The Friday Five - 8th Edition

The Friday Five - 8th Edition

Welcome to The Friday 5 - 8th Edition! I've gathered 5 fun-interesting-enlightening-helpful-or crazy things I found this week in the world of teaching and education! Clearly, I spend way too much time online - but now you won't have to!

Setting the tone, Distance Learning Freebie, How to Use Regions of the US Digital, and more!

1. Setting the Tone: this video illustrates the importance of setting the right tone and clear expectations on the first day of school. If you have struggled with students not following your rules, or have had to reteach these again and again - this video can help!

2. This Week's FREEBIE! - Distance Learning Class Rules - This looks so helpful for Zoom, Google Meets, and Teams!

3. If you love to teach the Regions of the United States - this digital activity for Google™ Classroom will be so engaging for your students! Here's a post that explains how it works: How to Use Regions of the United States for Google™ Classroom.

Digital Regions of the United States is perfect for distance learning!

4.  If you still have time and want to squeeze in some PD this summer - there are still some FREE learning opportunities - Online Summer Courses for Teachers That are Free (or almost!).

5. I just want you to know you're amazing. No matter what you're teaching assignment is this fall - you will deliver for your students - and that is AMAZING.
Just don't forget to take care of yourself first.

I hope you found something that made you smile, something that made you think, and something that helped you! If you have any ideas you think my readers could use - please let me know!

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Keep up to date on teaching strategies, education news, free resources, and more with this weekly post from Teaching in the Heart of Florida! This 8th edition is full of timely information that you can use right away - Setting the tone on the first day of school, FREE Distance Learning Rules, How to Teach Regions of the U.S., Summer PD, and How to be Kind to Yourself. Check it out! #BTSPlanning #FREEBIE #Classroom Expectations
Thanks for being here - have a wonderful weekend!

I'm a huge fan of teaching kids how to have a growth mindset in school and life. If you are too or want to learn more - Grab this FREEBIE that can help you get started with your class! 
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