Simple Playdough Party Ideas The Kids Will Have Fun With

Creative and fun playdough party ideas that the kids are going to absolutely love. With ideas for decorations, food, games and activities, this is the kind of party that is fun to plan and a lot of fun to participate in.

Creative and fun playdough party ideas that the kids are going to absolutely love. With ideas for decorations, food, games and activities, this is the kind of party that is fun to plan and a lot of fun to participate in.

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It’s not always easy to choose a party theme for the kids. Their interests can change a lot, even during the course of planning the party. Other times the kids just can’t decide what their favorite theme is.

Sometimes it’s good to just stick to something basic that you can guarantee will be loved by boys and girls and won’t go out of fashion.

Themes like a Lego party, slime party or a playdough party is perfect.

So if you still need a party theme for your child’s next birthday party, then you might have just found it!

Not only is a play dough birthday party full of fun, but it is colorful to decorate and is even a fun way to help develop the kids fine motor skills.

A playdough party is a total win win!

Read on to discover the amazing play dough party ideas that will make your next party one in a million.

They will be sure to celebrate a very happy birthday.

Why Choose A Playdough Party?

A playdough party might not be the first party theme that springs to mind when deciding on your child’s next birthday party.

One of the reasons is because it is under estimated just how much fun a playdough party can be!

That will all change when you check out these playdough party ideas!

child making a playdough turtle

But aside from the fun aspect, playdough is also amazing for children’s development. This is why it is so heavily used in early learning play.

Playdough helps to strengthen fine motor skills and enhances problem solving and creativity. Plus it also helps to strengthen hand and eye co-ordination. It’s pretty amazing stuff right?

Playdough Party Decorations

Before we dive into the aspects of the decorations, you first need to think about WHERE your party will be held.

Whilst playdough is a lot of fun, it can get a bit messy and it’s not going to all stay on the table!

Playdough is tricky to get out of carpet, so it is recommended you either have the party on a tiled floor or outdoors.

If neither of these options are available then ensure you place some floor coverings down to protect your carpet!

Now onto the decor!

Preparing party decorations for a playdough party is a LOT of fun.

Think bright and bold with lots of colors.

playdough colored party decorations

Playdough is available in all colors, so pick your favorites and make it as colorful as possible.

Balloons – Balloons are fantastic for providing instant pops of color. Fill helium balloons and tie to balloon weights. They are perfect for filling corners or highlighting particular areas of importance such as the playdough making table or the food table.

Create a Backdrop – Party backdrops are great for providing a focal piece at parties. The backdrops can be placed behind food tables or used for a photo booth.

Balloons are great as a backdrop, alternatively a super simple one can be made with cheap plastic tablecloths.

For a playdough party, use bright bold colors. Primary colors would work perfectly for this.

Party Tablecloth / Plates / Cups / Straws etc – You have the option of either purchasing playdough specific merchandise, or sticking to the primary colors that you have used in your backdrop. Either option would look great.

There are a lot of other party supplies that can be obtained such as banners, streamers, paper fans, confetti that can be used around the party area.

Again stick to the colors that you originally chose and use these in the rest of the decor.

Playdough Party Food

Themed food at a party is always a lot of fun and there are various things that you can do to create a playdough themed food table.

One thing you might like to include is edible playdough. Yes there is actually such a thing.

If you do go ahead and do this, just make sure you are REALLY clear what is edible and what is not.

If you have younger children present, you may want to steer away from edible playdough if it will become too confusing.

OR the alternative is that you ONLY provide edible playdough, including the playdough that they play with.

If you go down the option of edible playdough, just ensure that you have thought about how it will be used and make sure that there wont be any mix up of edible and non edible playdough.

Otherwise there are a lot of options for playdough themed food which doesn’t have to be actual playdough!

Remember themed food doesn’t have to actually resemble the item. So themed food doesn’t have to look like playdough.

The great thing about this party theme is that you can simply use the same colors over and over and when it’s all put together the food table would look awesome.

Cupcakes – Cupcakes can be easily made in the flavor of choice and then topped with a buttercream swirl. On top of the buttercream place different shapes of fondant. This can resemble playdough.

Kids cupcakes

Fairy bread – Fairy bread is always a great idea at kids parties. Simply use bright primary colors that you have used in your party decor.

