The Active Tape Jumping Game! A Quick Gross Motor Activity for Kids

The Active Tape Jumping Game! A Quick Gross Motor Activity for Kids

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A very silly and fun gross motor activity to get the kids moving with a simple tape jumping game!

Tape jumping for preschool gross motor – this is an inspired game for sure!

This is so simple. So, so simple.

But I love the way it works on preschool gross motor skills, like jumping.

Get moving and work on preschool gross motor skills with a simple tape jumping game for kids to do indoors! It's a great energy buster!

Gross Motor Tape Jumping Game for Preschoolers

Set up your own gross motor tape jumping game with:

  • Tape
  • Open space to play & move

I taped out 6 lines to start on the floor, roughly a foot apart. We didn’t measure, so they’re probably not quite equal.

Then, I numbered them. Really, this was just an easy way to measure their success.

Try 5 easy activities using the same 6 lines of tape!

Work on preschool gross motor skills with an easy jumping game!

And that’s it.

No seriously. That’s really it.

Simple Ways to Play Jumping Games with 6 Lines of Tape

I first told the boys to see how far they could jump. We were going for pure distance on this one.

They stood on line 1 and just jumped as far as they could. I marked and tracked which line they jumped to each time.

They literally jumped to do this game! It was so much fun.

The whole point was to work on simple preschool gross motor skills. It has the added bonus of getting my active kids moving on days we’re stuck indoors.

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Our gross motor tape jumping game itself is just fun and silly.

You could add to the learning and have a preschool tally up their jumps – working towards a number just a tad out of their counting reach.

Or you could ask an older child to add up their total distance jumped, counting each jump’s distance.

Burn off indoor energy with a simple tape jumping game to work on preschool gross motor skills!

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Gross Motor Jumping Game for Everyday Play

They did this over and over.

Every time they got a second, they were jumping – challenging each other and inventing new ways to play games with the tape!

Henry was leaping beyond the 6, so we set it up to 8 to challenge him a little. It made him do a little running start.

He may have slipped on a few landings and had a wipe-out. But it was all fun for him!

Preschool gross motor games tend to have a few spills. But if it’s fun enough my boys never seem bothered.

George didn’t jump too far each time. He made it more a game to try to jump just to the next line.

And that was a great challenge for him!

I loved seeing him jump.

Henry wasn’t jumping from a stand until he was probably 3, George has been doing it successfully for the past 6 months, since he turned 2.

He seems very advanced in his gross motor skills.

But that’s just me comparing my kids, which I know I shouldn’t be doing. Every child develops at their own pace!

Love using lines of tape to work on gross motor skills!

They just had a blast! I had a hard time taking photos through the laughter. It was just a great time for giggles.

How do you burn energy when you're stuck inside with active kids? We use tape-based games!

It was so nice to get the kids moving indoors on a cold, winter day. Definitely something we need to do more often.

And this gross motor tape jumping game was just too simple (and too much fun) to not do again and again!

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What can you do with just a few lines of tape and a little space? We’d love to see your creative ideas!

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