Pop It Chocolate

Pop It Chocolate

Pop it fidget toys have been a popular trend with kids. They can be bought in all shapes, sizes and colourways.

Pop It Fidget toys

They were originally a tool to help kids focus in group activities or concentrate during learning at school.

However, they have now become a must have item to trade in school playgrounds. Like the fidget spinners a few years back, their popularity will last for who knows how long.

While scrolling through Facebook to get activity ideas for school holidays, I came across a video on making Pop It Chocolate.

Pop it Chocolate Food Safety

There was concern over using the silicone pop it’s as a chocolate mold as the silicone may not be food safe.

In an attempt to give it a go with a food safe option, I turned to my trusty Tupperware Ice Cube trays – used when I would freeze small amounts of baby food for the kids when they were little.

I also used Glad wrap to line two Pop It toys. It was a bit fiddly and the result wasn’t as good as the one in the video.

Using an ice cube tray with the pop it function is ideal as it allows for ease of pushing out the chocolate from the individual cube mold.

Why not try this recipe on the school holidays? It’s easy to put together and it will be ready in time for an afternoon tea treat.

Ingredients & Materials

Block of chocolate which can be melted


Tupperware Ice Cube Tray

Microwavable jug


Glad Wrap and Pop It Fidget Toys (Alternative if you don’t have the Tupperware Trays)

Materials for Pop It Chocolate


Melt the chocolate in 30 second bursts until it is melted.

Melt chocolate

Place a M&M (with the M facing upwards) in each pop it silicone indentation

chocolate in the mold

Fill each ice cube tray mold with chocolate to your desired height.

Put in the fridge to set for 2 hours.

Once completely set, leave out at room temperature for 5 minutes as this will help push out each individual chocolate.

Pop It Chocolate

With the Pop It Fidget, lay it with Glad Wrap and repeat the same process as above. When the chocolate has set, it will come out like a block of chocolate with evenly spaced M&M’s.

Pop It Chocolate

Here are the results of our Pop It Chocolate.

Pop it chocolate made

Sadly, it only lasted for one afternoon tea with friends over before we went into lockdown.

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