Pluto Gets the Call

Pluto Gets the Call

It’s rare that you find an educational book for kids that is truly hysterical. This book is jam-packed with fascinating science information about space and the solar system. However, it was also so hilarious that all of my kids (aged 4 to 11) were laughing through the whole read-aloud, especially my oldest who fully appreciated the humor regarding Pluto’s demotion. The cover of this book gives you a good idea of what you are in store for.

Pluto Gets the Call by Adam Rex

Pluto Gets the Call Details

Title: Pluto Gets the Call
Author: Adam Rex
Illustrator: Laurie Keller
Publication Year: 2019
Age Group: Kindergarten, Early Elementary, Mid Elementary
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If you are studying the solar system with your elementary-age child, this may be the only book you need. Pluto, who has just gotten the call that he has been demoted, takes the readers on a tour of the solar system introducing them not only to the 8 other planets and sun, but also the Kuiper belt, asteroid belt, and the other dwarf planets. Each of the planets has a distinct personality which makes them easier to remember.

At the back of the book is a “Solar System Fun Facts” page that provides tons of interesting information, like the number of days to orbit the sun, the distance from the earth, the number of moons, and the size. It also lets kids know a little about the mythological Roman god or goddess that each planet was named after. Interspersed throughout these facts is hilarious commentary from the planets in the form of dialogue bubbles.

Just to warn you, it’s possible not all parents will love every bit of humor in this book. For example, Pluto tells us that Jupiter is a big ball of gas and Jupiter gets angry and yells, “You’re a big ball of gas!” Pretty harmless as far as I’m concerned, but my kids, who are in love with potty humor, thought that was hysterical. Also, when Pluto gets off the phone with the scientists on Earth who ask him if we could like to be known as an ice dwarf, he tells us he responded, “How’d you like to be known as Earth’s…meanest…jerks, huh?” Then he says, “I didn’t really say that.”

Pluto is a charming, adorable, lovable character. This book had me smiling the whole way through. I’m not sure how much of the science my younger 2 kids pulled out of it, but in a year or two when we are learning astronomy, I will definitely be checking this book out from the library again. It’s a winner as far as I’m concerned!

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