Sticky Spider Web Activity That Is Fun and Simple

Sticky Spider Web Activity That Is Fun and Simple

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Spider webs are common to Halloween, but this sticky spider web activity can be played all year long. It’s a fun challenge to get kids moving!

This sticky spider web activity is perfect for indoor play.

And can be done in any doorway, hallway or other somewhat narrow place that you have.

A sticky spider web activity - a perfect gross motor activity for Halloween!

I have pocket doors that are about six feet wide and it worked perfectly.

Preparing Your Sticky Spider Web Activity

First I used painter’s tape and made a spider web to span the width of the door.

I absolutely love using painter’s tape in many activities. Especially as a way to get the kids moving and learning. I have a list of 25 tape activities for kids to learn.

I only made it on the top half of the doorway.

Because I knew if I went to the floor, the boys would be trying to run through it and tear it down.

A sticky spider web activity in a doorway

While I taped up the sticky spider web, I had Henry rummage through our recycling bin for some newspaper.

He’s a perfect little scavenger!

Then I asked him to separate the newspapers and scrunch each one into a ball.

Just like we had done for the newspaper throwing game.

Gross Motor Fun With a Sticky Spider Web

Now to get the kids really moving!

Once we finished setting up it was time to play.

The boys had a blast throwing the newspaper balls into the spider web to see if it would catch them (just like a real one would catch a fly!).

Use tape to make a spider web in the doorway and throw balled up newspaper on it.

George had a tough time throwing the newspaper high enough to get it stuck in the spider web.

But he could just barely reach the bottom part of the sticky spider web, so he stuck the newspaper balls to it by hand.

A Sticky Spider Web Halloween Activity for Kids!

George just got The Very Busy Spider book by Eric Carle for his 2nd birthday.

This book has been a great extension to this activity (or maybe the other way around) to talk about how the spider web caught the fly.

If you’re a tape fan like me, you’ll love our spy game scavenger hunt too! Feel free to share!

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