Look BETTER Than You Did 10 Years Ago (9 Timeless Men’s Health Tips)

I had no hope…

My teeth were a mess, my clothes never fit…

I was even in debt.

Now I'm in my 40s, and in my prime.

look and feel younger men

Age is just a number gentlemen. Today, we're going over 9 timeless men's style tips you can use to look BETTER no matter how old you are.


Gents – I’ll get straight to the point.

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  1. Protecting against the sun
  2. Investing in your teeth
  3. Exercising
  4. Mastering your grooming routine
  5. Using the right hairstyle
  6. Getting quality sleep
  7. Practicing meditation
  8. Finding your passion
  9. Being optimistic


Timeless Men's Health Tip 1. Protecting Against the Sun

Let's touch on the biological factors of men's style. The sun wreaks havoc on your face.

Research shows that the UV rays projected from the sun are responsible for 80% of skin aging. They are directly responsible for spots, wrinkles, and the obvious sunburns.

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It's worth your time and health to integrate a moisturizer with at least 15-30 SPF (the FDA recommends 30).

There's never been a more important time to make sure your skin looks the best it can – shield it.


Timeless Men's Health Tip 2. Investing In Your Teeth

I've had my share of dental issues.

I never took care of my teeth. When I finally visited the dentist, he showed me the price of neglect.

Long story short, it cost me a fortune to solve the problem. Ever since then, I've made my teeth a priority.

clean stuff tooth brush

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I don't need to tell you to brush your teeth twice a day or to visit the dentist once a year. That's easy.

What I will ask you to do is invest. Most guys will be willing to go into debt over a car, but never think to spend $70 on a quality electric toothbrush.

These brushes come with loads of features – such as tuning for sensitive teeth and timers to keep track of how long you spend brushing.

Give it a shot, gentlemen – your smile deserves it.


Timeless Men's Health Tip 3. Exercising

You must have seen this coming.

It is recommended that men aged 40 and up do at least 30 minutes of intense physical activity a day. It's a minor dent to your schedule at most.

Man Working Out At the Gym

If you never make time to exercise, then you're missing out on more than just muscles.

Working out makes us happier AND healthier. When you hit the gym, you release endorphins which make you euphoric while gains on the body.

Morning is the ideal time. Why? Our bodies are the most receptive right after we wake up. It's where testosterone is at its highest peak, meaning that you'll perform better at the gym.


Timeless Men's Health Tip 4. Mastering Your Grooming Routine

Don't think about this as an obligation – think about it as an indulgence.

You're treating yourself to look better and feel better.

Shaving in the morning releases endorphins with every pass of the blade. It's essentially a small massage.

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When you finish, you feel that cool air hitting fresh skin – you can't beat that in the morning.

Men's skincare is no different. A solid routine in which you wash and moisturize twice a day not only gives you structure, it gives you results.

The feeling of triumph upon seeing a clear face in the mirror is worth it. Seldom will such a little thing give you such a sense of accomplishment.


Timeless Men's Health Tip 5. Getting Quality Sleep

You may be busy, but that's no excuse to skimp out on sleep.

sleepy antonio

Keeping track of your sleep is essential to looking younger.

A 2010 study from the Sleep Journal found some sobering statistics: People who slept for less than 6 hours a night were 12% more likely to experience premature death.

However, people who slept for more than 8 or 9 hours were 30% more at risk!

The answer is a happy, healthy middle: 7-8 hours of sleep a night. This will help manage your hunger levels, maintain your immune system, retain memory, and simply feel great.



Timeless Men's Health Tip 6. Finding The Right Hairstyle

Your hair is not like other clothes – it's ALWAYS on you. Therefore, it's essential to style it.

Luckily for you, hair styling hosts a rabbit hole of information – whether it comes to products or specific men's hairstyles.

hair product chart

Use the infographic above to choose the right hair product for your style.

You'd be surprised at how well a 30-40-year-old man looks with a modern cut.

There is a balance to consider here. You don't want to look like an aging rockstar pining for the old days. You want something classic – think Ivy League or a side part. Feeling a little more risque? Go for a quiff or a slight pompadour.

Timeless Men's Health Tip 7. Stopping To Meditate

Yes, you heard me.

Meditation is about one thing: Relaxation. It's about eliminating stress for a few, precious moments.

Successful meditation has science to back it. Numerous MRIs show increased activity in the centers of the brain dealing with metabolism and heart rate.

Meditation is scientifically proven to improve the brain.

Studies have followed Buddhist Monks on their routines as well. They prove that consistent meditation produces long-term effects on the brain, improving memory, learning capacity, and perception.


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Timeless Men's Health Tip 8. Finding Your Passion

Not all of us can find success in the fields we would love. Most of us have to adopt brutal careers in finance, law, or build businesses from scratch if we want to carve out a living.

That doesn't mean you should be devoid of a hobby.

couple gaming

Even gaming is a viable hobby.

It can be anything – from sitting down for some videogames, doing some painting, or playing a sport. These are activities that remove you from the monotony of daily life and allow you some escape.

It's never too late to get into something new. You can explore what's out there even if it's not something you never thought you'd do.

The point is to get lost and have fun.


Timeless Men's Health Tip 9. Being Optimistic

“The happiness of your life depends on the qualities of your thoughts.” -Marcus Aurelius

Advice from a Roman emperor is as timeless as it gets. The simple fact is that having a positive attitude makes life easier to deal with.

Science is on our side. A 2009  Journal of Economic Psychology study found that a positive attitude has a direct impact on your salary.

What are some steps you can take to adopt a more positive mindset?

happy guy with beard

Simply being optimistic can invite big changes to your life – including pay bumps!

  • Get used to rejection: I say this all the time. No one gets through life without it. Take each denial as a lesson learned for next time.
  • Count what you're grateful for: No matter how bad you think you have it, it can be worse. Be thankful for the support system and experiences you've had leading up to this point.
  • Rethink your challenges: Think of them as opportunities for growth instead of mere inconveniences.
  • Make others smile: Happiness is infectious. The more you spread it, the more of it you'll get.
  • Take a breather: Our emotions impact our breathing and vice versa. No matter what crisis in oncoming, taking a second to breathe will relax you.


Summary – Timeless Men's Health Tips

As mature men, you can't rely on your natural youth anymore. You have to take an active role in maintaining your physical and mental well-being.

This means investing time (And sometimes money) into what yields you the biggest returns – whether it be crucial for your body, or simply a means to relax.

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