Senso Minds: Sensory Integration Kit Review

Senso Minds: Sensory Integration Kit Review

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Have you heard about Senso Minds? I had never heard about this amazing company until recently. Senso Minds offers a line of sensory products that help children remain calm and focused in overwhelming environments. 

Senso Minds offers several items to suit children of all ages. They offer chew necklaces as well as several sensory kits. I was amazed by what all they have to offer. 

Upon placing my order, my package arrived only a few short days after. I was super impressed by how fast their shipping was and their excellent customer service.  I was also pleasantly surprised with the kit that my son received. It was the Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit.

It included  a 30 piece peg board that aids in developing hand-eye coordination as well as fine motor skills. 

The kit also included a 4 pack therapy putty that ranges from extra soft to firm putty to help build strong muscle tone in fingers and forearms.

Lastly, the kit included a busy board that includes 9 self-help challenges that feature buckles, ties and buttons. 

My son loved the peg board and worked super hard to get all the pegs in the board in a timely manner.

He also loved the putty. He has made so many different things out of the putty including practicing his spelling words and numbers with it. 

However, his absolute favorite is the busy board. He worked for a long time on the 9 activities, it certainly kept him busy. I love this busy board because it will help him to learn how to tie things such as his shoes. He will also be able to latch things. I also love that this busy board is foldable and portable. It's perfect for long car rides, church services or any thing lengthy that will require you child staying entertained. 

This Sensory Busy Board Learning Kit is the best investment any parent could purchase. It's perfect for every child whether they have sensory issues or not. It's very educational and is much better than spending money on your average toy. When you purchase any item from Senso Minds, you will have peace of mind knowing that your child is actually benefiting and learning from their products. 
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