Marshmallow Pops – Marshmallow pops are another easy party food idea that doesn’t have to look like playdough as such. The pops can easily be colored to the colors used in the party decor.

Jello Jigglers – Jello jigglers would be a lot of fun at this party. Make up different jello jigglers in your chosen colors and create lots of different shapes with mini cookie cutters. The kids will love them.

Chocolate Popcorn – Another party favorite that is so easy to make. Again simply use colored chocolate, MnM’s and sprinkles that match the colors of your party decor. The chocolate popcorn will be incredibly popular.

Playdough Activities & Games

It’s always a good idea to have activities and games planned before the party starts. This ensures that the kids don’t get bored and generally helps the party to run smoothly.

There are lots of ideas that are easy to use at your next playdough party.

Playdough Stations – The main playdough activity has to actually include playdough to play with!

However, rather than having a large table filled with playdough for the kids to dive into, a playdough station creates a little special area for each of the kids.

Ensure that all the kids have the same items with their playdough kits including the following:

Playdough party station

Having a playdough station means that the kids can all sit down and enjoy the activity together. They can be as creative as they like with the materials in front of them.

Have a plastic mat that all the items can sit on, so the kids can clearly see what is available to them at their station.

Make Your Own Playdough – If you have the patience, then the kids could make their own playdough at the party. Ensure that you have all the items necessary to measure and make the playdough.

For younger children you will need to ensure you have adult supervision with several pairs of hands to help!

There are a lot of homemade playdough recipes to choose from. Ensure that all playdough is kept in an airtight container until it is ready to be used.

If the kids are making playdough to take home then you will also need to coordinate some individual containers for this to occur.

Playdough Creations – Sit all the kids down in a circle and hand them all a large tub of playdough.

Call out a name of an animal. Set the timer for a minute and let the kids create that animal.

At the end of the minute the kids all show off their creations and a new animal name is called.

Playing with playdough

Treasure Dig – Have some tiny objects that you are going to hide in playdough. This could be miniature toys or simply some coins.

Prior to the start of the party place a large thick piece of playdough on a table. Inside the playdough you will have hidden a number of tiny objects.

The kids are all given a tool such as a spoon, which they will use to hunt the objects from the playdough.

Either set a timer and see how many items they can find in the time, or let them continue until they have found them all.

Guess The Object – Divide the kids into two teams. Prior to the party, write some objects down on a piece of paper (one object per piece of paper) and place in a box.

Team 1 gets to pick a piece of paper and each of the kids have to recreate what is on the paper. Set a timer to 1 minute for the task.

Team 2 have to determine what the object is from all the creations made for them.

Playdough objects

Creative Creatures – Supply googly eyes, pipe cleaners, sequins etc with the playdough and ask the kids to get creative and make some fun creatures.

Playdough Pong – At the end of a table, set up plastic cups into a triangle.

For instance, 5 cups at the back, 4 infront, 3 infront and so on. Label each of the cups (or rows) with a different number value.

Give the kids balls of playdough which they have to throw into the cups. The biggest score wins.

Hot Potato Playdough – This is played exactly the same as “hot potato” except you are using a ball of playdough instead of a potato.

Sit the kids in a circle and play music. The kids have to pass the ball of playdough around the circle. When the music stops, the child with the playdough in their hand is out.

Keep playing until you have a winner.

Aside from specific playdough party games and activities, don’t be afraid to include some other kids party games too. A little bit of variation didn’t hurt anyone and it won’t take anything away from your playdough theme.

Playdough Party favors

The easiest thing to put in the kids goodie bags is….yes you guessed it. Playdough!

Use either mini party playdough tubs, regular sized tubs or make up a few of your own bags with various colors. Add in a few extra playdough utensils such as a rolling pin and cookie cutters and you have the perfect party bags.

This is also a much better option that filling a bag with lots of sugary treats (although i’m sure the kids wouldn’t mind if you still added one or two!).

But one thing is guaranteed. You will have 100% happiness with these party favors.

small bags of playdough for party favors

A playdough party is guaranteed to be a lot of fun, especially for the younger kids.

It’s easy to plan and the kids will have lots of things to do to keep their interest for the entire party.

Need some fun ideas for a different theme? Check out our huge selection of party ideas. You will have a ton of inspiration for different themes, games and more.

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