Spring Calendar Numbers Free Printable

Spring Calendar Numbers Free Printable

Grab your own set of these spring calendar numbers for tons of early math skills practice. Definitely something you want to add to your collection of spring activities for preschoolers.

Spring number cards with rainbow and flowers. With text that reads spring calendar number printable.

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If you’re a regular Fun-A-Day reader, it will come as no surprise to you that I greatly prefer printables over preschool worksheets. Mostly because printables can be used in multiple hands-on ways. And that’s always my goal when creating printables for the kids (and you!).

These spring number cards are no different. Read below for a variety of activities you can use them for!

spring calendar number printables for preschoolers - rainbows, bees, and flowers with numbers for math practice

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Spring Calendar Numbers

Calendar numbers are fantastic resources for practicing math skills of all kinds. Number printables like this one can be used for number recognition, patterning, counting forward and backward, even very basic addition and subtraction!

You can use these cards for really straightforward math activities, or jazz things up and create a game with them (Memory works wonderfully with multiple sets of number cards.)

stack of spring number printables for preschoolers with rainbows and numbers

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Materials You Might Need

You don’t need that many materials for these spring calendar numbers! However . . . since they can be used in so many ways, you may wish to gather little manipulatives, stickers, spring candies, etc. We tend to use the following items often with number cards!

How to Prep the Spring Number Cards

Print the spring calendar cards out and cut them apart. You can round the corners out if you like, or just cut them square.

I always feel the need to mention laminating your printables! If you want them to last much longer and be easier for little hands to manage, definitely laminate the cards. And like I mentioned earlier, there are so many fun ways for kids to practice math with these spring calendar cards, so you want them to last.

Child's hand holding bee card with number 14 in foreground and a pile of spring number cards in the background.

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Using the Spring Calendar Numbers

The fun thing about printables like these is they can be used in simple, straightforward ways if you want. But if you’re feeling adventurous, you can change up how you use them! Depending on what math skills you want to practice with your kids, there are potentially hundreds of ways to use our printable calendar numbers.

The basic way to use them is in your calendar pocket chart or as part of a linear calendar. But you can expand on their use with your own creativity. You can even ask the kids to help brainstorm new ways to use the number cards!

Want some more ideas for how to use the spring calendar numbers? Here are a few of the alternative ways we like to use them:

  • Put the cards in numerical order, and then arrange them in backwards order.
  • Use the calendar cards with manipulatives such as mini erasers or glass gems.
  • Kids can place the appropriate number of items on each card to practice one-to-one correspondence. 
  • Two sets of cards can be used to play Memory with your students, or use them in a number Bingo game.
  • Laminated calendar cards are perfect to hide in sensory bins.
spring calendar number printables for preschoolers - flowers with numbers and child's hand next to them with colorful buttons

More Spring Math Activities

After you and your students have gotten the most use out of the spring calendar numbers, check out more excellent math ideas for spring!

These farm math games are so much fun for preschoolers – who doesn’t love farm animals AND dice games?!

Try our number rocks with your kids – they are bright and colorful, perfect for spring!

This frog counting printable from Messy Little Monster looks like a blast to use alongside our calendar numbers.

Kids Craft Room devised this Easter math game to practice colors and numbers that I know the kids will love!

Here is a very happy and spring-y 10 frame printable from Fun With Mama. We love the versatility of 10-frame activities!

A Little Pinch of Perfect’s catch a bug math activity will capture the imaginations of your little ones as they work with bugs and a big printable jar.

This caterpillar pattern match from Active Littles is more buggy math fun for your preschoolers, and I love how creative it is!

Done-For-You Preschool Resources

Spring is here! It’s time for you to start winding down the school year and enjoying your kids. The last thing you want to be doing right now is planning a whole lot of lessons, am I right?

Well, hooray! Preschool Teacher 101 is the answer to your preschool planning woes. Our printable lesson plan sets each include book suggestions, printable plans, over 30 learning activities (whole group, small group, and centers) related to the theme, and corresponding printables. Click on the images below to grab your own:

cover image for preschool Spring lesson plans
Spring Lesson Plans

Free Printable Spring Calendar Numbers

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Get the calendar numbers here:

You can also access the form in a new tab if that’s easier.

spring printables for preschoolers - rainbows with numbers for math practice

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