Spill Proof Washable Paint by Crayola

Spill Proof Washable Paint by Crayola

Kids, parents, grandparents, and teachers everywhere will love Crayola’s new Spill-Proof Washable Paint. Our littles love to paint. But sometimes us grown-ups aren’t keen on the mess it makes or the need for close supervision for the entire activity.

These Spill Proof Washable paints are the answer. Kids have the freedom to make, paint, and create, with minimal interference from adults. These magical paints won’t drip or spill. They are quick-drying and feel semi-solid, which allow them to be used with or without water!

Painting is a great learning activity for kids. They have the opportunity to use their creativity, build confidence, and practice hand-eye coordination too. With the younger kiddos, these paints can be used for color learning. Crayola’s Spill Proof Washable Paints can be blended and layered to make new colors too – great for exploration and discovery – and perfect for budding artists to revise their masterpieces.

Included with your spill-proof paints are five paint colors, a paintbrush, and 20 sheets of paper. Using the paint brush promotes fine motor skills since kiddos use the pincher grasp to hold the brush. These awesome paints work great with sponges too! No spill, no mess, all fun!

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