Sunday February 20,  2022 Fred Piscop

Sunday February 20, 2022 Fred Piscop

Theme: "On the Job" - Each theme entry is humorously reinterpreted as if it's a job fitting the person in the clue.

23A. M.D. on "Wheel of Fortune"?: SPIN DOCTOR.

25A. Fast-working "Downton Abbey" woman?: MINUTE MAID.

43A. Painter in prison?: CON ARTIST.

63A. CIA operative in the Arctic?: NORTHERN SPY.

88A. One rating singles bar come-ons?: LINE JUDGE.

109A. Gofer at a ballpark?: SPORTS PAGE.

111A. Displayer of truck-stop equipment?: SCALE MODEL.

37D. Bank worker with lots of stories?: TALE-TELLER.

42D. Farmland tour giver?: FIELD GUIDE.

Here's the article about Fred Piscop in case you missed it last time I linked. 

For Sunday grids, Fred often uses a pinwheel design, 5 or 7 theme entries in Across, two in Down. Don't be misled by easy fill. It takes longer time and effort to create such a clean grid.


1. With 21-Across, marching band instrument: BASS. 21. See 1-Across: DRUM. Fred is a musician.

5. Feline weapons: CLAWS.

10. Vineyard measure: ACRE.

14. Valuable find: TROVE.

19. James who co-wrote and sang "I'd Rather Go Blind": ETTA.

20. Monsieur __: classic Jacques Tati role: HULOT. Learning moment for me.

22. Had one's fingers crossed: HOPED.

27. Indian menu word: TANDOORI. Amazing tandoori chicken.

28. "... a grin without a cat!" thinker: ALICE.

30. How aspirin is taken: ORALLY.

31. Restful state: REPOSE.

32. Promising moment, as of wit: SPARK.

33. Till stack: ONES.

34. Madness: IRE.

35. Coward's lack, figuratively: SPINE.

36. Aparicio in Cooperstown: LUIS. First Venezuelan in Cooperstown.

37. Dress (up): TOG.

40. Float like smoke rings: WAFT.

45. Crime novelist Paretsky: SARA. From Ames, Iowa.

46. Crop up: ARISE.

48. "Nixon in China" role: MAO. Here's the second wife Yang Kaihui and her two kids, one of them died in the Korean War.

49. Mutual influence: INTERPLAY.

51. Speak like a rug?: LIE. Ha.

52. Ideal for farming: ARABLE.

55. Quilting events: BEES.

56. Hurricane of 2011: IRENE.

57. The Who co-founder: DALTREY (Roger)

59. Prepare for a race: TRAIN.

61. Hot rod?: SPIT. Another nice clue.

62. Shoppe preceder: OLDE.

67. Dry run: TEST.

70. Happy cap tosser: GRAD.

72. Delete: ERASE.

73. "And Still I Rise" poet: ANGELOU. Maya.

75. Unacceptable, as punishment: CRUEL.

77. Caramel-topped dessert: FLAN.

78. Exodus obstacle: RED SEA.

81. Chem class part: LAB.

82. Partied hearty: ROISTERED. Not a word I use.

84. Site for used cars: LOT.

85. Short-vowel mark: BREVE.

87. "The West Wing" Emmy winner, 2006: ALDA (Alan)

92. Smelter metals: ORES.

93. __ hours: WEE. The hospital stay messed up Boomer's sleep routines. Now he gets up at 3:30 every morning, sometimes earlier.

94. "Don't play" music notation: REST.

95. Gazetteer stats: AREAS. I only know "gazette".

96. Drink from a snifter: SIP.

98. Wall map marker: TACK.

99. Princeton mascot: TIGER. 2022 is the Year of the Tiger!

100. Cell feature: CAMERA.

103. Trip up: ASCENT. Noun "trip".

106. Derby drink: JULEP.

107. Hill hundred: SENATORS. The Capital Hill.

113. Flirt with, say: TEASE.

114. Sign of spoilage: ODOR.

115. Marquesses' inferiors: EARLS.

116. 100-year-old chip brand: WISE. Never tried this brand.

