The Best Gifts for Teens That They’ll Actually, Really Like

The Best Gifts for Teens That They’ll Actually, Really Like

Buying gifts for teens is one of the hardest challenges in life. The gift that you “would’ve loved at that age” just won’t cut it. That notebook you found last year that you thought they’d use to write all their deepest thoughts is still sitting under their bed untouched. The games/clothes/tech are always the wrong version. So, what do they like? The best gifts for teens recognize each kid’s individuality, while also being cool and even somewhat practical.

A sweater that's also a blanket. A hoodie that's also a throw. Essentially, it's next-level comfort and coziness. Every teen loves it.

Speaking of lights, these 40 LEDs have clips so kids can attach photos. It's a fantastic way to let them showcase their individuality and what matters to them.

These stick-on LED lights are remote-controlled and change color to reflect your teen's mood. And they're dimmable.

For those lucky enough to have ample space, this is one dope arcade game. It's got an LED scoring system, and a built-in game clock and buzzer. The steel rims with heavy duty nylon nets are a nice touch, and it folds up when they're done using it.

Think of these as wearable skateboards: Heelys are shoes with removable wheels embedded in the heels, letting teens go from walking to rolling just by shifting their weight to their heels. They're cool and they're fun and they're pretty damn timeless.

If your kid is blaring music from their room, better for it to be high quality, right? This smart-controlled smart speaker with Alexa lets you play music, listen to news, and control any smart devices you have just with your voice.

This might end up being a gift for the whole family, but who cares when it's as adorable as this? The reusable glass straw set is a trendy way to be more sustainable, and perfect for any teenager that's all for the environment.

We all forget to drink water, and you don't want to nag your teen to do it. So let this water bottle do the work for you. It lights up to remind them to guzzle some aqua. It keeps drinks cold up to 24 hours and has a sensor that tracks water intake.

Studs make stunningly affordable earrings, and this one in particular is meant to ward off bad vibes. You can mix and match any style you want, to find something your teen will love.

If your teenager is the type of kid who takes hundreds of photos wherever they go, this instant film camera, which comes with a 10 pack of film and photo stand, is a perfect way for them to save space on their phone and immediately show off the pics they take. Its fun colors and vintage design also make it a fun accessory to bring anywhere.

Even when we're not living through a pandemic, being a teen is hard enough. Hormones are raging. School is brutal. So get him or her a little dough they can knead to calm down and relieve some stress.

Chances are, if your kid is a video game lover, then you already have a complete list of which games they're pining over this holiday season. But if you're still at a loss, the FIFA20 game for PS4 is the hottest new thing.

This light-up message board comes with 100 letters, numbers, and character tiles. So your teen can simply tell you to 'keep out' without saying a word.

Teens like their rooms to smell nice. No, really, they do. Facilitate that with this essential oil diffuser, which is voice-controlled and delivers 12 hours of continuous mist. Plus it changes colors.

If your kid is cycling through 'That '70s Show' right now or is just looking to add some funky lighting to their room, this affordable lava lamp from Amazon will do the trick. The corded fixture gives off pink tones to infuse psychedelic vibes into your teenager's room.

Unless you have your kid's style totally down (which, uh, you probably don't), then buying clothes for them is an honorable venture but one that usually goes horribly wrong. Better to go with a safe but trendy option like this comfy Champion sweatshirt.

Whether they're Snapchatting, TikTok-ing, or texting, this pop socket is a beautiful accessory to make any phone activity a little more comfortable and convenient.

Maybe you already have an Apple Watch planned as a bigger present this year, or maybe your kid already rocks one, but either way this affordable cream-colored band is a stylish way to make their smart watch more personalized and unique. Best Buy also offers a variety of designs and colors so you can pick based off your kid's taste.

Teenage style changes faster than you can keep up with, and since it's likely been a while since your kid even had to leave the house to go to school, they probably will want a new backpack for when they enter the halls again. The Kanken backpack is a cult favorite, big enough to fit any school necessities but also small enough to use as a bag for anywhere they go.

Between remote learning, listening to music, and, of course, gaming, your teen is online, a lot. This ultra-comfortable headset elevates their experience: It has 20+ hours of battery life and up to 15 m of 2.4 GHz wireless range. Plus, the sound quality is second to none.

This electric skateboard will tide your teenager over until they're old enough to drive or get their own car. It can go up to 10 mph to make transport a little easier even without a license.

While you may normally insist your kid spends more time out in the physical world, staying inside and socially distant is more important than ever right now, making VR technology one of the best 21st century inventions to get your teenager through quarantine. With this VR headset, your teenager can transport themselves to music performances, sports games, battlegrounds, and other countries...all from the comfort of their bed.

Kids are getting crafty with more time at home, and fewer places to go. This easy-to-use tie-dye kit comes with vivid colors to brighten up close to 15 adult-size T-shirts. You could even couple it with a pair of white sweatshirts and sweatpants for them to create a colorful lounge set that's all over social media right now.

You're probably well aware that your teenager likes to drown you out, which, let's face it, after all these months at home, is perfectly reasonable. (You wish you could drown you out, too.) These affordable noise-cancelling headphones will allow your teenager to listen to music without any distractions. You might have to yell a little louder when dinner's ready, but your kid will love it.

You can genuinely never go wrong with a pair of UGG slippers as a gift. They're unrivaled in comfort, last for eons, and the simple design is a good fit for any gender or taste preference.

If your teenager loses everything they touch, this is the gift for them. With a 200-foot range, the Tile can be attached to phones, keys, or wallets so you can ring it whenever it's misplaced. Plus, it's waterproof if your teenager is a bit scattered and also clumsy.

It's time to establish an easy, viable skin care routine that your teen can follow for years. This set is easy to use and non-threatening; it includes a pH-balanced gel face wash, a lightweight moisturizer, and a lip balm.

There might not be any better message to a teenager than to stop caring what other people think about them and to, simply, stop giving a... hoot. If your kid doesn't listen to your advice, maybe the wise words of this superstar blogger, whose self-help guide is a #1 New York Times best-seller, will do the trick.

As anyone with long hair knows, hair ties are the evil brethren of socks, vanishing in clear sight within days of purchase. These bright scrunchies are a good way for your teen to keep track of their hair ties, and look stylish while doing so.

If your kid is a device junkie, this 3-in-1 charging portal is a great addition to any nightstand. It's especially handy if your kid uses the excuse that their phone is dead when not calling you back.

Most likely you already know if your kid has a Nintendo Switch on their wish list. But the Lite version is a smaller (and, importantly, more affordable) version that they might not know about, and is sure to satisfy their vice.

Is getting your kid to bathe an issue? Get him or her a shower speak, with up to 10 hours of battery life.

Because you're never too old, or too mature, for an awesome and invigorating game of laser tag.

Mochi is not for everybody. But those who love its uniquely chewy, soft, and sticky texture can't get enough of it. With this DIY kit, your kid can give a Japanese twist to any ice cream already in the house by making mocha and cocoa-flavored ice cream balls.

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