This 3-Ingredient Slime Recipe is Easy to Make & Oh-So-Fun for All Ages!

This 3-Ingredient Slime Recipe is Easy to Make & Oh-So-Fun for All Ages!

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Are you looking for a fun at-home activity to do with the kiddos?

Make some DIY slime! This easy slime recipe takes just 3 ingredients to make (borax, glue and water), and it provides lots of gooey wiggly sensory entertainment! 😛 My kids LOVED this so much!

little girl holding glitter slime on both hands

Plus, it’s a great little mini science lesson learning how mixing Borax with polyvinyl acetate (a liquid polymer found in glue) creates one big squishy polymer when the molecules are linked together.

Crafty, creative, and it makes learning cool! 🙌

borax slime recipe steps

Helpful tips for creating the perfect slime at home:

  • Keep your slime covered in the fridge so it’ll last longer and not get moldy (we put ours in a freezer Ziploc bag). The texture over time will get to be more like putty as it’s played with.
  • If you want to add some sparkle or dazzle to your slime, add some glitter. It’s sure to brighten up your slime and add star quality to it! You can also give your DIY slime some texture with miniature pearls!
  • ChemMatters claims you can add a fluorescent quality to your DIY slime by doing the following: Cut the tip from a fluorescent highlighter marker, place it in a beaker containing up to 500 mL of water, and after a few minutes, the water will be highly fluorescent. When this water is used to make slime, the slime will be highly fluorescent under a black light. 😃
  • If you want your slime to be more stretchy, add 1-2 squirts of lotion to the mixture.

Slime ingredients on table

pouring water out of slime

playing with green slime with glitter

little girl playing with green slime with glitter in bowl

DIY Basic Slime with Borax


Supplies Needed



Pour the glue and 1/2 cup water into a bowl and mix well. Add food coloring, glitter, pearls, or paint at this time and mix together. Set aside.


In a separate bowl, combine 1 cup warm water and the Borax powder and mix until the powder is dissolved.


Combine the two mixtures in a large bowl and mix until slime begins to form. Pour excess water out.


Let your kiddos squeeze, squish, and mold to their heart’s content (and you’ll probably love this, too!). Store in a sealed container or zip-top bag when not use, and make sure to mark “slime – do not eat!” if keeping in the fridge.

green slime coming out on side of bowl

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