117. Ran standing still: IDLED.

118. Digs for pigs: PENS.

119. Surprise ending: TWIST.

120. Put one over on: SNOW. More snow is coming on Monday and Tuesday.


1. Awards adjective: BEST.

2. For face value: AT PAR.

3. "Fear Street" series author: STINE. R. L. Stine, the "Stephen King of children's literature", according to Wikipedia.

4. Kids' play places, across the pond: SANDPITS.

5. Settle on: CHOOSE.

6. Ill-gotten loot: LUCRE. Always with "filthy".

7. Some choir members: ALTI. Altos.

8. Try to win over: WOO.

9. Secure for the trip: STRAP IN.

10. Fan: ADMIRER. You're amazing, Jinx!

11. Pain in the neck: CRICK.

12. Mystical character: RUNE. Alphabetic character.

13. Liberty's LiMu, for one: EMU.

14. Beatles' "__ a Place": THERE'S.

15. Oblong tomatoes: ROMAS. Have you heard of "Reisetomate"?

16. Birthstone after sapphire: OPAL.

17. Bridal shop buy: VEIL.

18. Hot tub feature: EDDY.

24. One of a coupe's pair: DOOR.

26. Time on a marquee: TONITE.

29. Clark's teenage crush: LANA. Kent Clark. Lana Lang.

32. Fishing line holder: SPOOL.

33. Gives the heave-ho: OUSTS. You guys probably don't remember Zhao Ziyang. Such a confusing time when he was ousted.

35. Nature's bandage: SCAB.

36. White sale purchases: LINENS.

38. City across the Mediterranean from Cartagena: ORAN. As shown in this map.

39. Marvin of Motown: GAYE.

40. Guy hiding in a red-and-white striped shirt: WALDO.

41. Sans-serif font: ARIAL.

44. Advertising gimmick: TIE IN.

45. Elf: SPRITE.

47. Melodic sense: EAR.

48. Eponymous surgical family name: MAYO. The Mayo Clinic.

50. Tear: RIP. And 53. Tear: REND.

54. Hawke of "Sinister": ETHAN.

55. Less carpeted: BARER.

58. One of Barbie's best friends: TERESA. Here are more.

60. Hi-__ graphics: RES.

61. Seasonal song word: SYNE.

64. Back off: RELENT.

65. Give this for that: TRADE.

66. Historian's subject: PAST. When I was a kid, this bag was hugely popular. So surprised to see Cameron Diaz wore it.

68. Dry Italian wine: SOAVE.

69. Straws, e.g.: TUBES.

71. Cockpit gauge fig.: ALT. Altitude.

74. Be a chatterbox: GAB.

75. Metaphorical sticking place: CRAW.

76. Auditioner's goal: ROLE.

77. Pat down: FRISK.

79. English composer of the symphonic study "Falstaff": ELGAR (Edward)

80. "That __ it!": DOES.

83. Awards a seat to: ELECTS.

86. Skiers' aids: ROPE TOWS.

89. Corrections staffers: JAILERS.

90. Push for: URGE.

91. Like Jennifer Aniston's eyes: DEEPSET. Not as these two.

94. Typed in ALL CAPS, maybe: RANTED.

96. Least wacky: SANEST.

97. Mosque leader: IMAM. Fred could have used "Muslim leader" to trick you with EMIR.

98. Not given to speeches: TERSE.

99. Yank at: TUG ON.

100. Amoebae, e.g.: CELLS.

101. "The Kiss" sculptor: RODIN.

102. Recess rebuttal: ARE SO.

103. Piedmont wine region: ASTI.

104. Hustled: SPED.

105. Longtime Kentucky resource: COAL.

106. Green hue: JADE. I've mentioned before, girls in Guangzhou like to wear jade on a red string for good luck.

107. Bollywood attire: SARI.

108. Whole lot: SLEW.

110. Uncorking sound: POP.

112. Rook's call: CAW.

Last week was a bit stressful. The side effects from the new chemo seem to have made Boomer weaker. He was not really up to do any extra activities suggested by the PT & OT ladies.

Hopefully things get better next week. We have four more appointments to deal with.


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