Spider Web Breathing: Activity Bundle for Early Childhood

Spider Web Breathing: Activity Bundle for Early Childhood


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Spider Web Breathing

If you are looking for an engaging way to teach young children self-regulation skills, this bundle may just be the thing. Our newest resource to join several other Halloween themed options to teach social-emotional skills focuses on breathing as a tool to calm down. 

Why Deep Breathing Matters

Deep breathing is a first line of defense when it comes to calming our bodies and is one of the skills I start with when children come to my office. It's free, it takes no extra equipment and anybody can do it anywhere and anytime they'd like. But here's the thing, telling kids to take a deep breath can be ho-hum at best...so I like to jazz it up just a bit. And Spider Web Breathing is the answer this fall! 

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A Mutli-Media Resource

This bundle includes worksheets suitable for children in pre-K through third grade, interactive activities and two MP4 video clips: a one minute breathing video and a two-minute breathing video. Kids keep pace with the moving spider web, which expands to show them when to breathe in and contracts to show them when to breathe out. We provide suggested guidance on ways to use everything, so kids learn that they all have the ability to calm their bodies when they are feeling anxious, angry or upset. 

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Transfer of Learning

In addition to giving you a few ways to consider using this resource, we've also included a note to send home, encouraging children's "big people" to ask all about the new skill learned. Using deep breathing across environments helps solidify the skill and makes it more likely that children will be able to recall the skill when needed. 

That's about it for now! Take a deep breath...and do so regularly. Here's a side-effect of teaching children to breathe to reduce stress...it does the same for us!


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