a frisbee or hitting someone else. And frisbees hurt. Thankfully, there are the Activ Life Kid’s Flying Rings, a great alternative for kids who aren’t quite frisbee champs just yet. Available in several bright colors, the rings are 80 percent lighter than frisbees and are designed to fly straight, making it easier for kids to throw and catch like a pro. Kids can play with the flying rings on the sand or in the water since the rings are also designed to float.

Activ Life Kid's Flying Rings Buy: Activ Life Kid's Flying Rings $13.99

7. Top Race Collapsible Buckets


Whether you’re taking a road trip to the beach, flying to a sunny destination, or simply want to save some space in your beach tote, the collapsible buckets from Top Race are a great addition to your beach collection. The set of three buckets come in bright colors that kids will love and can hold half a gallon of water or sand. Ideal for using to build sandcastles, the buckets can also double as a drinking bowl for dogs or a cooler filled with ice. Since the set comes with three buckets, you can use the multipurpose buckets for a variety of tasks. Best of all, when it’s time to go home, the buckets collapse for a space-saving travel option.

Top Race Collapsible Buckets Buy: Top Race Collapsible Buckets $16.98

8. HABA Spilling Funnel XXL Sand and Water Mixing Toy


Budding young artists and Instagram fans take note, the HABA Spilling Funnel XXL Sand and Water Mixing Toy is one of the easiest ways to show off your creativity at the beach. The 11.5” toy mixes water and sand and funnels out the bottom, giving users the chance to make designs and even spell words in the sand. A great toy for added special effects to sandcastles or writing #BeachVacay2021 in the sand, the funnel makes it easy for users to show off their artistry at the beach.

HABA Spilling Funnel XXL Sand and Water Mixing Toy

9. B. toys Wagon & Beach Playset


Little kids love wagons. There’s probably some science behind the reason why, but all we know is that as little ones learn to walk, they like to feel like a big kid and that can often mean pulling their own wagon. Put your little beach bum to work with the B. toys Wagon & Beach Playset, a wagon that comes with several high-quality sand-friendly toys that will last for several trips to the beach. The easy-to-grab toys are ideal for little hands and the 11 toys, including nesting cups, are perfect for babies, toddlers and even big kids who still love making sandcastles. Really, when isn’t it fun to make a sandcastle?

B. toys Wagon & Beach Playset

10. Spielstabil Heavy Duty Children’s Beach Shovel


For kids who like to build big sandcastles, dig big sandpits, and move big amounts of sand from one area to another, they need a big shovel that is up to the task. Case in point, the big, heavy-duty children’s beach shovel from Spielstabil. The German-made shovel is free from PVC, phthalates, and BPA but full of strength to keep up with kids who are ready to bring their sand visions to life. Little builders will appreciate the bright colors and strength of the shovel, while parents will like that the shovel can handle even the roughest of builders. Best of all, if you live in an area that experiences all four seasons, the Spielstabil can be used during colder months to shovel snow and create snow forts.

Spielstabil Heavy Duty Children's Beach Shovel

11. Create A Castle Deluxe Tower Kit


If your kids are serious about sandcastles, they need the Deluxe Tower Kit from Create A Castle. The split mold castle system helps builders create impressive structures in the sand (or snow!) using high-quality, durable molds. The split system of the molds makes it easy for users to remove the mold without breaking their castle, leaving behind an impressive build. The award-winning kit comes with three tower molds, a brick former and window cutter, and a carrying case for easy transportation and storage.

Create A Castle Deluxe Tower Kit

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