Making Words with froggy

Making Words with froggy

If you have our Frog Match cvc word puzzles - we just gave you an extra 100 words! This printable now includes a huge range of additional words for your students to make. 

We can also recommend printing and making a small selection of the cards to make it more manageable for you. Perhaps a set of just 30-50 words to make will be perfect for your small group activity. 

Your learners will join the frogs to lily pads to make and read cvc words in this engaging puzzle activity game! Your students will join onset and rime to make words - both real and nonsense, gaining valuable word skills while having fun!

In addition to making and reading words as they join the puzzles, here are 3 additional learning activities you can provide your students. 

Sort real and nonsense words

  • ask students to make words by joining a frog to a lilypad
  • provide a real and nonsense title - a sticky note will work just fine
  • ask students to sort their words into the two categories

Rhyming Words

  • students make words and find another to create a rhyming pair

Build a Word Family

  • ask students to write a bank of words in the same word family for a chosen frog-lilypad combination

og Word Family Craft

To celebrate the newly revised file, I have made your sweet learners a fun quick craft too! It's over in the free library of our Pond Coloring Club ready for you!

og word family

With one big clear line to cut they can practice scissor skills after painting, coloring and writing a bank of words that rhyme with frog! 

frog page craft

We hope you and your learners have fun with froggy! 
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frog craft
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